How to choose the best Korean cream for your face?

Korean culture has always worked hard to have good skin care. In their line of cosmetics, including the Korean cream, they do not use products that regenerate the most superficial layers of the skin, but their objective is to regenerate the skin from the inside .

Next, we will tell you how to choose the best Korean cream for your face and we invite you to take a look at the top ranking of Korean creams so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Benefits of korean cream

Surely you have heard of Korean facial creams and their benefits in regenerating your face. Korean cosmetics is the result of a long tradition of beauty rituals in which they consider skin care to be part of their lifestyle.

These are some benefits that you will find in Korean cosmetics compared to conventional creams:

  • Korean creams are based on the need of your face and not on age.
  • They are based on natural ingredients that help exfoliate your face without damaging the cells.
  • They take longer to take effect than chemical cosmetics, but they are much more careful with your skin.
  • They prevent skin spots caused by the sun.

What should be taken into account when choosing a Korean face cream?

As we have pointed out previously, Korean skin care is based on obtaining lasting good results by working on the deepest areas of the skin and regenerating them until it is reflected on the outside. It can be a much slower process, but one that yields better results.

Korean cosmetic products will always use the best natural products for the proper functioning of the cells of your face. These are some tips that you can take into account when choosing the best Korean cream for your face.

korean cream beauty woman

Know the skin of your face

Not all people are the same and the same thing happens with the skin: each person has a different skin type . You may have excess fat, dryness, acne marks, etc. A good facial cream must adapt to the needs of your skin and supply the nutrients that it is not capable of generating on its own.

Many times we are not able to recognize what type of skin we have or sometimes we are even wrong and we think that we have another type of skin that is not the right one. That is why we recommend that you search the internet for a skin test and see the results before you start looking for your ideal Korean cream.


The smell is an important issue that you might not consider in your facial routine. The smells of Korean perfumes are different from what we are used to and the moisturizer is something that will accompany us throughout the day.

Look at this point when choosing your Korean cream so that you can wear it comfortably and you are not suffering because the smell bothers you.

Hydration level

The hydration level is one of the points that you should look at once you know what type of skin you have. Depending on the dryness of your face, you will have to choose a more or less moisturizing cream. It would be a mistake, for example, to buy a Korean cream with a high moisturizing content if the test showed that your face is quite oily.

Check this point carefully because it is one of the most important when choosing an optimal cream for your face and remember that even if your skin is oily, it also needs extra hydration.


The texture of the cream will also depend on the type of skin you have. For combination or oily skin it is important to choose a light cream, on the other hand for dry skin it will be better to choose a thicker cream so that the feeling of hydration can last throughout the day.

Function of the cream

You must be very clear about the function of each cream , in which area of ​​your face it should be applied and at what time.

All Korean creams are not used for the same thing, but there are specific creams for the eye area, for the face, for the day, for the night, for sunny days, etc. Using the same cream for all occasions is a mistake that can prevent your skin from recovering as it should.

Choose the 4 basic

When you have been doing your facial treatment for a while, you can start buying more specific creams for specific areas of the face. To start, we simply recommend that you buy the 4 basic ones so that your skin begins to regenerate naturally. Every facial routine should be composed of:

  • Face cleaner
  • Facial tonic
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Protector solar


Before buying a Korean cream for your face, it is very important that you read the ingredients of its composition. This will allow you to detect an ingredient to which you are allergic and that may cause pimples, spots or redness.

In addition, knowing the ingredients is basic to work the needs of your skin more thoroughly . For example, if you want to work on wrinkles, make sure that your cream contains collagen as an ingredient.

Look for your cream

It may be that a friend comes to you to recommend a cream that has done very well, but do not trust that. As we have said before, each skin is different and needs different nutrients, so we recommend that you look for your own cream and only listen to the advice of professionals in the sector.

Now that you know how to choose the best Korean cream for your face and what are the tips you should follow, do not hesitate to do a skin test and start looking for the cream that best suits your complexion.