How to delete your Instagram account: Discover in this post what you need to do it!

Deleting your Instagram account is something that the platform does not make an easy task, but although it may not seem like that to you, there is a not-so-excessively long way to delete your Instagram account, and if you wish, it can be done temporarily or permanent

To carry out this task, you will only need the help of a web browser ; in addition to being totally sure to delete your Instagram account.

But why should you be before deleting your Instagram account? This is because you will lose all the information you have uploaded at the time, as well as your username.How to delete your Instagram account

How to delete your Instagram account

There is no doubt that these are points that you should always take into account, eliminating our presence from social networks on many occasions is not as easy as it seems.

In addition to all this, deleting your Instagram account is not complicated, even so, in this post we will show you how you can do it, whether you want it temporarily or permanently.

You will only need to follow each of our tips to the letter, in this article we will explain in detail everything you need to delete your Instagram account.

Delete your Instagram account by the app Impossible to do due to many factors!

As we already know from many of the social media platforms, it is extremely easy to create an account when you are just logging in.

However, it is much more complicated to want to eliminate them; Perhaps you have already tried to delete your Instagram account through the application on your phone, but you may have noticed that there is no way.

But why can’t such an action be carried out? Well, there is an answer to this, and it is because the Instagram app does not offer access to the option to delete your Instagram account.

In fact, regarding this option, we will not see it visible in the menus of the Instagram web version either, as it is necessary for you to be logged in to the account to be deleted from your browser.

For this reason, if you want to delete your Instagram account, you must do it through the following ways that we will show you below, either temporarily or permanently.

Deleting your Instagram account temporarily

You must bear in mind that as such, this option will not delete your Instagram account, it only proceeds to disable your username, which Instagram prevents your content from appearing to be seen by other users.

To temporarily delete your Instagram account you must do the following:

  • You will need to open a desktop browser, or you can also enable desktop mode on your mobile browser.
  • Access this web address: 
  • Select the reason for which you want to disable your account, enter your password and accept; after this your Instagram account will appear practically deleted.

Remember that your Instagram profile can only be temporarily deleted once a week.

Delete your Instagram account forever

We bring you the way to delete your Instagram account forever, before proceeding with these steps, we recommend that you be completely sure since you will not be able to recover your information, username and even photos.

To delete your Instagram account forever, you must perform the following steps: 

  • As in the previous steps, you must use a desktop browser or also your mobile in desktop mode.
  • Access this web page:
  • Choose a reason for deletion, as Instagram needs to know this for its database.
  • Enter your Instagram password, then you just have to click on the ‘Delete my account permanently’ button.
  • Follow the process that shows you the same page, and voila, you will have deleted your Instagram account forever.

As you may have noticed, it is not that difficult to delete your Instagram account, you simply have to follow our steps to the letter and everything will be fine.