“Strange world”, or Disney’s diversity recipe against the climate apocalypse

Don Hall and Qui Nguyen direct Disney’s animated bet for this Christmas in terms of diversity, with an explicitly homosexual protagonist and without “eliminable” scenes

Like every year around this time, Disney presents its letters to take over the Christmas box office . While waiting for “Avatar: the sense of water”, which promises to break records as of December 16, the House of Mouse premieres “Strange World”, its commitment to animation and its penultimate film of the year, before the Return to Pandora has deprived us of even one more foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, in the film directed by Don Hall and Qui Nguyen , and which is advancing firmly these days in the Spanish collection by making the bridge aqueduct, we meet the Clade, the most important clan of explorers in Avalonia. What is Avalonia?A kind of world parallel to ours in which electricity has not been discovered and everything is archaic. All? No, because in Disney’s new utopia diversity reigns and there is no room for discrimination, for example, in matters of sexual identity.

“I would like to make it clear that there was no fight . We didn’t have to explicitly fight about anything. There was simply a desire to show the world in as diverse a way as possible and really reflect what our world is like. With the richness of approaches that this implies. Yes, it’s a fantastic world, with its own rules, but it had to be relatable to our world. with our reality. And be consistent with what we see in our day to day, in our jobs. This is, for example, Disney Animation”, explains Hall to LA RAZÓN, who comes from working on the scripts for “Moana” or “Raya and the Last Dragon” and who here creates his own world, inspired by “Journey to the Center of the earth”, but unique in its design: “Ethan, our protagonist, was gay from the first minute of the project . And we always had the support of the company. We feel very supported”, completes to settle any possible controversy, with an adolescent and explicitly homosexual character, far from the “deletable” scenes that later allow the company to release its productions in systematically homophobic countries such as Saudi Arabia or China.In its original version,In its original version, “Strange World” features the voices of Jake Gyllenhall or Dennis Quaid.

“Strange world” , which in its original version has the voices of Jake Gyllenhall or Dennis Quaid is, basically, a story about the generational clash, about the converted and inherited trauma between parents and children and, also, about empathy that demands to end the toxic cycles. “We had just finished “Vaiana” when the project came up, back in 2017. After a fairly long vacation period, all I could think about was my children and the world that I was going to leave them , the world in which they would have to live. And also in the world that I had inherited from my father, who was a farmer. What is being a good ancestor? That’s where it all started, ”explains Hall, who recognizes influences“ Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark ”and that in his film he plays everything to climatic anxiety.

For this reason, its protagonist Ethan is aware of the limits of resources. And because of that, his father in the film, Searcher, has to deal with the trauma of a missing and selfish grandfather and the possibility that, like him at the time, his son wants to find his own way. The dramatic excuse in “Strange World” , truly well told in the grateful footage of the film (barely more than 100 minutes in times of mammoth durations), is the grounding in a plot that deals explicitly with climate change, with the finite and ephemeral of our ways of lifeand, in general, because of the discomfort that the future can generate in the new generations. The triumph, perhaps, is that the film is a perfect match to talk about environmentalism with the little ones in the house.”I don’t think so much that the conversation about climate change has to be people against oil, or people against big companies. The challenge is to evaluate the change that we want to see and that we want to be part of as individuals to live in a better world. Of course, when the film begins we want to imply that the unknown is scary, that they are monsters., but those are only the consequences of our actions on that strange world. Which is, in turn, our world. What is the role of the Clades there? That is the question of the movie. Of course, the metaphor with oil is there, but it is about changing one consciousness at a time to be able to change them all”, explains Nguyen, meridian and direct, about a film that should not go unnoticed due to its relevant and strictly contemporary message.