Selena Gomez – Career, Personal Life, Childhood, Filmography and more

With her charming appearance, the girl is completely obliged to her parents. However, with mixed marriages, very beautiful babies are often born. It happened this time too. Selena’s father is Mexican and her mother is of mixed blood, including British and Italian. It’s no surprise that in terms of temperament, Selena is an explosive mix.

Until the age of five, the girl was absolutely a happy child. The family owned a large farm and the baby grew up in complete freedom. She spent a lot of time outdoors, playing with friends and animals, and didn’t even imagine there was another life.

But she suddenly discovers that her parents have decided to leave. The mother, not wanting to stay close to her ex-husband, takes her daughter and goes with her to Los Angeles in the hope of completely changing her life. For the baby, it was a real tragedy – the familiar world collapsed overnight.

In childhood

Selena did not like the metropolis at all – the huge stone jungle seemed hostile to her. Now she could no longer play alone in the yard. And my mother was always busy. Mandy at one point gave up her acting career for the sake of her husband and daughter, but now she’s back to acting in commercials and performing in small theaters.

There was no one to leave Selena with, and at a young age she almost always had to accompany her mother to filming or sit backstage during the performance. Out of boredom, the girl began to imitate actors, and they began to draw her mother’s attention to how accurately Selena copies other people’s habits.

Mandy wasn’t surprised at all when, at age six, Selena told her she wanted to act in movies. Then she began to take the girl to auditions and showed her a theater agent. At first, the little girl had only small videos or photographs, but at the age of nine Selena was lucky – she was included in the main cast of the popular children’s show about Barney the Bear.


Selena considers this show as the beginning of her professional career. acting career. In addition, for the work that gave the girl great pleasure, she also received a modest salary. The mother spent all this money on her daughter’s education and various excursions. Therefore, although they lived rather poorly, the girl never felt deprived of anything.


At the age of 11, the girl made her debut in a big movie, but so far only in one episode. She played a random girl in the family comedy Spy Kids. But during the filming, the girl was able to meet and chat with such stars as Antonio Banderas.

The debut was followed by several other minor roles. And Selena considers one of the heroines of Makeyla’s “Hannah Montana” youth series her first serious work. And although she did not appear on the screens of all series, Selena was busy filming for almost three years, and during this time she managed to become recognizable. However, during this period, she did not refuse other offers.

And finally, the finest hour of the young actress has come – she is approved for the main role in the Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place”, where she plays a magical girl. The first seasons were so successful that the producers decided to make a feature film, which was released on the big screen in 2009. It was then that young Selena woke up to real stardom.

However, she managed to win the sympathy of the public a year ago, when she played the role that every girl dreams of – Cinderella in a complete Disney story. The movie is mediocre. But in it, Selena sang for the first time – she recorded several soundtracks and showed very good vocal abilities.


In the wake of the popularity of the young actress, the producers helped her create her own group and record the debut album”Kiss and Tell”, which very quickly sold out in a decent circulation. Due to the sonorous voice, the girl was often invited to dub cartoons. And in 2009, the young star became the official ambassador of UNICEF, and the youngest in the history of the organization – she was then only 17 years old.

Selena’s popularity grew rapidly with itself. And in 2010, she transformed from a young charmer into a real beauty, who competed to offer very lucrative contracts to the best modeling agencies. And although her height was only 169 cm, Selena quickly made a successful career and in this field.

Music career Selena is also not over. After releasing three full albums as part of the group, Selena decided to break the contract and start a solo career in the summer of 2009. To date, she already has two of her own records and several super popular singles.

But still, his main occupation is cinema and animation. There are already around thirty works in various genres in her film library, and the young girl is absolutely not going to stop there. She is now one of the most promising and sought-after actresses, who simultaneously shoots for brands such as Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, etc.


Private life

Giving her daughter to the theater, the mother was very worried that the show business would not corrupt the baby, in whose education she had invested so much money and effort. The mother even married only a second time when she was convinced that her daughter was confidently moving up the career ladder in the right direction.

Selena herself was passionate only about her career and was in her dreamy-romantic world, in which everything should be beautiful and correct. In confirmation of this, she put on a chastity ring. This tradition is common among American girls and means that the first sexual intercourse of its owner will be only after marriage.

But the young pop star made sure those dreams weren’t destined to come true. They met at one of the concerts when he was 16, and she was already 18. He had just appeared on stage, and she was already a real star. She was ready to help and patronize, but he took it quite differently.

