Horror, romance and action: the best 13 new Netflix series to watch

Netflix signed Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro to make a horror, suspense, and adventure miniseries to watch in October 2022. With this production, the streaming platform wants to draw the attention of all fans to good stories, in addition to returning to relaunch the careers of great actors such as Andrew Lincoln, Crispin Glover, Eric Andre, Rupert Grint, Sofia Boutella, among others. 

In this line of terror, 28 paranormal days also arrives, in which the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren -known in the United States for being the owners of the Museum of the Occult in Connecticut-, visit the supposedly most haunted places in the country.

And to complete the triad of terror and fantasy, comes the youth series The bastard son and the devil himself, in which a young man is trapped between two clans in which he tries to discover his place in the world, after his mother was the responsible for a deadly massacre.

Check out all of our recommended Netflix series to watch  below: 

1. Mr. Harrigan’s phone  

Inspired by Stephen King’s bestseller Blood Rules , comes this Netflix series in which director John Lee Hancock tells the story of a millionaire boy and an old man who share their deep love for books. When this man dies, the boy decides to put a cell phone in the old man’s pocket to stay connected to his friend and that’s where a mysterious connection is made.

2. Anomalies 

A young woman desperate to find her missing boyfriend, asks for help from a UFO expert who in her investigation finds a strange government conspiracy. The two will do everything possible to get to the truth of the matter. 

This fantastic Netflix series stars the Korean Jeon Yeo-been, under the direction of Gin Han-sai and Roh Deok, where they will seek to highlight the values ​​of trust and genuine friendship.

3. The Midnight Club  

From the creators of The Haunting of Hill House , comes this production listed as one of the best series on Netflix to watch in October, which takes the viewer into a hospital for adolescents with mental illnesses. Under the direction of Leah Fong and Mike Flenagan, the young people create a pact to connect with the afterlife. The series stars young Iman Benson, Igby Rigney and Ruth Codd, who are no more than 25 years old.

4. Belascoaran  

This Mexican series on Netflix tells the life of detective Hector Belascoaran Shayne, who empirically undertakes a series of investigations to end crime in the Federal District of Mexico in the 1970s. This series combines the best of the worlds of the novel , police stories and action. 

Under the special performance of Luis Gerardo Mendez, Belascoaran is inspired by the characters of the police novels of Paco Ignacio Taibo II, current general director of the Fondo de Cultura Economica.

5. Holy Family  

Alba Flores, Najwa Nimri and other actors from La Casa de Papel come to this Spanish Netflix series that follows the lives of four family mothers who are capable of doing whatever it takes to maintain the status quo of their families. Under the direction of Manolo Caro ( The House of Flowers ), this story promises to have romance, action, adventure and a lot of drama.

6. Everyone wants to save themselves 

What would happen if you had a normal life and the next day you woke up admitted to a psychiatric hospital against your will? This is the story of Daniele, a young man who learns to live in this confinement thanks to the help of his patient friends. Starring Federico Cesari, viewers will find a moving series of goodness and sanity. 

7. Notre-Dame  

The playwright and director Herve Hadmar brought to the Netflix screen this dramatic series inspired by the stories of the French firefighters who came to extinguish the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15, 2019. Starring Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust and Megan Northam, you will hear firsthand the true stories and causes of this priceless loss.

8. 28 Paranormal Days  

Will he be able to withstand the atmosphere of the darkest places in the United States? Join Ed and Lorraine Warren, two experts in paranormal activity, to discover the true causes of these haunted and cursed places in the country. Although it has a documentary and historiographical cut, you will be able to listen to real psychophonies, as well as paranormal graphic content. 

9. From scratch 

An artist falls in love with a chef in Italy and embarks on a journey in what appears to be a romantic story. However, along the way she will learn to live with loss, loneliness, resilience and even the hope that prevails above all when there is an inexhaustible feeling like love. A romantic series with idyllic shots of the Italian coasts. 

10. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities  

The director of The Shape of Water took from his notebook those ideas that he has worked on since his film debut. Now with a successful career, Netflix decided to give him the green light to bring all his stories – even the most absurd – to his streaming platform . 

Del Toro will reveal his most fantastic and terrifying side to enjoy Halloween with the family. 

11. The bastard son and the devil himself 

Nathan is a 16-year-old teenager who doesn’t know what to do with his life. His mother is known as the most feared witch in the world and his father is a demon who has caused destruction throughout the universe.

With these examples to follow, Nathan must choose what will be the best path for his life in the midst of these “laudable” examples of life. Will he become a witch, a demon or a defender of justice?

12. Big Mouth: Season 6  

When a group of teenagers face puberty, all sorts of things can happen. Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg are two friends who dare to face this challenge in the most creative way possible. 

Although it looks like an animation for children and adolescents, it has a humor specially designed for that person who arrives exhausted from work and wants to disconnect from reality. Not for nothing Big Mouth reaches its sixth season.