Marketing on LinkedIn: improve the engagement of your brand

Did you know that LinkedIn has more than 610 million users ? And that more than 30 million companies have a profile on LinkedIn? And that more than 2 million posts, articles and videos are published daily?

Although you may think that LinkedIn is nothing more than a professional social network for networking, offering and finding a job or working on your personal profile, the potential of this platform goes much further and can be very useful in your digital marketing strategy .

Next, I will tell you everything you need to know to start your LinkedIn marketing strategy .

LinkedIn and the importance of this social network in digital marketing

Surely you have read many experts saying that LinkedIn has enormous potential . Before starting to analyze everything that this professional social network can do for our brand, I will list the main ways your company uses Linkedin . You are interested!

Build relationships with other companies: generating networking

In addition to using it to create a personal brand, we can also use LinkedIn with the aim of building relationships with other companies by generating networking . We can share content from collaborating or related companies, create common content or tag them in our publications.

Get information about employees and customers

We can leverage LinkedIn to gain insights about employees and customers, and use this insight to our advantage to build relationships or generate new business opportunities .

Strengthen our brand image at a professional level

LinkedIn is very useful to enhance our brand image at a more professional level, taking care of our profile on the platform and disseminating the appropriate content .

Expand dissemination and engagement

Sharing content and encouraging our followers to interact with us by creating a relationship with them is the perfect option to expand dissemination and improve engagement.

Promote our products or services

Ultimately, LinkedIn can be a loudspeaker to promote our products or services by sharing product pages, images, videos, articles…

To do’s list: good practices to get more engagement on LinkedIn

To get a good profile on LinkedIn and engagement with your followers, you must take into account the following list of good practices .

1. Create a company page and set up a complete profile

The first of all, of course, will be to create a profile for your company on the platform and fill in the content of the profile with a good image, cover image photo and description . If you have a presentation video, add it in the description.

2. Share content aimed at your audience

It’s important that the content you share on LinkedIn is tailored to the needs and interests of your audience . You can share publications, news, articles, videos…

3. Encourage comments on your posts and respond to your users

It is very important to increase the interaction rate on Linkedin with your followers and to be able to respond to their questions or comments as quickly as possible so that a two-way relationship is created .

4. Optimize SEO to appear in search engines

Just as we should do with the content of our website and blog to appear first in search engines, it is a good practice to take care of SEO in LinkedIn publications :

  • Use of keywords: use keywords in the name, description and content of the entire page. It is important that the content source pages (YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr, etc…) include the keywords.
  • Put the logo or an image: the results with an image appear earlier in the search engine than those without it.
  • Facilitates business contact.
  • Add Hashtags: we have the possibility to configure three hashtags that are used not only for SEO but also to find related content and know what is being shared on LinkedIn in relation to the hashtags. We can take advantage of the “content suggestions” option within the pages to see the most relevant content that the selected profiles are sharing.

5. Include calls to action

Calls to action make it easy for your users to convert and promote social selling . Add a link to your product or service pages, to your company page… A link that leads to a landing page with a form to capture user data and to form part of your databases.

6. Take advantage of paid advertising on LinkedIn

Paid advertising is very useful to attract more contacts and increase the visibility of your page and your ads . LinkedIn works very well, especially with B2B-type users. What aspects should be taken into account when carrying out paid campaigns on LinkedIn? Here are some tips:

Study the segmentation very well

LinkedIn allows us to segment campaigns based on the type of users we want to attract . We can segment by position in the company, department, number of company employees, company billing… And also by the skills of the employees.

Types of campaigns

We can make an ad that links to a landing page where the user can read the offer and leave their data in a form, becoming a registration . Or we can take advantage of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form format, in which the form is integrated into the ad and the user does not have to reach a landing page to fill in their data.

In this way, we managed to eliminate a step in the user conversion process by increasing the number of users . Although if what we want is quality vs. quantity, we will choose the option in which the user converts, being much more informed of the offer that we make.

Here is a summary of other types of campaigns:

  • Sponsored content ads: promoted posts that will appear on the wall of the targeted audience.
  • Text Ads: These are the ads that we can see in the sidebar.
  • Sponsored InMail campaigns: These are private messages that arrive in the LinkedIn mailbox of the audience we target.

