9 assassin-for-hire movies you need to see

There are plenty  of hit-man movies worth checking out. 

The concept of contract killers has been explored in many ways throughout the history of cinema, this because they are characters where personal morality and work obligations collide and lead the characters to have intense and very interesting internal journeys. that make the public question many things as well. 

John Wick  is probably one of the most famous “Hitmen” in cinema today, thanks to the fact that he is a kind of vengeful hero who, after being attacked, decides to destroy everyone who harmed him, with which he has a reason. that we can understand and even justify as an audience. He is a murderer, but at least he doesn’t do it for fun or to be cruel. 

But before John Wick we’ve seen a lot of these contract killers before, and it looks like we’ll continue to see more of them and their stories in the future. For now, there are a few classic, iconic, and action-packed movies that explore the subject in the best way.  

9 assassin-for-hire movies that you need to see:

Saga John Wick – Amazon Prime

Keanu Reeves is the protagonist of this film saga, which began as a small project in which there was not much confidence. The story begins when John Wick is the victim of an attack at his home, where a group of criminals steal his car and kill his dog, which was the last memory he had of his wife, so he decides to come out of retirement and jump into a revenge mission that leads him to immerse himself in a dark and violent world, where his own life is in danger.  

In Bruges – HBO Max

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson  star in this film that tells a slightly different story, that of a contract killer who must hide in the city of Bruges after a job gone wrong, where he accidentally kills an innocent man, where he and his coworkers are waiting to hear about the decision their boss made to deal with the incident, and where they are also preparing to respond in case their decision is not good for them. 

Hitman: Agent 47 – Star+

There are also several movies in the Hitman saga, but this one from 2015 with  Rupert Friend is one of the best. Agent 47 also stars Ciaran Hinds and Zachary Quinto and tells the story of a team of trained assassins who team up with a woman who is searching for her father, who may give her the answers she needs to know who she really is and why there are people. who chase her 

Collateral – Amazon Prime

Starring  Tom Cruise , this Michael Mann film follows a taxi driver who meets a passenger who offers him $600 to take him everywhere he needs to go that night. Vincent, the passenger, asks to be taken to 5 points in particular, where his driver soon finds out that he is doing murderous work, so he must find a way to do something about it, but without putting his own life on it. endangered.  

The Irishman – Netflix 

Martin Scorsese directs this film that is based on a true story, with  Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as protagonists. The Irishman tells the story of a mob hitman who looks back on some of the most violent moments of his criminal career, including a secret he’s kept for years that affected the entire mob organization. 

Gunpowder Milkshake – Netflix 

Karen Gillian, Lena Headey and Michelle Yeoh are the protagonists of this story about a secret organization of assassins. Years after being abandoned by her mother, Sam is now an assassin for hire, who decides to run away from her bosses after a mission gone wrong, forcing her to reunite with her mother and her group of assassins, in order to work together and defeat the enemy that wants to destroy them.  

Leon, The Professional – Paramount+

This classic film with  Natalie Portman and Jean Reno  is one of the most famous assassin-for-hire stories in cinema. This is the story of a girl who, after seeing her family murdered, asks for the help of her neighbor, who turns out to be a hired killer who agrees to train her and teach her everything he knows so that one day she can take revenge. for what happened. 

American Ultra – Amazon Prime

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are the protagonists of this film that follows a government agent who must keep an eye on a man trained as an assassin in a secret program. Mike, the assassin in question, was part of a program that allows the government to use him as a killing machine, but he eventually discovers the truth and decides to try to take his life back and change his destiny.  

Sicario – Star+

This is a story of hit men and the war against drugs, where there are many cases of people who are hired to kill. Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin star in this film in which a group of FBI agents join a special mission to try to stop the violent war that is being waged on the border between Mexico and the United States, where their lives are in mortal danger. in every minute.