All the medical series available in streaming, from the worst to the best

Medical series are a very classic genre in television fiction. Taking advantage of the premiere on FOX of the new seasons of ‘The Resident’ and ‘New Amsterdam’, we have ordered from worst to best all those that are currently available on streaming.

The daily frenzy of emergencies in a large hospital, a doctor facing the most complicated cases, the daily lives of surgical residents or the attempt of a refugee to be able to practice his profession in another country are some of the topics that the stories tell . medical series that are currently available for streaming . The premiere on FOX of the new seasons of two of them, The Resident and New Amsterdam , is a good excuse to take a look at that catalogue.

So we are going to elaborate a ranking of these fictions, ordered from the best to the worst . We are going to find indisputable television classics and curious mixes of genres, some based on the personal experiences of their creators. Comedy, drama and even inspiration from Sherlock Holmes are in the series on our list.

The complete list


Angela Bassett and John Stamos are two of the actors who went through ‘ER’.

Available on HBO Max .

ER is one of the great classics of television. The way in which he recounted the day-to-day lives of doctors at a large public hospital in Chicago was a complete revolution in 1994: the lighting was more naturalistic, the camera got between the doctors trying to save the lives of the arriving patients. In emergencies, sequence shots and walk-and-talk shots that would later become famous in The West Wing of the White House were very common . It was the series that made George Clooney famous.

‘This is going to hurt’

Ben Whishaw is the protagonist of ‘This is going to hurt’.

Available in Movistar Plus+ .

Based on the personal experiences of its creator, Adam Kay, This Is Gonna Hurt is one of the best series of 2022. Its protagonist, played by Ben Whishaw, is an obstetrician-gynecologist at a London public hospital that is always short-staffed and equipment and saturated with patients. The series is set in 2006 and, in addition to the difficulties of his work, the protagonist also faces the fact of being gay, with a stable partner, without anyone in his family knowing.


The doctors of ‘Scrubs’ prescribed a lot of absurd humor to treat any ailment. /disney

Available on Disney+ .

The path that Scrubs decided to follow was different from the rest of the series on this list, as this is an imaginative comedy with a lot of heart . JD (Zach Braff) is a resident of a hospital populated by the most diverse characters and it is through him that we meet them all, including the grumpy doctor Cox and Turk, his best friend. The series went on to have a memorable musical chapter and a very brief spin-off that failed to maintain what made Scrubs different and endearing.


The new season of ‘Hippocrates’ reflects the collapse of the French health system during a cold snap. / Filmin

Available on Filmin .

Based on a film of the same title, Hippocrates takes us to a Paris hospital where three resident doctors and a coroner remain solely responsible after the rest of the doctors have to undergo a 48-hour quarantine. Through this extreme situation , the weaknesses of the public health system are exposed and, at the same time, its importance. The second season dealt with the effects of a devastating cold snap.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Available on Disney+ .

Nineteen seasons star one of America’s longest -running prime -time dramas , Grey’s Anatomy , which was the smash hit that launched the career of its creator, Shonda Rhimes. Its main protagonist is Meredith Grey, a surgical resident at a Seattle hospital who, the night before she starts working there, unknowingly sleeps with one of her staff surgeons. That starting point already made clear the strength of the series: mixing the problems raised by the patients with the sentimental lives of their doctors.

‘The Good Doctor’

Richard Schiff and Freddie Highmore, in the fifth season of ‘The good doctor’.

Broadcast on AXN. Available on VOD from payment operators .

One of the latest phenomena in American fiction is The Good Doctor , based on a Korean series of the same title. Its protagonist, played by Freddie Highmore, is a young autistic doctor who also has the savant syndrome , for which he has great ability to diagnose patients. The fiction follows his integration into the staff of a large hospital where, at first, he finds it difficult to fit in due to his poor social skills.


‘House’ starred a brilliant but rather grumpy doctor.

Available on Amazon Prime Video .

