9 movies like Avatar that you have to see now

Do you want to watch movies like Avatar while you wait for more movies in the saga?

Avatar became one of the highest grossing movies in history for a few simple reasons, the first being that  James Cameron managed to build an extraordinary world, the second being that it told a story that was connected to reality (that of the need to save our planet from the destruction we ourselves caused) and the third was that it had the most impressive visual effects. 

The film, starring  Sam Worthington , took 14 years to complete and the wait was well worth it as the result caused amazement and surprise in the millions of fans who went to see it and were enchanted by the world of Pandora and all the creatures that lived in it.  

Now, the world of Avatar grows with  The Way of Water , where  Kate Winslet and Michelle Yeoh appear , and Cameron again shows that there is still interest in stories like these, which have comments on climate change, colonialism, oppression and many others. more things. 

Simplifying everything,  Avatar is the story of a “chosen one” who, after learning all he can about a world that was unknown to him, realizes that he has an important role to play and that it is the key to saving it. to their new friends/family, and that’s something we’ve seen in many movies, in different ways, over the years. 

There are no movies like  Avatar , but there are many with which it shares themes and elements, and those are the ones to see if you are a fan of this story that continues to grow. 

9 movies like Avatar that you have to see now 

The Matrix – HBO Max 

Like Avatar, The Matrix is ​​the story of a man who discovers that he is the one to save the world, and must adapt to a world he doesn’t know to discover his strength and what he must do. Also, this was another movie that was key in advancing special effects. 

The Matrix, with Keanu Reeves , follows Neo, who discovers that his whole life has been a simulation and that there is a whole world that he did not know, but that it is the place where he belongs and he must fight to defend it. 

Guardians of the Galaxy – Disney+

Peter Quill has a lot in common with Jake Sully, both have experienced loss, both become leaders without being sure they can be, and both help save the world.  

Guardians of the Galaxy is also set in space and follows a group of characters who, like Jake, have their lives turned upside down when they discover their true purpose, which is to work together to help defend humanity, and various other creatures. of the universe, of the threats that arise. 

Alien / Prometheus – Star+

The Alien saga , by Ridley Scott, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant speak, in part, about the need to conquer new horizons and find planets that help protect and continue life on Earth, where resources are scarce and must be sought outside. 

The saga begins with the crew of a ship receiving a call for help, which leads them to a strange planet where they end up discovering a dangerous and destructive creature, which wipes out everyone and chases the only survivor across the universe, while that Prometheus takes a step back to show what happened before and what brought the humans to that place where they first encountered the monster. 

Harry Potter Saga – HBO Max

Like Jake Sully, Harry is also a chosen one, arriving in an unknown world where he feels at home. 

Harry Potter also lost many things and never felt quite right in the human world, but his life changes when he receives a sudden invitation that leads him to discover something different, where he makes new friends and a family, and where he not only discovers that He has great power, but he is the only one who can stop the powerful enemy who seeks to destroy everything and start his reign of terror where he has control of everything.   

The Fifth Element – On Demand 

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich star in this film that shows us a version of the future of humanity, although a little further away. 

Here, the Earth and humanity are in danger, so a taxi driver must help recover a powerful weapon that is needed to save them, but this weapon is not what everyone was waiting for, it is actually a woman who, in order to To help, he first has to understand what he has to save and why it’s worth doing, like when Jake decides to join the Na’vi and fight for them after seeing who they are and how they live. 

Dune – HBO Max

Paul Atraides, Neo, Harry Potter and Jake Sully, all of them are chosen ones who must follow a complicated path to fulfill their destiny as protectors or saviors. 

Dune , with Timothee Chalamet tells the story of Paul Atreides, the son of a powerful family from a galactic empire, who is sent to a planet called Arrakis to oversee and maintain the production of a very important resource. Soon, Paul discovers that there are many other people who are interested in having control of that resource, so he must become a leader and overcome all kinds of obstacles to protect it and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.  

Edge of Tomorrow – On Demand 

Tom Cruise does not use an Avatar in this movie, but he manages to understand his enemies thanks to the fact that his DNA mixes with theirs and this allows him to have some of his abilities, which here help him go back in time and restart certain events in order to win a war in which the fate of humanity will be decided. 

This is a story of war, but Avatar is also one and the two talk about the need to understand the other in order to win or find the way. 

Interstellar – HBO Max

Like Avatar, this movie tells a story in which humanity must explore the universe in search of new resources or a new home in order to survive. 

Christopher Nolan ‘s film is a visual gem where Matthew McConaughey plays an explorer who must carry out a mission through time and space, in order to find a planet that can become humanity’s new home, since Earth is in danger and a great discovery is needed to save it. 

Ferngully – On Demand 

This movie is the most similar to Avatar. Featuring the voices of Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis , this is the story of a man who works with a company looking to clear-cut a forest full of magical creatures. 

While doing his job, he becomes one of these creatures and begins to live among them, which leads him to understand the problem of what he is doing and to fight alongside them to defend his home and save it from destruction.