A romance broke out between them, which the guys and their producers at first tried to hide from the public. But true passion is hard to keep within the bounds of decency. Less than a year later, the virginity ring disappeared from Selena’s finger, and soon rather daring photos appeared on the network, in which the couple were together.


But very quickly quarrels break out between them. Their reason was the growing popularity of Justin, who was constantly surrounded by crowds of fans. And he did not ignore some of them, believing that there was nothing special there. Selena failed to catch him cheating, but the constant jealousy scenes did their job – in 2013 they broke up.

However, this was still only the official version. For another two years, their joint photos periodically appeared on the network, in which it was clear that they did not meet by chance. Although now they have both adamantly denied that the relationship between them is continuing. Apparently it was more convenient for them.

But in 2016, unexpectedly for everyone, Selena appeared in public with a new gentleman. The musician and model, Samuel Krost, turned out to be simply handsome. And everyone froze in anticipation of a new passionate romance. But… it didn’t follow. Now, Selena’s boyfriend is considered a Canadian Weekend musician and producer. Who knows, maybe it’s for a long time?

Selena Gomez … The biography, personal life and work of this girl are of interest to many fans. Live roles in films and TV series brought her worldwide fame and the love of many fans. While still a teenager, she became an idol among her peers. A busy filming schedule has helped keep her on TV and her relationships with Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber – off the tabloid pages. Learn more about this girl will help detailed biography Selena Gomez.


On June 22, 1992, Selena Gomez was born in the small town of Grand Prairie, in northwest Texas (the biography of the future star, according to some reports, began in New York, and only then that the family moved to the Lone Star State). She is the only child of Mexican-American Ricardo Gomez and Italian-American Mandy Teefy. Selena was born when her mother was 16 and named after the then popular Latin American singer. For those who are interested in how they started their creative Selena Gomez, photo, biography of the actress, this material will help.

Carrier start

Due to the divorce of her parents, the mother brought up the girl alone from the age of 5. Mandy was a theater actress and Selena absorbed her love for the stage from a young age. She follows her mother everywhere and at the age of 6, she announces that she wants to become an actress.

The biography of Selena Gomez as an actress began in 2002. Selena Gomez celebrated her tenth anniversary in the casting of the series “Barney and Friends” and soon played her first role in her life – the daughter Gianna.

For the first time on the big screen, the rising star appeared in the film Spy Kids 3. It was a small role, but it did not go unnoticed by the producers.


In 2004, the Disney company began filming the next series “Everything is Tip-Top or the life of Zack and Cudi”, in which Selena Gomez got the role. The singer’s biography was marked by the first kiss with Dylan Spouse in the episodic role.

After 2005, Selena appeared more and more often in Disney projects. And got a role in the series “Hannah Montana”. She perfectly showed herself as a rival to the main character and liked the direction of the studio so much that they decided to open her own project “Wizards of Waverly Place” for her.

Due to her booming career, Selena skipped school while being homeschooled. She graduated in 2010.

Rising star

The biography of Selena Gomez became even more interesting in 2008, when the new turn her career. After starring in the movie “Another Cinderella Story”, the girl became even more popular. The actress performed the songs in this film on her own and demonstrated excellent vocal abilities. Everyone started talking about the talents of the young actress, and Selena thought about recording an album.

Thanks to this film, the actress not only gained worldwide recognition, she also appeared on the pages of Forbes magazine. The authoritative publication considered the girl worthy of fifth place in the rating of the most popular teenagers in the world.

Selena continued to receive great offers, and in 2009 she played another main role in the film “Ramona and Beezus”, took part in the voice acting of Princess Selenia in two cartoons about the Invisibles.


At the zenith of glory

In 2012, Selena Gomez appeared in two feature films – the thriller “Aftershock” and the crime drama “Spring Breakers” and took part in the dubbing of the cartoon “Monsters on Vacation”.

In 2013, the girl returned to the role of Alex Russo, which brought her her first real fame. The second Wizards of Waverly Place feature film “Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex” has been released.

In 2014, the actress managed to play 2 major roles in the films Bad Behavior and Out of Control.


The biography of Selena Gomez has been replenished with a mention of a musical career. The girl began to sing during her collaboration with Disney and recorded several soundtracks. With her group “Selena Gomez & the Scene”, the singer released 3 discs. The star’s solo album was released in 2013 and was called “Stars Dance”.

