B&O BeoSound Theatre: The sound of the future is here

The BeoSound Theater is the most powerful and immersive soundbar ever made.

On the second floor of number 23 Münzstraße, in the heart of Berlin , hides a stately corner named after Carl Fritz. The Carl Fritz is one of those places that one would never expect to find in the middle of a big city. A return to what was gone, an imagining of what the bourgeois apartments of centuries ago were like, before neon and light flooded the cities.

Bang & Olufsen defines the BeoSound Theater as “original, this has been the place that Bang & Olufsen has chosen to present the sound of the future, which is already beginning to look like the present. It will not measure more than one meter and concentrates in it an entire experience that is worth living.

The BeoSound Theater is the most powerful and enveloping sound bar ever made and brings together everything that B&O wants its faithful to feel: that magic and acoustics must go hand in hand . Kristian Tär, CEO of the Danish company, has begun the presentation of this new product by telling a beautiful story to exemplify his commitment to its users.Introducing the Beosound Theatre soundbar - Bang & OlufsenA few months ago, a client wrote him a letter in which he told him that his wife, a pianist by vocation and profession, fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. The man decided to buy him the famous Beoplay of the brand so that during his stay he could do another of the things he likes the most: listen to music. When he turned them on and played a piano piece, the woman began to cry. She told her husband that it was the first time she could feel the pianist’s fingers sliding over the keys. “That’s who we are,” Teär said.

Such is BeoSound Theatre

Bang & Olufsen defines the BeoSound Theater as a “ powerful and immersive cinematic experience ”, but the truth is that it goes further . It is, if I may be hyperbole, a catharsis of sensations, because such power and sound envelope in your living room plunges you into an unusual adventure.BeoSound TheatreBeoSound Theatre.

During the product demo, Jakob Dyreby, B&O Technology Specialist, performed for journalists the five pieces of music he had worked on to create the BeoSound Theatre. For example, the clip from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody in which Queen sings “We Will Rock You” for the first time, or the scene from No Time to Die in which Daniel Craig is surrounded by a large group of thugs while he takes refuge. in his Aston Martin. The immersive experience was such that it was difficult to recover and land in reality to listen to Jakob’s explanations again.

Beosound Theater ( from $6,490 ) features 12 speaker drivers , including two custom-built 6.5″ long-throw woofers and 800 watts of amplifier power, providing up to 112 dB of sound pressure level. Voice clarity is achieved thanks to the custom-made center channel, in which the tweeter is mounted directly in front of the midrange. The alignment of these conductors ensures better sound distribution that elevates the quality of the audio experience for everyone in the room, while the directivity is designed to optimize voice quality.

Building on the beamwidth and direction control developed for Bang & Olufsen’s flagship Beolab 90 loudspeakers, Beosound Theater introduces a new three-dimensional sound directivity through a patent-pending combination of direct-firing loudspeakers, side and up. This means that all of the speaker drivers work together to not only produce the sound, but to control the width and direction of its beam.

“Honestly, I think there is nothing similar on the market,” says Kristen Teär in statements to La Razón. “Starting with craftsmanship and design. Most existing sound bars are made of plastic, the wear of which is much more visible. We bet on aluminum and solid oak, more durable materials as well as more visually attractive”.BeoSound TheatreBeoSound Theatre.

And it is precisely that duration and perpetuity is one of the great obsessions of Bang & Olufsen. Both of the external appearance and of the internal operability. Months ago, we already witnessed the work that the company does during a masterclass by Mads Kogsgaard, the company’s global product director . It is a question, constantly, although without resorting to idealization, of creating products anticipating the future, developing upgradeable software so that the part lasts for generations. In fact, without losing efficiency and quality, the BeoSound Theatre, like the rest of its creations, is only 50% full when you take it out of the box. Half is reserved for the sound bar to adapt to changes and technological evolution, and so that new B&O products can be synchronized with it to create an even more extraordinary experience.

In this way, Beosound Theater not only pays homage to Bang & Olufsen’s legacy products with its timeless design language, but the soundbar also comes with Bang & Olufsen’s own software platform called “Mozart” , which continues The heritage of ensuring the soundbar can connect seamlessly with products dating back to 1986, creating a cross-generational home audio setup.

“I think consumers’ perception of durability is changing ,” explains Teär. Because, despite the fact that it seems that we live in a society with a compulsive throwaway buying mentality, and in which we don’t mind buying a mobile phone that lasts five years and then buying another one, “more and more customers who want to invest money in something that their children and grandchildren can inherit, and that, in addition, pays off almost like the first day”. A consumer behavior that also contributes to reducing emissions and waste from the technology industry, one of the most polluting in the world.