Game of Thrones: Rob and Catelyn Stark tell what it was like to live the Red Wedding

Game of Thrones is full of tragedies, but none is bigger, more traumatic and painful than the one Rob and Catelyn Star experienced at the infamous Red Wedding. The “episode” is one of the most violent and cruel of George RR Martin’s novels and seeing it live and in full color in the series was even more terrifying for fans, even if they already knew what was going to happen from having read the episode. book.

Throughout the series, the fans, or rather the characters, have had to put up with deaths, betrayals, rapes (poor Sansa Stark, but now she’s going for her revenge), resurrections, insults, humiliation, but none of that can compare to that tragic chapter in season three where Rob Stark, the kingdom’s greatest hope, his wife and unborn child, and Catelyn, the show’s best character, were murdered in cold blood and are much violence afterwards. about being invited to a wedding banquet at the Freys’ castle (who later got a taste of their own medicine thanks to Arya). The invitation was to celebrate the marriage between Edmure Tully (who is now missing) and one of Walder Frey’s daughters who, moreover,

Just as they were about to serve the food (they weren’t even allowed to try the menu and that’s even ruder), Frey’s men drew their knives, killed Rob’s wife and baby right in front of their eyes, then did the same with him and eventually had his mother’s throat slit, who was forced to watch it all helplessly to stop it (and the Lannisters had a lot to do with it, them. They practically convinced Walder Frey to eliminate the competition for they).

In the book, Catelyn survives and becomes some kind of pirate, but that doesn’t happen here and the infamous Red Wedding became the clearest proof that the show’s creators weren’t going to touch their hearts just to please others. 4 seasons later, Game of Thrones fans continue to mourn and suffer the death of a character who could have been a great king, and the actors who lived through it finally explained what it was like to be part of one of the most shocking moments of the television history.

The director, author, and cast sat down with entertainment weekly to discuss what remains the show’s most controversial episode.

George RR Martin, the author who refuses to finish the books.

“I like my fiction to be unpredictable… I knew almost from the start . I killed Ned because he knew everyone would think ‘He’s the hero, sure he’s going to get into trouble, but he’ll get out of it somehow.’ The next predictable thing was to think that his eldest son would rise up to avenge the death of his father. They were all going to expect that. So it immediately became the next thing I had to do. It was the most difficult scene to write It was like murdering two of my children”.

David Nutter, the director

“The most important thing was the wow factor and making sure the audience was completely immersed in the story. Just when things were coming to order, Catelyn Stark Robb and his wife have a conversation about the baby on the way. They’re so happy about it and there’s a real connection to their proud mother, Catelyn and Robb have their reconciliation. I wanted the audience to get a sense that everything would be okay and that there would be a happy ending. I didn’t want to anticipate that things would go wrong. And then one of the Freys closes the big door and you start to feel that something is not right. The idea was for it to be subtle, so that the moment was built little by little”.