Five apps that pay you to exercise

It is true that there are many applications to help perform physical exercise, but the vast majority depend exclusively on the motivation of the person. What happens with those who have little degree of motivation? For them there are applications willing to pay if they comply with the agreement when exercising.

As we will see in a review that we are going to carry out on five of these applications, the vast majority of them are based on something as simple as challenging the person to meet certain improvement objectives related to exercise and health . In some cases, this challenge even involves gambling, that is, some of these applications can pay money for exercising but they can also charge money for losing the challenge.

Of course, for those people who need to exercise but have difficulty motivating, they can be very useful tools.


It is a good example of application as we explained in the previous paragraph. Indeed , it is a tool that can raise rewards that are not excessively high, ranging from $0.30 to $5 , but also, if we do not comply, it can cost us that money.

It’s really about setting up healthy life goals each week with progress tracking and cash bets , for example, eating right and exercising regularly reaps its harvest of cash paid for by those who haven’t met their bill.

There are assorted pacts, ranging from gym pacts to food modification and good eating habits. It is a free tool except for the money that the user commits to meet their goals if they are not obtained.


This is a more radical application in the . It is based on the evolution of weight loss, the user enters his weight after registering and it is checked, to later place bets for a certain period of time on the reduction of a certain amount of weight.

The user can graduate the time and the amount of the bets, for some prizes in case of achieving the objectives that are delivered in the form of credits on Amazon or balance in Pay Pal , this tool also allows you to participate not only individually but also by equipment.

It is a free application except for the monthly cost of the bet



An application that is achieving a very important success also in the field of gambling related to weight loss. In this case , the application allows you to participate in collective projects that start from a certain betting model and that the more participants add up, the greater the jackpot is generated , being probably currently one of the tools that seems to have distributed prizes with the most money, and maintaining some bets in force for truly high amounts.

The operation does not differ much from other options other than the fact that the user can add to bets already opened by other users or create their own.

One of the success factors of this application lies in the fact that, regardless of the prizes, according to the site itself, more than 90% of the participants lose weight, which is the ultimate goal of the tool.


This proposal is different from the previous ones. Rather , we find ourselves with an application to support and monitor the healthy activities of the individual through which they can earn points that are obtained through exercising and maintaining a good diet .

These points can be collected at the end through credits for Amazon and other options, although, in this case, the remuneration is more testimonial than in others, the constant monitoring model and the remuneration for good habits is very attractive.



In this case, it is a different initiative but no less attractive for that, and perhaps even more for many.

Through this application, running or cycling provides an economic amount per mile traveled, which corresponds to $0.10 for cyclists and $0.25 for runners.

This is considered money raised to donate it to organizations for social assistance in the most diverse fields. To date, the application has a fund created by the first sponsorship of the group of 1 million dollars that is waiting to be completed in the direction of said associations and charities.