“My time to wear the cape has passed”: Henry Cavill will not be Superman again

It’s been ten years of comings and goings from ‘Man of Steel’ to today, but, despite his appearance in ‘Black Adam’, Henry Cavill will not be Superman again. He announced it today in a text on Instagram that was later qualified by James Gunn on Twitter commenting that in the future they do want to collaborate with him again. It seems that after the hack to ‘Wonder Woman 3’, the creation of the new DC Universe involves getting rid of the old one, known as the “Snyderverso”.

Superman’s death

“I just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran and I have some sad news. I’m not coming back as Superman after all .” Thus begins an announcement that we will surely analyze for weeks and see all the edges, possibilities and lost paths. At the moment, what is clear is that DC has gone from having a path in which everyone could make their law (as is the case with The Rock) to a firm leadership, even if that means making decisions that we do not like.

After the studio told me to announce my return in October, before they were hired, this isn’t the easiest news, but that’s life. The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect it. James and Peter have a universe to build. I wish them and everyone involved the best of luck and the happiest of fortunes.

Let’s remember that Henry Cavill left his role in ‘The Witcher’, although no specific reasons were given, apparently due to the possibility of being Superman again, although it seems increasingly clear that it was a simple whim of The Rock and a study that he was preparing a 180 degree turn of which he did not warn him. For his part, James Gunn has confirmed in a tweet that, although they have him for the future, they are currently preparing a younger version of the character (which will not tell the origin again) and, therefore, he cannot be played by Cavill. . As far as we know, Gunn is scripting the movie but doesn’t have a clear director yet.

This movement has caused distrust among fans , who expected to see Snyder’s triplet again in action, but it seems increasingly clear that Ben Affleck (although there are rumors to the contrary in his case), Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill already they are part of DC’s legacy, and it doesn’t seem very likely that Ezra Miller will survive this bombing. In addition, Gunn confirmed that Robert Pattinson would not become part of the main universe, so everything that comes after ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ will start from scratch.

For all those who have been by my side during these years… we can cry a little, but we must remember… that Superman is still among us. Everything he stands for still exists, and the examples he sets are still there! My time to wear the cape has passed, but what Superman stands for never will. It’s been a fun ride with you, up and down.

We won’t know for many years if the decision to start from scratch has been the best one for Gunn and Safran , who are being very open in the way they want to create their own universe but are angering fans both in the universe along the way. DC as of ‘The Witcher’, who have seen that their hero is gone for nothing. What will happen to the Man of Tomorrow? There are still many twists in this story, more interesting than many comics, to be revealed.