How to get rich 2022: Starting from scratch, work, invest money

Becoming a millionaire is the dream of many, but the reality of a few. Yet achieving economic success is not as difficult as you might think: becoming it without working, doing nothing is almost impossible, but with commitment, criteria and determination your first million can become a reality.

In this complete guide on how to get rich I will explain how to start from scratch, which are the highest paid jobs in Italy and abroad, how to invest in the stock market and in trading and finally how to save so as not to immediately waste your first nest egg.

Starting from scratch

Grant Cardone, the man who for 35 years of his life has helped companies and people make more money and author of the book “The Millionaire Booklet: How To Get Super Rich” has always argued that anyone can get rich.

Even you who are sitting in the Ikea armchair in your home right now or while you are squashed like a sardine in the subway. “Regardless of where you come from, how much money you have now and what you do, you can become rich “: starting from scratch then, you can.

And a person who lives only on courses to get rich is not saying this and would therefore generate the obvious question “why if he knows how to get rich he doesn’t do it for himself?”. The fact is that here is talking about a man who manages four companies that make millions a year and above all, starting from scratch.

5 steps to become a millionaire according to Cardone

Even if you may not be able to become a millionaire like Cardone in Italy, here is what he recommends, some ideas and steps that are valid for anyone: they are valid for him and are valid for you too :

  1. Change your mentality . Your millionaire life begins the moment you finally change your mindset. What has not allowed you to become rich is not only your current condition, school and work, but first of all your mentality. If you start thinking that you will never make it, know that you are digging your own grave: start to convince yourself that you can do it: becoming a millionaire is not impossible.
  2. Do some math . Start thinking about how many ways there are to make $ 1 million. For example, if you can sell an item worth $ 100 to 10,000 people, you have reached the goal. Same result if you sell a 200 euro item to 5,000 people. Nowadays, reaching a large number of customers is possible thanks to the internet, thanks to e-commerce such as eBay or Facebook ads.
  3. Create three sources of income . The rich don’t have a single source of income. You must have at least three sources of income: for example, you can invest in a financial product, you can sell items on the internet, you can open a blog, invest in the stock market. Or you can dedicate your free time to teaching a language, using the PC, renting a property and transforming it into a B & b, etc.
  4. Hang out with those with money . The word “crisis” is entirely relative. We often hear the following sentence: “There is no money around, there is a crisis!”. Nothing could be more wrong: consider that the money is always the same, no one snatches it. So it is never true that there is less money around. In reality, the money is always the same, indeed, probably even more than yesterday since the bank always prints new ones. So they just moved – they’re in different pockets. Based on what you sell, start looking for who owns “your money”. For example, if you have decided to sell items for weddings, favors, start frequenting Facebook groups of newlyweds assiduously. If you have decided to sell Rolex, start investing by going to luxury clubs in the city, clubs, golf.
  5. Spend just to invest . As soon as you start earning, you will be tempted to live the good life and spend your money right away. Nothing could be more wrong. Put your earnings in a separate account and don’t count them. Or rather, consider them only for any new investments, but not to immediately take holidays (those you will do later) or buy superfluous items.


It doesn’t necessarily take a degree to get rich. The past and present history shows us examples of many non-graduates who have opened successful companies. The first that surely comes to your mind is Steve Jobs: never graduated, yet he created the Apple empire. We can therefore divide the rich into two categories: graduates, who may be in very well-paid professions; non-graduates, who turn to entrepreneurship and reach very high levels.

Educational qualifications required

Among the highest paid jobs (some also emerging) are currently:

  1. IT engineers, SEO managers and web developers (degree in computer science);
  2. Doctors (degree in medicine and surgery);
  3. Management analyst (degree in economics);
  4. Medical advisor – responsible for a therapeutic area (degree in medicine);
  5. Product manager – fashion / food / pharmacy (different degrees: economics, pharmacy …).

But you don’t need a degree to fill a well-paid role. There are some jobs that allow you to earn a nice high salary even without a degree:

  1. Air flight controller (controls and manages air traffic), from 50 to 100 thousand euros per year;
  2. Private pilots earn from 50 to 70 thousand euros per year;
  3. Nuclear reactor operator (operates commands and monitors data), earns about 80 thousand euros per year;
  4. Funeral home . Customers insured all year round and there is no crisis that holds. Even the simple “gravedigger” earns very well: around 2,300 euros per month. It won’t be a very happy job, but it’s not like working in a mine and it has a nice salary;
  5. Ship Commander earns from 70 to 90 thousand euros per year;
  6. Youtuber . It is an emerging job: perhaps not everyone will agree to call it work, but it has become: there are many people, especially young people who have opened a Youtube channel, are very popular and earn thanks to advertising.

Invest money

The first thing you must always keep in mind is: don’t focus on just one investment. The golden rule is to diversify , i.e. invest not only in one stock but in many stocks. This way, if one side goes wrong, the other goes well and allows you to stem your losses. It is very difficult for all stocks to go wrong, certainly not impossible, but by diversifying the portfolio, the risks are contained. Let’s take a concrete example.

Imagine that it is the year 1986 and you have 10,000 euros to invest. You decide to invest € 1,000 in 10 different investments, including one a Microsoft . As we know, Microsoft has met with crazy success. Now let’s assume that your other 9 investments have gone awful and you have lost everything.

Thanks to your investment in Microsoft, you still have 500,000 euros in your pocket. This is why it is good to diversify: a well-built portfolio can tolerate even high doses of failure and continue to generate more than good returns.

Saving up

Once you’ve made your first money, the worst thing you can do is start spending it left and right. You will be tempted to take away at least some satisfaction, so I advise you to allocate only a specific part of your earnings to this purpose, let’s say 10% . Put the rest aside or, better, invest it again.

Avoid spending money on futility, such as vacations in the tropics (those you can do later), luxurious cars and watches, dinners in starred restaurants. Continue to lead the same life you did before, do not immediately throw yourself into reckless purchases. Open a separate current account where you can deposit your savings and consider them untouchable.