6 Netflix settings and tips that you probably did not know and that are very useful

Despite the fact that many users have decided to leave the Netflix platform, there are still some other tricks and adjustments that will improve your experience completely.

Netflix is ​​in the doldrums, that’s a fact. Recent price hikes, new ad pack, or moves indicating that the days of password sharing will soon be history, are reducing the number of users using this platform.

It is for all this that we have already told you how to unsubscribe from the service. However, the streaming platform still has plenty of great content to keep you subscribed.

Here are some simple Netflix settings and features that can enhance your streaming experience.

Note that these tips and tricks are so good that you should keep them in mind for other streaming services you subscribe to. Not all services are identical, but you’ll likely find equivalent settings on Netflix’s rivals.

Find out who steals Netflix

This is something that we have surely suspected on some occasion. Many times we share our accounts or even log in to devices in our apartments when we are on vacation and we can find ourselves with the surprise of not being able to access.

In the standard Netflix plan, for example, a maximum of two screens can be used to view content at the same time. If there are two exploiters if you know it, you will not be able to access the content and that is what you pay for.

So, to protect yourself and be able to do and undo as you please , here’s how to check and see who has access to your Netflix account:

  • First, access your Netflix account from your computer
  • Once inside, select your profile and you will be in the main Netflix menu, where you will see your profile icon at the top right of the screen
  • Mouse over the profile icon and select Account from the dropdown menu
  • Scroll down to the Settings section and click the Recent device streaming activity link
  • There you will see a list of devices, locations, and IP addresses that have recently been used to access your account

If you see suspicious activity and want to remove it:

  • Go back to the Account page of your profile
  • In Settings, click Sign out of all devices
  • Netflix will ask you if you are sure you want to do this, you will select the option Sign out
  • Go back to the Account page and change your password

Stop autoplaying Netflix trailers

This is something that surely many want to have in their Netflix account. It is really annoying that, without entering a movie or series, the trailer or trailer is automatically played . Well, you can stop Netflix trailers from autoplaying on all your devices.

To activate it you must:

  • go to your account
  • Find the same account icon under Profile & Parental Controls, tap the down arrow, and select Change for playback settings.
  • Deselect the Autoplay previews while browsing option on all devices

Netflix secret codes in 2022

Of course, we cannot leave behind one of the great tricks that although many already know, some have been left behind. And, there are ways to search for content of a specific type more easily. We are referring to the secret codes with which Netflix classifies its content in many more categories than it shows us.

There are a number of very specific categories and subcategories that you can access if you know the right codes. All you have to do is enter the URL   in the address bar of your browser, and replace the X with the category code of your choice. 

 Netflix shortcuts for computer playback

This Netflix trick is something that all subscribers who use laptops or computers to watch Netflix movies and series should know. These are not Netflix settings that you can change, they are already integrated into the web app, but they are certainly very useful shortcuts:

  • Space/Enter: pause and play video
  • Touch right/left arrow key: forward or backward 10 seconds
  • Press and hold right/left arrow key: forwards and backwards in 10 second intervals
  • Up/Down arrow key: volume up and down
  • M key: mutes and unmute
  • F key: toggle full screen on and off
  • S key: skip the introduction

Set a PIN for your profile

Did you know that you can block access to your Netflix profile with a PIN? Well yes, that’s right and it’s as simple as following the steps below:

  • Go to your Account and look for the Profile Lock option
  • Click Change and set a PIN for your profile
  • Make sure it’s something you can remember

Delete Netflix views that you don’t want others to know

Most people share Netflix accounts with other people. That’s something Netflix has allowed for years, despite upcoming moves that will make you pay to share it.

That means others can see what you’re doing, and you might not like sharing some of those shows and movies with anyone. If you’re not proud of your Netflix history, the good news is that you can fix it by removing the titles you want from your history.

Go to your account again, choose your profile as in the previous steps, tap the down arrow and choose the option next to View activity. The page that loads will show your viewing history. And you will be able to delete all the Netflix titles that you don’t want others to see.