The 10 coolest jobs in the world

The majority of us hold jobs that can be described as classic. Our jobs are nothing out of the ordinary, and millions of people around the world work in similar positions. Although these jobs are more than useful, they are not ‘impressive’ to the average person. We can think, for example, of accountants, notaries, doctors, editors, police officers, office clerks, etc.

However, some people are lucky enough to hold jobs that are totally out of the ordinary; jobs that are out of the ordinary and that very few people do. We will see in this article the 10 coolest jobs in the world!

Planetary protection agent

Hold on tight. NASA currently pays someone $187,000 a year to act as a planetary protection officer. According to the official job offer that was published at the time of the job opening, the mission of the planetary protection officer is to prevent NASA activities from contaminating other planets and vice versa, that extraterrestrial microbes and microorganisms do not contaminate the earth during astronaut missions.

“The Planetary Protection Officer (PPO) is responsible for the leadership of NASA’s planetary protection capability, maintenance of planetary protection policies, and oversight of their implementation by NASA’s space flight missions.

The Planetary Protection Officer is responsible for directing NASA’s planetary protection capability, maintaining planetary protection policies, and overseeing their implementation by NASA missions. .

Can you imagine meeting someone for the first time and having to explain to them what you do for a living? Either she finds you very interesting… or she thinks you are ripe for asylum!


Is there anything more extraordinary than traveling in space? Not much! This is the reason why the profession of astronaut ranks easily within this list. In 2016, there were only 560 astronauts on a planetary scale (no pun intended), which makes it a very select and closed profession. This is not surprising because the skills required are extraordinary. According to NASA, to become an astronaut, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or mathematics, but a graduate degree is strongly recommended. They must have accumulated 1,000 hours of jet piloting and have impeccable vision. Astronauts must also have exceptional physical abilities and be in perfect health. Each year, only 10 people become astronauts under the aegis of NASA.

Hotel tester/Travel tester

If you love to travel, hotel tester is definitely the dream job for you. The principle is very simple: you move from hotel to hotel, regionally or around the world, in order to evaluate the different establishments in which you are staying.

There are 2 main types of employers who hire people as hotel testers: hotel chains (Melia, Hilton, Marriot, etc.) and travel agencies.

Hotel chains  : When you are a hotel tester for a large chain, you will have to travel from city to city, everywhere in the world where the company has establishments. You will have to evaluate the staff, hotel comfort, food, amenities and many other factors as a mystery shopper. You will of course be housed and fed free of charge, with all your expenses paid, in addition to your salary. In return, you will have to fill out very comprehensive reports on a daily basis and will have to spend a lot of time on the move.

Travel Agencies  : Travel agencies, especially those specializing in group tours, are the largest employers of travel testers. These hire travel enthusiasts to test different establishments in a country/region, as well as several tourist attractions. The purpose of these tests is to properly prepare the circuits that they will offer to their customers. For example, if a travel agency in Montreal wants to offer a new 21-day travel tour through the Golden Triangle (Laos, Burma and Thailand), it will hire a travel tester to explore the regions to note the hotels and various activities that may correspond to the expectations of Quebec tourists.

The salary is lower than when you are employed by hotel chains and the jobs are more precarious/temporary, but the level of adventure and experience is 10/10!

Ufological archaeologist / Ufologist

Some people are very passionate about anything related to the world of UFOs and extraterrestrials. So passionate that they even make it their job! Ufologists spend most of their time collecting and analyzing testimonies, photos and videos of everything closely and remotely related to the UFO phenomenon. Ufology became a pseudo-science in its own right in the early 1950s, following the famous Roswell incident in 1947.

Besides being a ufologist, a handful of people around the world have gone to a whole new level; that of ufological archaeologist. These people, who firmly believe in the theory of the ancient astronauts, travel the world in search of archaeological, anthropological and historical traces (Astroarchaeology) which could prove that extraterrestrials have already come to Earth and that they have been in contact with man and therefore have influenced our evolution. These archaeologists concentrate their research where the first great civilizations were born, such as Egypt and Mesopotamia (current region of Iraq).

Few ufologists manage to earn a living with their passion; they must most of the time with a trade paying on the side. On the other hand, some ufologists have managed to earn a very good living thanks to their books and publications. This is the case, for example, of Erich von Däniken, whose books and publications are selling like hot cakes.

