8 essential applications for your Facebook page

Once the Facebook company page was created, we found ourselves with the need to customize it to offer our followers more services and better content. In this sense, the Social Network with the most users in the world has an endless number of applications to make it possible, so the problem lies in choosing the most suitable ones for our objectives.

To make this task easier for you, we offer below a selection of the 8 applications that we consider most interesting for companies and professionals. It is a recommendation based on apps that we have used and tested on one of the company pages that we have created and, therefore, that we know work correctly.

1.- Static FBML

Although you will need to have basic knowledge of HTML programming, it is one of the most interesting Facebook applications, since it allows us to add functionalities and content to our page by creating a fully customizable tab in the navigation bar. The most common use is that of “landing page” for visitors who are not followers of our page, although most companies use it to create an advanced web environment.

2.- My Stuff

It is an application similar to the previous one that allows you to add HTML code, but in this case its usefulness lies in inserting (embedded) multimedia content in flash format such as Issuu presentations, audio players such as Ivoox or Vimeo videos, which makes it a very versatile and attractive tool. The biggest drawback is that it does not allow you to change the name, appearing in the navigation bar as My Stuff, which reduces the attraction for the user.

3.- RSS graffiti

It is without a doubt the best application to syndicate external content on Facebook, since it imports both the text –headline and extract of the post- as well as the main image that illustrates it, generating attraction and interest. If a company or professional has their own blog, they cannot stop using this tool to automatically publish updates on the Facebook page. Otherwise, you can also syndicate content from other sources that you consider interesting for your followers.

4.- YouTube video box

It has not been easy to find a Facebook application for YouTube that was agile, functional and stable; and not for lack of apps, on the contrary, but because many of them do not give the desired result. Therefore, if you want to publish your own or other’s YouTube videos on your company page on Facebook, this is the application that we recommend.

5.- My Flickr

As its name suggests, it allows you to post photos from a Flickr account to a Facebook page. The initial configuration is somewhat complicated, but once the basic parameters are defined it is very useful and attractive, especially for those companies or professionals who use Flickr as a repository for their photographs.

6.- SlideShare

If you are a company or professional that uses SlideShare to publish your PowerPoint presentations online, this application will allow you to share them automatically with your Facebook page followers.

7.- Music Player

Application to publish audio in mp3 format that allows adding a box to the page wall as well as a tab in the navigation bar. Very useful for music groups, professionals or companies that do podcasting, or even to offer musical content to your followers. It has the same drawback as My Stuff: it doesn’t allow you to customize the name that defines the application.

8.- Social Tweet

As with YouTube, we’ve had to try various apps to find the one that allows us to post Twitter updates to the Facebook Company Page. The specificity of Social Tweet is based on the fact that it creates a page with the timeline of the Twitter account that we indicate, allowing users to have real-time access to all the company’s tweets without this implying a constant update of the company’s wall. page and, therefore, from the home panel of our followers.

In addition to these eight essential applications that we have listed, it is also worth noting those that are automatically installed when creating a company page: photos, video, notes, links, events and forum , which are very useful and simple.

Finally, we want to present three more specific applications that we find very interesting for companies and professionals.


With this application you can create surveys to find out the preferences of the followers of your page on Facebook. In addition to posting it on the page’s wall and creating a specific tab in the navigation bar, it limits the possibility of voting to one time per user. Among the many apps that exist to carry out surveys, this is the one that has given us the best results.

Payvment E-commerce

Application that allows you to create an online sales platform with a payment gateway through the PayPal system in a very simple, fast and attractive way.

My Band

Complete application to create a space for your music group, theater company, etc. You can include audios, videos, photos, agenda, fan comments, etc.

We have installed these last two applications on test pages but we have not yet used them openly, so we cannot guarantee their stability.