The 12 Best Floorstanding Acoustic Speakers

The speakers are for reproducing the sound of a Hi Fi stereo system or a Home Theater system. Among the home speaker options, floorstanding speakers are the top-of-the-range solution if you love listening to music and enjoying watching a movie to the fullest. A pair of high-end floor-standing speakers can cost up to a few thousand euros when it comes to the highest quality speakers that deliver pure sound.

In this selection, we point out which are the best quality / price speakers, to make it easier to choose and have the security of an optimal performance that meets your expectations.Whether it’s your first Hi Fi floor speakers or a new set to replace the previous ones, the main parameter to consider is range of the amplifier to which they will be connected and the size of the room where you are going to place them. In fact, the right coupling serves to avoid that the sound is affected by negative feedback, caused by resonances or disturbances not present in the initial source, be it a music disc or a film cones with a more or less elongated shape, with a variable height that can reach up to one and a half meters.

Their ability to spread sound is diversified: some speakers are designed to better transmit high frequencies, others to handle mid or low frequencies. They can be used alone or in pairs.The Hi Fi speakers, in addition to broadcasting music,they are also functional furnishing accessories that contribute to the aesthetics of the room in which the positions are placed. It is therefore essential to choose according to your environment, especially taking into account the volume of their structure, since they take up more space than other types of speakers.Let’s now see which are the best 2020 floor speakers with good value for money, from high-end models to cheaper ones.

Q Acoustics 3050i QA3552 Pair of floorstanding speakers

1. Q Acoustics 3050i

The best floorstanding speakers for impressive and detailed sound

  • Exclusive technologies
  • Great power and extension
  • Improved bass

The Q Acoustic 3050i are among the best professional loudspeakers and boast a series of innovations that improve, both from an aesthetic and performance point of view, the 3000 series of the brand, guaranteeing a truly exceptional sound.This result is made possible by the combination of technologies HPE and P2P: the first converts pressure into speed, reducing the resonance inside the cabinet; the second, on the other hand, acts as a reinforcement for the structure. The result is a very accurate and well focused sound. They are recommended for audiophiles looking for the best passive speakersfor a pure sound with no timbral coloration. The Q Acoustic 3050i speakers are designed to immerse the listener in an atmosphere similar to that of a live event. This is achieved thanks to the structure of the cabinet, designed to make all the nuances of the sound audible without interference. For 22mm tweeters a decoupling system is used which excludes the vibrations produced by the woofer. The bass units are 2 by 165mm with a nominal impedance of 6 Ω. Sensitivity reaches 91 dB, while the recommended amplifier power to be coupled is 25 – 180w.

Klipsch RP-8000F


The best speakers for listening to music

  • Neutral and accurate response
  • Well controlled dispersion
  • Sensitivity above average
  • High height
  • Cannot be positioned on the wall, they need to “breathe”

Listening to music with quality loudspeakers is a truly unique experience. With the KLIPSCH RP-8000F , despite the presence of 8 ″ woofers, it is not the depth of the bass that is surprising, but rather the amplitude of the highs and their extreme precision. This allows you to distinguish, for example, the sound of strings from that of wind instruments. It is undeniable that the greater the complexity of the sound, the more the Klipsch RP-8000F speaker stands out. If you choose to apply these floor speakers to a home theater, you will realize its potential: the labored breathing during a movie or the rustle of a fabric will reach your ear in a realistic and lively way.If you decide to push the volume to the maximum, you immediately notice that these speakers do not seem to tire, and you can clearly perceive the deep bass . To put the Klipsch RP-8000F among the best floorstanding Hi-Fi speakers is first of all the Hybrid Tractrix Horn technology, patented by the same US brand, which guarantees the convergence of the high frequency energy of the speakers towards the listener. There is no sound bounce, so the music is detailed and very clearThe Horn Anatomy, a compressed silicon membrane that acts as a mechanical filter, protects the tweeters from damage. The two-way speakers have a nominal power of 150 W and an impedance of 8 ohms while the sensitivity is 98 dB. There are 2 cerametallic woofers, protected by copper wires, with a diameter of 203.20 mm, while the tweeter, in Horn Tractrix, is horn-shaped with a diameter of 25.40 mm.

KEF Q550

3. KEF Q550

Vintage floorstanding speakers with remarkable performance for stereo system

  • Excellent value for money
  • Detailed sound
  • Omnidirectional
  • Height suitable for large spaces

The KEF Q550 floorstanding loudspeakers, made by the prestigious English brand , are a pair of high-performance speakers with exceptional performance, with well-controlled bass and extremely clear tweeters.One Uni-Q Driver, exclusive to KEF and two Reflex ABR, coupled to a 130 mm aluminum woofer, characterize this speaker designed for those looking for performance, technology and acoustic quality. They are the best speakers for modern environments with a minimal taste: the finishes available in black and white are very far from vintage floor-standing speakers. The KEF Q550 are 2.5-way speakers, they have a mechanical reflex and two passive radiators. The Array Uni-Q driver has been patented by KEF, obtaining several awards around the world, including the EISA 2018-2019 award. The 25 mm tweeters correspond to a 130 mm woofer and a 130 mm mid range, in addition to the already mentioned 130 mm ABR passive aluminum radiators. To dampen the angular dispersion and improve the linearity of the sound, there are the Z-Flex suspensions, which allow you to hear the sound at its best from any point in the room. The front Tangerine waveguide is also inserted on the KEF Q550 loudspeakers, thanks to which angular dispersion is avoided.

ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2

4. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2

The best hi-fi floorstanding loudspeakers with slim design

  • Slim Uni-fi design
  • Even and balanced sound
  • Optimal operation only when connected to other components of the brand

Among the best loudspeakers for home we find these ELAC floor loudspeakers , which represent the new generation of the DEBUT series. Ample space is given above all to the highs, even if the basses, compared to the previous version, are still improved. They can be placed in a living room, a music room or a room reserved for TV. Thanks to their slim design they find their place in homes with an elegant and contemporary style, but also in modern and youthful environments.The qualities that characterize the 2.0 DEBUT line by ELAC primarily concern the woofers, designed to improve damping and rigidity. These elements are also enhanced by the cabinet, reinforced inside and larger than the previous ones.The speakers also have a new tweeter, mounted inside a flange that guarantees a greater dispersion overall. The pair of 3-way floorstanding speakers, with bass reflex, has a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms, while the frequency response is 39 Hz – 35,000 Hz. The maximum power is 140 Watts enclosed in a black MDF cabinet . brushed, which reproduces the appearance of vinyl. The single tweeter is very powerful and is accompanied by a triple woofer 6-1 / 2 ″ in silk aramid fibers. Each speaker is raised from the ground thanks to the presence of minimal feet. The dimensions, 7.69 “x 43.18” x 10.55 “, are absolutely slim. ELAC speakers are among the best speakers for classical music, if coupled to a quality Hi Fi amplifier they will be able to accompany you for years in listening to your favorite albums.

Dali Oberon 5


The best vintage floorstanding speakers

  • First entry level to use Oberon’s SMC technology
  • Great expressiveness and maximum details
  • Striking design
  • Not too punchy in the low range

The Dali Oberon 5 are the best vintage loudspeakers and represent a brilliant answer for those who want to install speakers at home to listen to music that have a clean and expressive sound.The Oberon 5 are the result of very careful engineering work and significant improvements in design compared to other speakers of the Dali brand. The value for money is more than advantageous.The cabinet, made of MDF, has horizontal reinforcing elements that guarantee the elimination of possible vibrations or resonances on long walls. The small dimensions, equal to 83 cm by 16 cm, allow the Dali Oberon 5 to adapt perfectly to the room in which they are positioned, combining with the furniture without standing out too much. The colors available, black or white ash, or dark walnut and light oak, are reminiscent of vintage floor-standing speakers. Two 13 cm mid basses are included in the cabinet which accompany a 29 mm dome tweeter. The woofers are equipped with the SMC disc, patented by Oberon, or a cellulose membrane combined with wood fiber.A similar combination manages to increase stiffness at the expense of resonance. The sensitivity of the three drivers is 88 dB, while the impedance of 6 ohms. The Oberon 5 have great rhythmic precision and lend themselves to the most dynamic musicality,

Klipsch R-620F

6. Klipsch R-620F

Floor standing speakers for 5.1 home cinema and Hi Fi stereo music

  • Speakers for audiophiles
  • Aesthetics
  • High efficiency
  • Sometimes unclear averages

The Klipsch R-620F are among the best hi-fi floorstanding loudspeakers for quality and sound performance. They enrich our home cinema system with impressive and precise front sound , and are excellent for listening to music in stereo. For those who put together a home theater system we obviously recommend them in combination with other elements of the same brand, so as to have a correspondence both on the sound paste and on the look. 

These two-way loudspeakers have a lightweight aluminum Tractrix-type tweeter, for precise and detailed high frequencies , and two 6-inch woofers that create natural, full-bodied sounds. The bass reflex port is located on the back, to be installed at a distance from the wall to avoid returns. 

The quality of the MDF wood of the speaker contributes to the quality of the sound and there are no alterations in the sound caused by the body of the speaker.

The frequency response is 38-21,000 Hz, and therefore also cover the low frequencies well , without the need to add a subwoofer, unless you decide to further increase the bass for watching movies like in the cinema, but for Hi Fi music. these two passive boxes are enough and advance. 

They can manage a power of 100 Watts RMS (400 Watts peak) at an impedance of 8 ohms and have a sensitivity of 96dB. These high efficiency passive speakers will fill a medium sized living room well and will be the only front speakers you will buy for a long, long time.

