Erotic games, the top 10 to do in the bedroom

Erotic games and where to find them: there is no need to improvise fantasists between the sheets or to have to set up a “red room” like Christian Gray (in Fifty Shades of Gray ), but to indulge in the desire to play with two.

It is enough to have complicity in the couple, to be able to talk about their sexual fantasies, often without even having to buy anything special – even if it could be a good opportunity to experiment with sex toys – but maybe dusting off some old boxed game or a trivial deck of cards. The only common denominator, to make any game really sexy, is to think only of the pleasure of both, revisiting the cheerful spirit of the boys in an adult way. Dim the lights and… have fun!

The 10 best erotic games to try (at least) once in a lifetime

Erotic board game

Just take a look on the net to discover that there are many “adult” board games, from Mongamy to Lust to You & Me and many others. Waiting for the courier to deliver it to you, but you can get away with it more easily, dusting off the dear old Twister : use it with soft lights, playing semi-stripped in underwear or directly naked … the rest, that is, to get tangled in a sometimes funny way, but given the context, more often sexy, the board itself will take care of it.

Spin the Bottle / Truth or Dare

Speaking of games, it is impossible that in adolescence one or both of these “parlor games” was not played to favor lemons among teenagers. Here, also (or above all) because that period has long since passed, it does not mean that we cannot play it as adults, in pairs … A sort of return to virginity but with experience. Obviously, the obligations must be of a sexual nature …

So sexy

Besides (or before) trying all the positions of the Kamasutra, an erotic game that is effective and equally cheap (and easily available) is that of sexy dice: they are two dice, in fact, a little special. On the faces of one there are 6 parts of the body, on those of the other 6 actions (kissing, licking, biting etc …). In turn, you roll both dice and then… follow the directions of the dice, which together will combine preliminary and very hot practices. 

Soft Bondage 

There is no need to venture into the complex world of Bondage to experience bound sex: all you need is handcuffs (the classic hairy and padded ones) or something, such as bands or ties to tie your hands or feet (or both). Of course this is something that is good for both of you and who knows, if you like it, it might intrigue you and want to interest you in actual Bondage … or stop at this much softer mode.

Hot massages

A nice intense massage, relaxing first and more and more teasing then, which approaches the erogenous zones without ever touching them: it is almost torture, yes, but you want how exciting it is. On the market, then, there are a lot of specific candles to turn into massage oil … very hot!


In English it sounds better, because it is the tickle, to be practiced with the hands or, even better, with a feather. Of course, the goal is not to make the partner laugh out loud, but to tease him / her in a sexy way in the right places, to raise the excitement and desire.

Sex Toys

Probably there is no need to say it, also because we have suggested them in every way, but introducing the use of sex toys in the couple has a double advantage: experimenting with something new to satisfy you better strengthens the complicity of lovers and … The pleasure will increase.

Sex in the shower

In the absence of beaches, it is an alternative to sex in the water but much more reserved and has the further advantage that you can play in different temperatures, as well as use sex toys (the specific ones are waterproof), giving a look to these tips.

Strip Poker

Poker is another classic: a traditional card game that, if done in two, with the change that for every lost hand you take off an item of clothing, can become a slow (but not too much) shared striptease. Here, it is advisable, in fact, when it is time to take off the last clothes, to do it in a provocative way, both her and him. 

Role playing game

This is the best way to put your erotic couple fantasies into practice: once you have decided which one, you can also have fun in the preparation: establish a script in outline (the so-called “cannovaccio”, ed) and immerse yourself in the respective characters for that that is about the look. It will be like shooting a custom erotic film, of which you are both writers, directors and protagonists.