How to boost the positioning of your website through the optimization of social networks

Currently having a profile on a social network, or several, is normal and we might even think that it becomes a necessity. Even not having one is considered the equivalent of not having a DNI in the digital landscape. That is, not having a presence or identity in the digital landscape. The great penetration of this type of platform in society has made them the main drivers of digital marketing for businesses.

This has meant a radical paradigm shift in the world of marketing, since with the new strategies based on social networks, brands can reach new audiences that they would not have been able to reach before, thus achieving greater growth in engagement. In this way, social networks have become a fundamental part of many aspects of marketing and digital development of companies, even within the field of web positioning.

How to boost web positioning and optimize social networks

Web positioning or SEO, as we generally find it in the digital ecosystem, refers to the ranking of a web page within the search results. This is a determining factor for the visibility of the site, and therefore its reach, impact and penetration in its target audience. Therefore, the best way to generate more traffic and gain visibility for our website is to improve the SEO strategy. But what role do social networks play in improving the SEO of a company?

The truth is that social networks have great potential to generate traffic to the website of the business or company they represent. Which manages to generate valuable content for users in the format of: videos, infographics, podcasts, blog posts or interactive quizzes. Through this content, users can access valuable information or content that gives them a sense of community and with which they can identify. Generating in this way a growth in the sales indexes and improving the classification within Google searches. Even so, to optimize social networks and achieve the necessary impact for this, it is important to take into account the following aspects:

Keywords and hashtags to bring content to a more specific audience

The use of keywords in SEO is something routine, moreover, it is one of the basic aspects for the optimization of search results. In social networks, the use of these tools allows content to be made more accessible to users by displaying it according to the searches they carry out. In this way, even if there is no direct relationship, it is possible to reach users who show an interest in our type of content.

Likewise, hashtags allow access to a greater amount of traffic, since these are based on trending topics. Therefore, incorporating them into the content will allow the publications to appear within the searches of these trends.

A renewed strategy is the key to good optimization

As in any aspect of marketing, having a certain strategy for social networks is crucial for its optimization. Since this allows aligning interests and content towards the same goal, in turn driving users and followers towards it. To achieve a solid strategy it is important to consider the competition, analyze the possible results, determine the priorities and, of course, choose a central tone for the development of the strategy.

Generate optimized content for any channel

Today multiplatform content is crucial, especially considering the variety of devices from which users can connect. For this reason, it is imperative that content be generated that can be viewed from any device or platform, ensuring that the information will reach the user clearly. It is also important to maintain dynamism with the use of different formats: GIFs, images, videos, etc.

Share quality content

This aspect is similar to the bases of SEO, and if the content does not add any value, why publish it? Being a business profile, all content must have a purpose and contribute something to users, which makes them feel the need to share it, and thus give greater visibility.

Make content to share

As we said, the importance of social networks is based on their potential to generate traffic, and to achieve this the content must invite to be shared. In these cases, the incorporation of attractive CTAs and the use of unique and attractive content are essential to encourage this action in users.

Basically, building a solid and functional social network that is attractive and accessible to users, and that also generates valuable content that makes them want to share it, is a successful tool for boosting the SEO of a website. And, to carry out all these actions efficiently, it is necessary to have an appropriate knowledge of the metrics and performance of our social networks, for which there are platforms such as Iconosquare , which allow you to view and manage this information centrally.