9 Legal Benefits You Will Get With Your Wedding

This wedding has to be done! In the eternal struggle for the comparison of rights between unmarried couples and married couples, today we are talking about the legal benefits that you will get with your wedding. A concrete article for a targeted and objective comparison.

legal benefits after the wedding

Wearing the clothes of your dreams, uttering those love phrases you have always wanted to exchange, dedicating yourself to the most creative and exciting details such as the choice of invitations: all this will soon become your reality. But what are the legal advantages of marriage and the economic benefits of marriage? We have summarized them in this article by identifying 9 points to investigate, if you prefer, together with your trusted accountant.

1. Protection under Article 143 of the Civil Code

According to article 143 which establishes the rights and duties of the spouses 1, with marriage, the husband and wife acquire the same rights and assume the same duties including fidelity, mutual moral and material assistance, cohabitation and collaboration in the interest of the family; both will therefore collaborate, according to their availability, to meet the needs of the family. This will be read during the celebration after you make your vows.

2. Marriage leave

It may seem obvious and superficial but it is not, among the legal advantages of marriage there is also the marriage leave. Leave is that period of justified absence from the workplace that does not replace the classic accrued holidays; must be presented to the employer to whom you must issue the marriage certificate within 60 days. The leave is usually taken within 30 days after the wedding to be used for the honeymoon or to define the final preparations for the wedding. But is this for everyone? If you want to learn more, we invite you to read our article with all the information regarding marriage leave.


3. Sharing of assets

Sharing assets with your husband or wife will entail a series of tax breaks as well as in relation to the various taxes to be paid on owned properties. 

4. Allowances and deductions for dependent spouses

In the event of an unemployed or unemployed spouse, following the wedding, the working spouse will be entitled to receive financial support provided by INPS, provided that certain conditions are met, with an amount calculated based on the type of family unit, the number of members and the total income of the household.

5. Right and duty of care

Taking care of the other person with dedication is perhaps one of the most beautiful and valuable aspects of a wedding. Being married will guarantee you the full right and duty to be informed about the physical situation of your spouse , providing care and support in a case of illness.

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6. Medical expenses

Medical expenses can be deducted within a certain limit, even by the other spouse who has not materially borne them if this has a greater tax capacity or has sufficient income to deduct such expenses.

7. Deductions on the mortgage

Always for the same logic, even the passive interest on the dumb loan linked to the purchase of a joint home can be deducted by only one of the two spouses who may have a greater fiscal capacity.

8. Reversibility of the pension and succession of inheritance

Bad to say and even just to imagine one step away from the big day, but sometimes life forces us to think about the worst and protect ourselves in these cases is a must, especially if you have a dependent family. The survivor guarantees the surviving spouse to continue to receive the pension while the succession will allow you to inherit the assets , sharing everything with any children.

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9. Advantages for the children

On this point the legislation has made several steps forward by totally equating the children of de facto couples to the children of couples born in marriage; in any case, the advantages concern the concessions, support in dedicated structures as well as support for education.

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