JBL Arena 180

7. JBL Arena 180

The best JBL floorstanding speakers for dynamics and bass

  • Powerful bass
  • Rhythmically accurate sound
  • Good rendering of special effects
  • Listening not perfect for all genres of music

After winning the EISA award for the best quality / price ratio for the year 2015-2016 , JBL replaces the Arena 100 series with the Arena 180 series . extremely conventional, clearly differentiating itself from all those models capable of making the brand immediately recognizable. Available in black and white, these JBL floorstanding loudspeakers have side panels with rounded edges and boast good attention to detail. If you are looking for rock music speakers, surely the JBL Arena 180 will not disappoint you.Frontally, the drivers can be covered with a fabric grille, provided by JBL. There are 3 drivers: the 1-inch top tweeter, and two 7-inch mid-range woofers. The woofers are made of polycellulose, with a frequency set at 2.1 kilohertz. The expected frequency range for the Arena 180 is 39 Hz to 40 kHz, with an impedance of 8 Ohms and a sensitivity of 88 dB. Anyone who listens to music with the JBL Arena 180, immediately notices that these are wide-ranging speakers and very funny. These speakers are perfect for listening to metal, rock but also blues, which are all energetic and strong musical genres. In particular, the very deep and well-marked bass stands out. The same cannot be said for musical styles such as jazz or classical music: in this case the Arena 180 lacks a bit of finesse and precision in restoring details.

MAGNAT Monitor Supreme 802

8. Magnat Monitor Supreme 1002

The best Hi Fi speakers for value for money

  • Powerful bass
  • Significantly improved treble
  • Attractive design
  • Rumbling risk
  • Mids that tend to flatten out

Magnat Monitor Supreme 1002 speakers have a distinctive and instantly recognizable style. Made by the well- known German brand , these speakers can be placed in a large living room or in very large rooms. Extremely elegant, thanks to the presence of wood and rounded edges, they are designed for classic and refined environments. The power of 190 effective watts and the impedance of 8 ohms can transform the room into a space where music is reproduced evenly and without distortion. What is striking is above all the price, very affordable, as is typical of the products made by the German brand. They are the best HiFi speakers for those who do not necessarily want to spend big bucks.The Magnat Supreme 1002 Monitor speakers are 3-way bass reflex speakers with 2 woofersmid-range of 170 mm each. The tweeter, on the other hand, is 25 mm. With a sensitivity of 92 dB and a frequency between 19 Hz and 40 kHz, these speakers are an optimal solution for those looking for a good listening without too many pretensions.The Supreme 1002 speakers measure 215x990x330, therefore they must be placed in large rooms size. Placing them in a small room could cause annoying rumbles.

Yamaha NS-F51 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

9. Yamaha NS-F51

The best stereo speakers with overwhelming bass for film and cinema

  • Perfect for Home Theater
  • Excellent power of 240W
  • Essential design

Yamaha’s NS-F51 speakers deliver powerful bassand a very expressive sound. These are 2-way speakers and 3 drivers, with a considerable height that touches 97 cm. They are designed for the best audio performance of films, but can still be used for listening to music, even without optimized results for this purpose.These floorstanding speakers can be housed in both contemporary-style homes and more classic homes. In fact, Yahama has thought of two types of finish: in black, which still lets you see the grain of the wood and is perfect for young and modern environments; and walnut, suitable for a more classic and elegant taste, which goes perfectly with sophisticated furniture choices.The NS-F51 cabinet is rounded to dampen diffractions, which can potentially reproduce an uncertain sound. In this way we tend to eliminate listening matches any kind of home theater . The cabinet, quite bulky, measures 233 x 973.5 x 254 mm. It contains a 16 cm dual conical woofer and a 3 cm tweeter with soft dome. Good performance, thanks to the impedance of 6 ohms and the sensitivity of 89 dB. The frequency response is between 43Hz and 26kHz, while the rated power is 80W, with a maximum input power of 240W.

auna Linie 501 FS

10. Auna Linie 501 FS

The best cheap floor speakers

  • Good value for money
  • Elegant and contemporary aesthetics
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Highs and mids with decent definition

The Auna Linie 501 FS loudspeakers are economical passive loudspeakers, which require an external amplifier, recommended for medium-sized rooms and for those interested in a purchase that does not involve a high expense.. They guarantee decent performance and good build quality, at a minimum price.The Auna Linie 501 FS are produced by Chal-Tec GmbH, a German brand that ensures a respectable design. They are characterized by the presence of 93 cm towers with a traditional 3-way passive bass reflex structure.On the cabinet there is a large 20 cm side woofer, while on the front there are two 10 cm silver membrane mid-ranges and a 2.5 cm aluminum-coated dome tweeter. The base is separate and supports the walnut case. As mentioned, in the face of the price, the performances remain interesting : the maximum power is 140 Watts with an impedance of 8 ohms. The grille is removable to leave the drivers visible.