Private life

Among the mature stars of Disney, the first beauty is Selena Gomez. Biography, height, weight of the actress are of interest to many male fans. And she does not hide these parameters – the height of the girl is 169 cm, and her weight is 52 kg. The Charmer is credited with many stellar romances.


At the age of 16, Selena began a relationship with Nick Jonas, an on-set partner. However, due to a busy schedule, the couple soon broke up. While working in the movie Ramona and Beezus, the girl began dating Taylor Lautner. Fans and journalists were delighted with this beautiful couple, but the stellar relationship did not last long.

In 2010, rumors began to surface about the star’s romance with singer Justin Bieber. The couple hid their relationship for a long time, but they appeared together at the Oscars in 2011, acknowledging their love. Justin’s fans reacted very violently to the confession and even threatened Selena. Rumor has it that during the singer’s birthday celebration, one of her fans attacked Gomez and broke her lip.

The couple converged and diverged several times, and in 2013 they announced the final break. Selena said that Justin is not ready for a serious relationship yet, moreover a young man suspected of cheating. However, the young people resumed relations several times and stopped appearing together only after the scandal in 2014, when Justin was seen several times with another girl.

The actress is currently dating her Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henry, 25.



Selena not only cares about her career, but also thinks about the fate of the world. In 2009, the girl became the youngest Goodwill Ambassador in the history of UNICEF. The actress has helped raise funds for the Hope for the Congo Foundation and the Dog Protection Foundation. By the way, Selena is a big animal lover and 5 four-legged animals live in her house.

Selena Gomez is a very young and wonderful girl, her talent has no limits, she is an excellent actress, famous singer, talented composer and author of her own songs, as well as a model with good external data.

The star became famous with her participation in the Disney TV channel, the girl was there not only an actress, but also a presenter and voice artist for cartoons. Roles in soap operas and musicals fulfilled the dream of a little girl, to become famous and successful.

Her music videos are bewitching and her voice makes you fall in love with a young woman. His fans are all over the globe. Even a fairly experienced adult person can envy such success. The star’s career began in 2002, and the star is not going to stop there.

Height, weight, age. How old is Selena Gomez

The girl is slim, beautiful, one might even say perfect. Her fans are mostly teenagers who dream of the same career as Selena. Therefore, they are so interested in the smallest details such as: height, weight, age. How old is Selena Gomez, the question is not the most difficult, since the star does not hide such information from fans at all. Actress 25 full years, height is 169 centimeters, and weight does not exceed the norm of ideal parameters – 52 kilograms.


According to the sign of the zodiac, she is Cancer, and according to the Eastern calendar – A monkey. Selena has the gift of a rich and creative imagination, which helps her in her career. The girl, perhaps, is affectionate and gentle by nature, while being ambitious and purposeful, she likes to achieve the desired result.

Selena Gomez

Selena was born on a hot summer day on July 22, 1992 in Texas. The girl’s mother was engaged in her upbringing, as her father left the family when Selena was just a baby. At first it was difficult for them, although my mother constantly worked as an actress, sometimes there was not enough money.

In 2006, the girl’s mother married Brian Teefy for the second time, the relationship between the girl and her stepfather was quite warm. After a short time, their family was replenished by one person – sister Gracie was born.

The future star was homeschooled and after graduating from high school, the girl decided to pursue her dream of becoming a great actress.

In 2008, the girl got her first major role in the plot “Another Cinderella Story”, the star played wonderfully. An acting career is simply amazing, a star can play any role. The actress takes part not only in films, but also in television shows and even musicals. Basically, all images are intended for a teenage audience.


Since 2009, the girl has been actively playing in most projects of the Disney children’s television channel, and it was thanks to her work on the channel that the girl became known to the general public.

The girl is also engaged in music, she has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar well. Her career as a solo singer also begins in 2008. At first the girl sang for cartoon soundtracks, then she recorded a personal album of songs “Kiss & Tell”. Then, in the role of a singer, the girl quickly began to gain momentum and recorded popular albums one after another.

In addition to acting and musical activities, the girl played the role of a model of famous brands. And also launch your own clothing and fragrance line.

Selena is also actively involved in charity. The star thinks helping people is simply necessary. With his help, she tries to improve the world.

The biography of Selena Gomez is very rich, despite her young age, and it is striking that the girl achieved everything herself.

