60 years of James Bond: The best ‘gadgets’ of the franchise

In 60 years, James Bond managed to become an icon of pop culture worldwide. In addition to having an impeccable wardrobe in all his films, the world’s most beloved spy had gadgets that got him out of any predicament. From an underwater car to a laser watch, as we have seen in more than 20 of his films, which have earned 200 million dollars throughout their existence.

Precisely because of its influence on cinema and literature, its anniversary is celebrated every October 5, to remember the story created by the British Ian Fleming and made into a film for the first time by director Terence Young and the iconic actor San Connery in Dr. No. (1962).

And it is that it is the only active franchise since 1962, which has its own section in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as a special room in the Museum of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The most important gadgets of James Bond

In addition to having a martini in his hand and a late-model sports car, James Bond became a benchmark for his iconic stylized tools for any dirty job in the world. 

See with Diners, the most iconic gadgets , such as exploding toothpaste, tank cars and even an exploding pencil to go unnoticed in an authentic secret mission.

1. Explosive Toothpaste

Dentonite appeared in the 1989 film Licensed to Kill . It was an explosive paste camouflaged in a toothpaste package that was capable of destroying walls and obviously killing some of James Bond’s enemies. But not only did the paste look peculiar, it was powered by a detonator shaped like a cigarette box.

2. Sonic Ring

This ring used by Agent 007 in Die Another Day was capable of generating extremely high-frequency sound waves that can break bulletproof glass. Very useful for missions that required stealth.

3. Jetpack

If there is something that the whole world dreams of, it is to be able to fly through the air. This is exactly how Sean Connery did it in Thunderball , from 1965, when he used an innovative jetpack that, although it was not a discreet gadget , was very useful when it came to escaping from his enemies.

4. Exploding pencil

If there is an indispensable and useful accessory, it is a good pencil, but this one had the particularity of being a very dangerous weapon. It worked with three clicks to activate the explosive that was inside it. He appeared in the 1995 movie Goldeneye .

5. Auto invisible

Inspired, perhaps, by Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, this vehicle can be of great help to a secret agent, if their mission requires extreme discretion. It is about an Aston Martin that was able to blend in with the environment and become invisible to the enemies of agent 007 from the movie Die Another Day .

6. Smart blood

In No Time to Die they show us that the secret agent has nanoparticles in his blood that allow his friend Q Branch to know his satellite whereabouts.

7. Image Generator

James Bond, from Quantum of Solace, manages to generate images of suspects through a Sony Ericsson C902 cell phone. At the time, this device had artificial intelligence capable of restoring even the most pixelated image in history.

8. Deadly Fan

In the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan as the English spy and his partner Wai Lin -played by Michelle Yeoh- have a lethal fan base. This gadget launches steel spikes with invisible threads that entangle and send an electric shock to the enemy.