7. Red of contacts

Follow other pages and accounts with content similar to yours and add potential customers or partners. Share third-party content and mention other like-minded Pages to build good relationships.

8. Create a custom URL

As in blogs and websites, the URL is a key factor for good search engine positioning. Take advantage of the possibility that LinkedIn offers you to create your own URL and do not stay with the default one.

9. Facilitate contact with your company

To do so, you will only have to add all the necessary data so that the user can get in touch by different means such as email or telephone. 

10. Number of publications per month

LinkedIn recommends posting about 20 times a month . According to LinkedIn, we can reach around 60% of our audience. We should not overwhelm our followers with specific posts. Quality will always be more important than quantity.

10. Detect the time when you get the most impressions

In this way your content will reach a larger audience.

11. Include a link to your LinkedIn page wherever you have the opportunity

On your company’s website, on your blog’s social networks…

What metrics are important to measure LinkedIn engagement?

Engagement is any measurable interaction with our published content , such as likes, clicks, mentions, comments, shares, reactions…

You can use the classic formula to measure engagement with your followers:

In this formula we measure the level of interaction with our content with respect to the number of views we have . A good result would be an engagement rate of 2% or higher .

In addition, we will be interested in analyzing and measuring the following metrics to optimize and improve the results obtained on LinkedIn:


A growth in your number of followers means that we are attracting and retaining users. If you detect a very large growth in a timely manner, it is most likely that another account has mentioned you or has shared your content, thus increasing your network of followers. It is good practice to thank them for it .


It is important that our content generates interaction and interest in our followers. We must monitor the evolution of reactions that we get in our publications . We can calculate the engagement rate – Based on the number of impressions our post has received and the number of engagements they have generated, we can calculate this metric.


  • Measuring the number of times users click (enter) one of our content to read it will reflect whether the content we publish is interesting.
  • Click rate: measure the number of clicks we receive based on the impressions generated (clicks/impressions) to find out the percentage of users who see an ad, publication… and enter it.
  • It is important to take into account the number of clicks we generate to our website, product or service pages…
  • Pay attention to the publications that have the most clicks, since they will indicate the type of content (videos, articles, presentations…) that obtain better results in order to better define the strategy.


We consider conversion those users who perform the action we want. LinkedIn, like other social media platforms, offers advertisers a pixel that we can install on our website to track the number of conversions attributed to the campaigns we run . It is very important to take advantage of this functionality, as it will help us to analyze the operation of the campaigns and optimize them to increase results.

Leads generated

In addition to analyzing conversions (generated leads), it is important to analyze their evolution through the marketing and sales funnel : determine which leads become potential customers or final customers. LinkedIn is a platform that works well to obtain leads from the B2B field, although the acquisition costs are still very high.


It is important to analyze the demographic data of our followers that LinkedIn measures to direct our ads and content:

  • geographic zone
  • Job title
  • Seniority in the job position
  • Industry
  • company size
  • employment status
  • Company you work for

Cost per acquisition

Analyze the economic investment that it costs us to get leads, customers, clicks… to evaluate the operation of the campaigns and with the aim of reducing the cost:

  • Money invested/leads
  • Invested money/customers
  • Money invested / clicks


Monitor the quantity and quality of comments your ads receive.

Video views

A video view on LinkedIn is counted every time a user watches a video for at least three seconds .

Page views

Measure the number of times we manage to send traffic to the company page or other product and service pages

Companies that generate engagement through LinkedIn: success stories

More and more companies are taking care of their LinkedIn page and are including this platform in their digital marketing strategy. Next, we leave you with some examples:


Nike involves its employees in creating the content and posts it shares. In this way, we can know from the inside the culture of the company.

They have a section called “Life in the company” in which they share experiences, publications, testimonials… In this way, they manage to attract the best profiles by sharing experiences from employees.

DXC Technology

DXC throws thought-provoking questions at his followers. It is important to have conversations with your followers , responding to comments as quickly as possible and adding value . Monitor comments and delete those that are inappropriate.


HP uses its LinkedIn page as a platform to increase registrations for its webinars and events .