The star is quite romantic in nature, like all girls in their youth, they are very much in love, and at the same time, she takes relationships very seriously, she believes that intimate relationships before marriage are taboo, and therefore the girl puts on a “chastity ring”, thereby demonstrating her purity and innocence.

In 2008, the girl had her first love; young actor Nick Jonas also became his chosen one. Their relationship didn’t last long, maybe because of a very young age, or, in this case, they just didn’t agree on the characters.

Then the girl met Taylor Lautner, who was also an actor. But in a sense, the couple did not have a serious relationship.


And already in 2011, the young lady was seen with singer Justin Bieber, the idol of a large number of fans. The personal life of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber caused a fountain of feelings among fans, both positive and negative. After all, from Justin, all young people go crazy. In the middle of the same year, the girl took off the “purity ring”, perhaps due to the whirlwind romance, the girl changed her principles. But already in 2014, the couple broke up due to Justin’s frequent flirtations.

And after a short period of time, the paparazzi hit with a stunning headline that Selena Gomez was pregnant. 2017 was a big year for the star. But all this, according to the actress herself, is a “press duck.” The star has no children and for the moment does not think about it, given her young age.

Despite her young age, the girl has had many suitors, and is still looking for her only prince.

The Selena Gomez Family

The artist is quite young and independent. Naturally, all that she learned, the girl is grateful to her mother – Mandy Cornette, who raised her alone, because Selena’s father abandoned them. Mom was an actress and often took the girl with her to castings and filming, and from early childhood the girl realized that she wanted to become like her mother, to become a TV star. Soon my mother married Brian Tifi again and Selena had a stepfather and then a sister, Gracie.


Selena Gomez’s family is very friendly, despite the fact that Brian is not his own father, they have a rather warm relationship.

Selena Gomez’s children

At the moment the girl has no children. But more recently, the Internet was simply overflowing with false information about the child. It was as if the girl was pregnant with her already beloved Justin Bieber, but the guy was against becoming a father and due to nerves Selena Gomez’s child died before he was born in the uterus.


Who says that the actress, on the contrary, went to the hospital and had an abortion. In general, the children of Selena Gomez – this was the hottest news of 2017, in the life of the artist. The star says these are just rumors and nothing more. At the moment, all his attention is focused on his career. It’s too early to talk about children.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Latest News 2017

The couple started dating in 2011, when she was 19. Their relationship cannot be called ideal, so the couple broke up and converged again. Fans of the young man simply did not let the girl pass, messages with threats and negative statements about the girl often came to her pages.


Justin constantly flirted with various girls. However, their relationship lasted long enough. And after the explosive news about the couple’s child, in general, the most frequent request on the Internet was: “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, latest news” of their relationship. The couple are currently not together.

More recently, the star was attacked by hackers who posted photos of the actress naked on social networks. In the photos themselves, the face of the actress was not visible, but by the characteristic parameters and moles, fans were able to identify Selena in them.


The thieves obtained personal photos by hacking into the girl’s cloud internet protection and her personal phone. Fans immediately started wondering who Selena took the picture for. After all, the girl had a lot of lovers, but the preference of fans is more focused on ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, with whom the girl had a long relationship. In connection with this event, the Selena Gomez photo of the hacker made the headlines of all the photos that can still be found on the Internet. The star herself has not commented on what happened.

Instagram and Wikipedia Selena Gomez

The girl is quite down to earth and modern. Therefore, information about the young star can be found on her personal Instagram page, where the girl shares all her photos from her personal life, filming movies and clips. You can also find pictures with all his guys.


You can read all the experiences and sensations of the star. And if you need more detailed information about his professional achievements, you can find this information on Wikipedia. Instagram and Wikipedia Selena Gomez will always come to the rescue, for anyone interested in her personality.

Selena Gomez is a very popular artist not only in America but all over the world. This girl is a very talented and versatile person. First of all, it must be said that she is not only an actress and singer, but also a guitarist. Her non-musical activities include being a goodwill ambassador for the charity UNICEF.

Also note that during her career, Selena released two brands of women’s perfumes and two fashion lines. The girl’s career began in 2002, and she is still popular.

Height, weight, age. How old is Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a very beautiful and talented girl. It is therefore not surprising that since the very beginning of his career, the army of fans has only grown. And most fans around the world are interested even in such simple parameters as his height, weight, age. How old is Selena Gomez – the question is the simplest. The artist was born in July 1992, which means that this year she will be 25 years old.