Photographer for National Geographic

Anyone who loves photography from near or far would dream of working for National Geographic. This institution (magazine, television channel, book, etc.), which is the most renowned in the world in terms of photography, has been discovering the world and its nature since 1888. Being published in National Geographic for a photographer is a bit like getting your hands on the Holy Grail. National Geographic hires both full-time and freelance photographers.

To be published by National Geographic, you must have been able to take an exceptional photo, which will arouse emotions and wonder. Sometimes you have to wait a lifetime to take a picture of this magnitude.

Editorial Analyst (Tagger) for Netflix

Not only is working for Netflix a pretty cool thing in itself, but working as an Editorial Analyst (internally dubbed ‘Tagger’) is just the dream job anyone would love to have!

The editorial analyst job at Netflix is ​​quite simple, but extremely enjoyable. It consists of watching films and series all day long in order to tag them with keywords (metadata), in order to make the Netflix search engine more relevant and precise. For example, when a new Jackie Chan movie comes out on Netflix, someone in the position of editorial analyst takes care of watching the movie and inserting relevant metadata like the names of all the actors, as well as keywords like ‘Kung Fu’, ‘Karate’, etc. If in the film the protagonist drives a Maserati car, then the keyword ‘Maserati’ will be integrated into the metadata. So, when a user searches for these keywords in Netflix search bar, the movie will be offered to the user.

Netflix occasionally posts new job postings for an Editorial Analyst position, but positions fill up pretty quickly as one might imagine.

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad (commonly called Digital Nomad), is not a profession as such, but rather a way of life. In summary, a digital nomad is someone who exercises, for a company or on his own account, a job in the field of IT or the web, and who is independent of rental. In fact, to put it simply, a digital nomad is someone who travels the world while working using their laptop and the internet. That is cool!

In general, the majority of digital nomads are between 25 and 35 years old and work in digital-related jobs. In particular, there are many computer programmers and developers, designers, writers, bloggers, etc. Generally, digital nomads have a preference for Asian countries, because the cost of living there is very low and the climate is mild! However, there are digital nomads all over the world.

To become a digital nomad, you need 5 essential things:

  • A desire to discover the world;
  • A deep desire to get rid of the routine;
  • Detach yourself from your assets (objects, possessions, relatives, families);
  • A laptop;
  • A reliable internet connection.

There is no job offer as such for digital nomad. There are actually 3 ways to become one:

  • Going on your own: For example, if you are a web designer, you can work by finding your own clients. On the other hand, the difficulty is that since you live on the road, it will not be possible to meet your customers in person, which can sometimes be a problem.
  • Create your web business : Do you have business acumen and a very good knowledge of the Web? You could then create your own online business and manage everything from abroad. However, this is by far the riskiest way to become a digital nomad. Many have succeeded and now live very well off the income from their online stores. However, many people failed and had to come up with a plan B.
  • Working remotely for a company  : By far the most effective way to become a Digital Nomad. Do some research and try to find companies that employ people without a specific location. You can then easily work from anywhere for this company, and you will have a guaranteed salary. In addition, if you are a programmer or developer, remote jobs in this field are raining from all sides and the salaries are very interesting.

Beer tester

” What do you do for a living? »

“I drink beer, and you? “.

Believe it or not, this conversation has probably already taken place, and in the most serious way possible. Many beer companies employ people to taste their beers and give their opinion, all with the aim of improving the quality of the products. Companies such as London-based Meantime Brewing Company hire people to review their products. Here is an example of one of their job postings:

Of course, to get such a job, however, you have to demonstrate real knowledge of beers and prove your skills.

Rock star

Well, you would rather have lived in the ’70s or ’80s, maybe even ’90s to do this job, but even today, it is possible to exercise the profession of Rock Star! But be careful, here we’re not talking about singing in cabarets or winning some TV talent contest, we’re talking about being a real Rock Star, going on tour, playing in front of thousands of people every night all over the place of the planet, to be the idol of a generation, to be a multi-millionaire, to bring joy to people’s lives, to mark music forever, to demolish hotel rooms (ok, this point is perhaps too much!), etc.

To become a Rock Star, there is no job offer. It takes talent, ambition, passion and above all, being in the right place at the right time.


Scientist is probably the only profession on this list that has any real use. Why is it cool to be a scientist? Because scientists dedicate their lives to finding solutions to improve the world, the human condition and nature. Scientists are cool because they:

  • Seek remedies to treat illnesses;
  • Find solutions to climate problems and pollution
  • Invent processes to make our everyday life easier;
  • Help nature in the face of rising urbanization and deforestation;