It can be very useful to take advantage of LinkedIn as an online dissemination tool to publicize those events or activities in which our company actively participates. It also measures the number of users who attend the event from LinkedIn.

As you have seen, the LinkedIn platform has much more potential than a professional and networking network . In addition to promoting and getting a job, we can take advantage of it to generate an audience of potential clients and a good brand image, among other benefits.

I recommend that you take the opportunity to do marketing on LinkedIn and create a company page in which you share publications and useful content of interest to your target audience, as well as measure and analyze all the metrics that this social network makes available to you to improve your results.

Would you like to tell me about your experience with LinkedIn? Share it in the comment section!

Originally published on July 28, 2020 and updated on November 16, 2022.

Reviewed and validated by Susana Meijomil, Inbound Content Manager at InboundCycle

Ariadne Batlle


Inbound Consultant at InboundCycle, responsible for detecting problems and defining inbound strategies to improve results. In addition, she also teaches classes on marketing and sales at IEBS, and conducts training for companies to help them with their digital processes and develop their marketing and sales departments.

LinkedIn Marketing FAQs

  • What is LinkedIn Ads and what is it for?

    Linkedin has a tool to create and manage advertising campaigns: Linkedin Ads. Through this you can generate leads, promote ads, disseminate content…

    Linkedin Ads allows us to segment our audience according to their professional profiles. We can classify it according to different variables, such as location, employment, company, number of employees…

  • How to promote a product on LinkedIn?

    The phases to promote a product on Linkedin are as follows:

    1. Choose between text ads or sponsored content.
    2. create ads
    3. Target audience segmentation
    4. Set your budget and bid amount
    5. Track conversions and optimize
  • How to get more engagement on LinkedIn?

    We can increase engagement on Linkedin by feeding the social network with interesting and interactive content.

    We must create content that encourages users to participate in the comments. For this, we can offer materials in different formats: articles, downloadables, invitation to webinars…

    Generate some kind of survey to get to know our followers better…

    We can join groups in which topics related to our business or sector are discussed to better understand the content that interests our target audience.

  • How much to invest in LinkedIn Ads?

    It will depend on your goals: the number of visits or leads you want to get. You should look at the CPV or CPL that you get over time, and adjust the investment.

    How to pay for an ad on LinkedIn?

    1. Bid for the audience you are interested in.
    2. Choose the budget between the options of pay per click or average cost per impression…
    3. Control spending. Set the budget, bid, and frequency.
  • How to interact on LinkedIn from a company page?

    To view and interact with your Page activity:

    1. Access the admin view from the page.
    2. Click the Activity tab.
    • You can also click Page Notifications in the “My Pages” module on the left side of your LinkedIn home page.
  • Click an activity type from the “Page Activity” module.
    • All
    • updates
    • Events
  • Click a filter at the top of your activity feed, respectively.
    • Requests
    • Comments
    • mentions
    • Publications
    • times shared
    • ReactionsNote: Reactions currently displays aggregated reactions (for example, recommend, celebrate, love, interesting, and curious).
  • Interact with the type of activity (optional).
  • You can see your most commented, shared and reacted posts in the “Post Highlights” module, on the right side of your “Activity” tab.

How do I know if my content is valuable?

  • Value content is what helps you capture your target audience. To have valuable content, you must know the market and the needs, objectives and interests of your buyer person very well. In addition, you must have a good writer who knows how to convey what you want to communicate to your audience.
  • To measure the success of your publications, you can look at metrics such as: visits, clicks, comments, times the content has been shared…

How much does it cost to post an ad on LinkedIn?

It is a bidding system, so it depends on several factors: your target audience, the number of people who are bidding, the bidding strategy, the objective…

How many free ads can I post on LinkedIn?

You can only post free ads when it comes to promoting job openings, and you can only have one free ad at a time.

What is the best social network for advertising?

Depends. The best social network for you will be the one in which your target audience is most active and offers you a more competitive cost.

What are LinkedIn Marketing Solutions?

These are the advertising solutions offered by Linkedin to gain visibility, generate leads…

What content is successful on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great for blog posts, written content, articles, and guides. Be sure to create in-depth articles that are between 1,500 and 2,000 words. You can post the full article, a short excerpt, or add a link to the blog post on your company’s website.