The height of the girl is 1m 69 cm, but despite everything, she likes to wear shoes with heels. Which, however, only makes it even more refined. And Selena weighs only 52 kilograms.

Biography of Selena Gomez

Selena Maria Gomez is a popular American actress who started her career at the age of ten. The peak of teenage popularity was the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” But on acting skills his development is not over. She then became a singer, guitarist, composer, model and creator of her own clothing line. In addition, from the age of seventeen, Selena became the ambassador of the charity UNICEF.

By the way, the girl was named after the famous singer Selena in the 90s. At the age of five, after her parents divorced, Selena and her mother left their hometown in Texas for Los Angeles. Her mother, Mandy Cornette, was a theater actress and the young girl followed her everywhere. Already at the age of six, little Selena decided on the choice of profession. Then my mom started taking her to various auditions. At the age of nine, she was approved as a new character on the children’s television show Barney and Friends – Gianna. This transfer was really fateful for the girl. She also gave away her best friend for the next few years – Demi Lovato.

She and her mother didn’t show up, but Mendy spent all the money she had on raising her daughter. And only a few years later the girl had a stepfather. And after – and half-sister named Gracie Elliot.

The biography of Selena Gomez is very rich. At the age of eleven, she made an appearance in the third Spy Kids film. And two years later – a short role in one of the episodes of “Cool Walker”. In the future, there was the role of a girl named Gwen in the television series The Life of Zack and Cody. Additionally, Selena performed one of the soundtracks for this show.

At 14, Selena was approved for a role in the sensational project Hannah Montana, broadcast by Disney. And although Selena’s heroine was a staunch opponent of Hannah, she tied up a good friendship with Miley Cyrus.

The real popularity of the girl was brought by the sitcom “Wizards of Waverly Place”, in which she and several other talented teenage actors played the role of children of wizards. The series ran for six years. Selena grew up and became a luxurious girl. And her last work the audience liked it so much that Selena began to often participate in new Disney shows.

But the young artist gained her popularity not only thanks to her acting talent. She also sings wonderfully. In 2008, she played in the clip of the group Jona’s Brothers, she was noticed and often invited to do the voice of cartoons. For example, Princess Settlement (“Arthur and the Invisibles”) and Mavis (“Monsters on Vacation – 1, 2”) speak with her voice. A year later, her solo album went on sale, which was very popular with the public. In the same year, the girl became the youngest goodwill ambassador in the history of Unicef. And in 2010 the girl graduated from high school. True, due to tight filming schedules, it had to be completed externally.

Personal life of Selena Gomez

It is noteworthy that at the age of twelve Selena put on a “purity ring”. This is a fairly common practice in America. A girl who wears such a ring takes an oath to preserve her virginity until marriage.

Selena Gomez’s personal life is filled with both pleasant and negative things. Already at eighteen, she began an affair with Justin Bieber, sixteen, a true idol of millions of teenagers around the world. In a way, Selena, already more experienced in the musical field, took Justin under her wing. This caused a real storm of emotions among Justin’s fans, and at first the girl received a record number of all kinds of threats in social networks. The romance turned out to be so stormy that a year later the ring of purity disappeared from Selena’s hand.


Bieber quickly reached the peak of his popularity and did not even think about giving up the attention of his fans. Moreover, he started flirting with other girls. Relatives of Selena have said that Justin’s frequent flirtation was the reason for their separation.

At the start of the 16th grade, Selena was seen with a guy named Samuel Krost. He is a musician and advertising muse for the Onia brand.

AT Lately in the search engines we find more and more queries like “Selena Gomez is pregnant 2017”. But it’s not. Of course, not so long ago the girl was hospitalized with severe nausea and headaches, but the cause of the malaise turned out to be malnutrition and exhaustion.

The Selena Gomez Family

Selena Gomez’s family consists of four people – father, mother, stepfather and intrauterine sister. The girl’s father is a Latin American – Ricardo Gomez. Mom – Mandy Cornette – Anglo-Italian by origin. Selena’s parents divorced when the girl was only five years old. After moving to Los Angeles, Mendy devoted all his strength to raising his daughter. In 2006, when Selena was fourteen, the woman remarried a man named Brian Teefy. And seven years later, Selena had a sister, whose name was Gracie Elliot.