Hugh Laurie became an international star thanks to House , a bad-tempered and difficult-to-discipline doctor who, at the same time, is brilliant at diagnosing the strangest of diseases . The character was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes and around him were his assistants, his best friend oncologist and the director of the hospital, who tried to make him behave like someone more human while surviving his character and his low tolerance to people he considered idiots.

‘Hospital Playlist’

‘Hospital Playlist’ follows five college friends who work at the same health center.

Available on Netflix .

Five college friends end up practicing as doctors at the same hospital in Seoul. There, they not only share their day-to-day problems, but also their love for music , and hence the international title of this series, Hospital Playlist . The fiction is part of a saga that presents several people who move in very specific environments. The series before this one in that Wise Life saga was set in a prison, for example.


Available in AXN Now in payment operators .

Transplant brings a different twist to the classic hospital series, as its protagonist is a Syrian refugee who has been a medic on the battlefield and who flees to Canada. There he will try to practice medicine again, although the road will not be easy and, when he finally manages to work in a hospital, he will have other obstacles to overcome derived from his integration with his colleagues and his way of working, which is not always congenial. with Bashir’s experience.

‘New Amsterdam’

‘New Amsterdam’ has been a complete success.

Broadcast on FOX. Available on VOD from payment operators, on Netflix and on Amazon Prime Video .

New Amsterdam is the oldest public hospital in New York, but it hasn’t been in its prime for a while . Its new medical manager arrives willing to change many things to return the center to its past glory and place it at the forefront, but he will have to overcome numerous bureaucratic and, above all, personal obstacles. The fifth season puts an end to this fiction that has been a notable success wherever it has gone.


Nuria Roca is one of the great additions to season 4 of ‘Madres’.

Available on Amazon Prime Video .

As its name suggests, Madres focuses on several women who are going to have a baby, or whose daughters are going to have a baby, and who happen to be in the maternity ward of a hospital. Their stories intersect with those of the doctors, who end up gaining prominence in the fourth season of the series, which works almost like a relaunch. Belen Rueda was the great protagonist of the first installments of the series , produced by Aitor Gabilondo ( Patria ).

‘The Resident’

‘The Resident’ explores the lights and shadows of medicine.

Broadcast on FOX. Available on VOD from pay operators .

The ethical dilemmas that arise in a hospital are what interest The Resident . Through the new resident who arrives at Chastain Park Memorial and his conflicts with his supervising doctor, we’ll see that sometimes a slight departure from the rules is necessary , and also that it can be very easy to lose perspective and assume that almost everything worth to achieve a goal that can be commendable.


‘DOC’ is based on the experience of a real Italian doctor.

Available in AXN Now in payment operators .

DOC is an Italian fiction also inspired by a real case that gives the series its starting point. A prestigious surgeon is attacked by a patient and is left in a coma due to a brain injury. When he wakes up he has lost his memory of the last decade , and has to relearn who he was (or change his ways to more closely match how he feels now) and see if he can still practice medicine, and how.

‘Chicago Med’

Broadcast on TNT. Available on VOD from pay operators .

Chicago Med is the hospital branch of the One Chicago franchise , which includes police officers ( Chicago PD ), firefighters ( Chicago Fire ), and briefly also included prosecutors ( Chicago Justice ). It is set at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and many of its stories are based on real cases . It is also common for characters from other fictions to go through this, since it is not uncommon for police officers to investigate a case that takes them to the hospital, or firefighters end up admitted due to an accident.

‘With out PRIVIOUSE appointment’

Part of the cast of ‘Without an appointment’.

Available on Disney+ .

The first Grey ‘s Anatomy spin-off focused on Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh) and was titled No Date . Addison was moving from Seattle to California, to a private fertility clinic , and there she met new colleagues and, of course, faced new problems with patients. Addison would return to the mother series for its 18th season, marking the returns to fiction of several of the characters that had left it during its broadcast.