Selena Gomez’s children

Selena Gomez’s children are perhaps the most discussed topic regarding this girl. Selena is almost twenty-five, but she did not have and does not have her own children. In 2012, almost the entire internet discussed the news that Selena Gomez had suffered a miscarriage. She was pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The girl turned out to be happy with this news, but her boyfriend did not show himself with a better side, objecting that he is not ready for the role of a father yet, and his career is much more important now . And in the end – from experiments or whatever, but Selena Gomez’s child died before he was born.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Latest News 2017

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a rather complicated relationship. The couple then converged, then diverged, with the girl even losing a common child a few years ago. Therefore, it’s no surprise that search engine queries such as “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez latest news 2017” from fans of these artists are not uncommon. Meanwhile, breaking news suggests that Bieber is accusing the former girlfriend of allegedly using the relationship with current boyfriend The Weeknd purely for public relations purposes. We do not know for sure if there is any truth in his words or if it is a banal jealousy.

Selena Gomez photo hacker, all photos

Recall that about three years ago a very delicate incident happened to the singer. The internet got a girl’s personal photos of a rather intimate nature, stolen by an unknown hacker from iCloud cloud storage.

They mostly showcase Selena’s bare breasts. Fans of the artist assumed that these personal photos were taken personally for Selena’s then lover – Justin Bieber. So, Selena Gomez photo hacker all photos so far can be easily found on the internet.

Instagram and Wikipedia Selena Gomez

Instagram and Wikipedia Selena Gomez is also public information on the Internet. On Wikipedia, you can find general background information about this girl, her movie and her discography, as well as a list of all available awards.

Meanwhile, the artist uses his Instagram not only to share new photos, videos and latest life news, but also for quite a profitable income. It is known that for an advertising position on her account, Selena can be paid up to about five hundred thousand dollars.

Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez She was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States. American singer, model, actress, composer, producer, designer.

Mother – Mandy Cornette, theater actress, has Italian and English roots.

Father – Ricardo Gomez, Mexican.

She got her name in honor of the popular singer Selena of those years (in Greek it means Moon).

When the girl was 5 years old, her parents divorced.

The mother raised her daughter alone and inspired her by her own example – she influenced Selena’s choice of artistic path.

In 2006, her mother remarried Brian Teefee. The father also married a second time.

Selena has a younger half-sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey (born June 12, 2013) from her mother’s second marriage, and a younger half-sister, Tori Gomez (born June 2014) from her father’s second marriage.

She played one of the child roles in the children’s television show Barney and Friends. There she performed with her longtime girlfriend – Demi Lovato.

In May 2010, Selena received her high school diploma at home.

Her favorite actor and actress is Rachel McAdams and.


In 2008, she signed with Hollywood Records and made musical contributions to the cartoon Fairies, the films Another Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program and the television series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Since 2009 she is the singer of the pop rock group Selena Gomez and the stage.

With her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene released her debut album Kiss & Tell, which was released in the United States in September 2009.

In 2009, a feature film based on the TV series “Wizards of Waverly Place” titled “Wizards of Waverly Place at the Movies” was also released.

Her song “One and the Same” was included on the album Pop It, Rock It, which included songs by Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, soundtracks and other compositions.

Selena Gomez songs are categorized as pop-rock, dance-pop, synthpop.


For her role as Alex Russo in the television series Wizards of Waverly Place (2007), she received the Kids’ Choice Awards (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) and the ALMA Award (2009).

In 2010, Selena starred in the films Ramona and Beezus and Monte Carlo. Also in 2010, she voiced Princess Selenia in the film Arthur and the War of the Two Worlds. The same year, she released her second album, A Year Without Rain, with her band.

She was a guest star on Give Sunny a Chance, Episode 13, Season 1.

In 2011 the third album When the Sun Goes Down was released. The single “Love You Like a Love Song”, included in this album, went four times platinum in the USA. Gomez later said she wanted to quit music for a while and act in movies.

Selena Gomez & The Scene – I Love You Like A Love Song

In 2012, she participated in the dubbing of the cartoon Monsters on Vacation, and also starred in the movie Spring Breakers.

In 2012 the team announced a career hiatus and Gomez began his solo career.

In October 2012, we learned that Selena returned to the studio to record a new solo album. The lead single “Come & Get It” was released in April 2013 and went double platinum in the United States.

The second single “Slow Down” was released in June, and the album Stars Dance was released in July 2013.

In November 2012, Selena Gomez was named American Woman of the Year by Glamour.


In 2013, Selena Gomez starred in the film Let’s Go! For this role, she received a nomination for the 2014 Golden Raspberry Anti-Award in the Worst Actress category.

In early 2014, Selena took a break from her music career and continued acting in films. In the summer, the premiere of the film “Bad Behavior” with Gomez in the title role took place. In September, the Adidas NEO fall collection was presented. In November 2014, Selena’s first hits collection, “For You”, was released, which was the last release under the Hollywood Records label.

Selena Gomez – Kill Them With Kindness

Since 2015, Selena has been working with Interscope Records. In February, the single “I Want You To Know” was released featuring Zedd. The same year, Selena voiced her character in the second part of Monsters on Vacation, released on October 22, 2015.

In September 2017. I gave her my best friend kidney-Francia Raisa. “I know some of my fans noticed that I wasn’t appearing in public for part of the summer and asked me why I wasn’t advertising my new music, which I’m very proud of. But I found out I needed a kidney transplant due to lupus. It was essential for my health,” Gomez wrote on social media on Sept. 14, 2017.

Height of Selena Gomez: 165 centimeters.

Personal life of Selena Gomez:

At the age of 12, in keeping with a common tradition in the United States, Selena put on a “purity ring”, meaning she made a promise to keep her virginity until marriage. However, in the spring of 2011, Gomez removed the ring.

Since 2008, she met Nick Jonas, but in early 2010 the couple broke off relations.


In 2009, she dated actor Taylor Lautner, but the couple broke up and remained good friends.


Then she started an affair with a singer. In January 2011, Gomez began receiving death threats via Twitter from Justin Bieber fans after seeing photos of Selena and Justin kissing. In November 2012, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially announced their separation, however, a week later the couple began to appear in public together again. In January 2013, they announced that they had decided to remain friends.


In January 2017. The couple went on a romantic date, cuddling and kissing.

Filmography of Selena Gomez :

2003 – Spy Kids 3D: The game is over (Spy 3D: Game Over) – episode 2005-2008 – busy life Zack and Cody (Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The) 2005 – Walker, Texas Ranger: The test of fire (Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire) 2007-2008 – Hannah Montana – Michaela 2008 – Another Cinderella Story (Another Cinderella Story) 2010 – Ramona and Beezus – Beezus Quimby 2011 – Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo ) – Grace 2011 – Muppets (Muppets, The) – cameo 2012 – Spring Breakers – Faith 2012 – Replica (Replica) 2013 – Let’s Go! (Va-t-en) 2015 – The game for a fall (Big Short, The) 2016 – Neighbors. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – Madison

Voiced by Selena Gomez:

2008 – Horton (Horton Hears a Who!) (USA, animation) 2012 – Monsters on Vacation (Hotel Transylvania) (USA, animation) – Mavis 2015 – Monsters on Vacation 2 (Hotel Transylvania 2) (USA, animation) – Mavis

Selena Gomez Discography:

As part of The Scene:

2009 – Kiss and tell 2010 – A year without rain 2011 – When the sun goes down


2013 – Star Dance 2015 – Renewal

Selena Gomez Singles:

2013 – Come and Take It 2013 – Slow Down

2014 – For You (with A$AP Rocky) 2015 – Same Old Love 2015 – Hands To Me 2016 – Kill Them With Kindness

Video clips of Selena Gomez:

2008 – Cruella From Hell 2008 – Fly to Your Heart 2008 – Magic 2008 – One and The Same (with Demi Lovato) 2009 – Send It On (with Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato) 2009 – Tell Me Something thing i don’t know 2009 – Fall 2009 – Naturally 2009 – Naturally (Dave Audé Remix) 2009 – Naturally (Ralphi Rosario Remix) 2010 – Turn and turn 2010 – A year without rain 2010 – Un Año Sin Lluvia 2010 – Who said 2011 – I love you like a love song 2011 – In the middle of nowhere 2011 – Hit the lights 2011 – Hit the Lights (night version) 2013 – Come and take it 2013 – Slow down 2013 – Anniversary 2014 – The heart wants whatHe Wants 2015 – I Want You To Know (with Zedd) 2015 – Good For You 2015 – Good For You (with A$AP Rocky) 2015 – Same Old Love 2015 – Hands To Me 2015 – Kill Them With Kindness 2016 – We Speak No More (with Charlie Puth) 2016 – Trust No One (with Cashmere Cat and Tory Lanez)