How to develop your spirituality?

What is spirituality? 

There is no single definition of spirituality because the subject is so vast and open that it would be wrong to reduce it to a single notion. Thus, spirituality can be defined as a way of being connected with greater than ourselves, being connected to nature, to the universe and to the divine. 

To have a spiritual life is to feel touched by nature, life, death, love, infinity , beyond what our knowledge and intelligence can tell us. It is also to accept that there are things that cannot be rationally explained .

When one is an atheist, one can turn to a secular spirituality . One can, for example, choose to recognize the magic of the Universe , its lucky star or Mother Nature . We make the choice to believe in destiny , and in the fact that we can be  guided through life .

This experience is something very personal, there is neither dogma nor obligation. To access it, all you have to do is listen to our intuition , open your mind , and observe the signs that life sends us.

Do you feel inspired? We offer here some ideas to develop your spirituality and thus bring more serenity in your life .

Spirituality and meditation

develop your spirituality

Spending time with oneself , with great benevolence , allows us to seek our Guide within us. In practice, it’s about paying attention to your body, your breathing, your feelings and your intuition . Regularly practicing a few minutes of meditation allows you to extract yourself from the physical world and to discover your spirit, and it is thus an excellent way to cultivate your spirituality .

Spontaneous spiritual experiences are quite common when we meditate regularly, we find them in the form of a feeling of   unexplained inner peace , of communion with the surrounding nature, or of brotherhood with other humans.

Certain material elements can help us establish meditation rituals.  To start and learn to meditate , you can listen to guided meditations on You Tube, like those of our ambassador Sandrine HK for example.

To find out why and how to practice mindfulness meditation, read this article.

Then, when you are comfortable with the practice, you can do meditation sessions with objects that will help you go deeper in your feelings . We can cite our favorite rituals that help to go within , such as meditating with a stone or a crystal , using a singing bowl , essential oils or a Mala necklace , concentrating on a Yantra pendant ,  tree of life or mandala .

Cultivate yourself to learn spirituality

develop your spirituality

To raise your spirituality , a key is also to cultivate yourself, through books, testimonies or websites.

A first track is to learn about the spirituality, religious beliefs, myths and legends of your ancestors . How did women in your region live in the past? How did they take care of themselves? What did she believe? Meet the witches and fairies of the past.

Then, go to the East and discover the very rich philosophy of yoga , Ayurveda and Chinese medicine … These oriental disciplines examine the human being and his environment in its entirety: body, mind, energy .

You will thus learn more about the 7 main Chakras  and your psyche linked by energy to the earth and the universe .

Another way is to discover shamanism , one of the oldest spiritual roots of Humanity. 

All of this information will help you open your mind to other realities .

Communicate and practice spirituality

develop your spirituality

Certain practices such as secular prayer , the drawing of divinatory cards , visualization , lithotherapy , the use of spells , meditation circles , yogaastrology  or even the law of attraction will allow you to connect unseen.

By communicating and acting , we give ourselves the possibility of accessing the next stage and its sacred dimension . We  begin to believe and observe, and so we  grow spiritually .

All these methods will not necessarily speak to you, let yourself be guided by your feelings,  but when you have found something that suits you, you will know it.

Surround yourself with kindness

develop your spirituality

Please surround yourself with  beautiful people and a good environment in order to cultivate your spirituality. Again, use the virtues of plants , spiritual objects and  healthy food  to help you in your practice. Setting up a routine or rituals to reconnect with oneself and the divine is the best way to create a lasting habit over time and therefore to access a more serene and more conscious life .

We hope that our  blog post has inspired you and given you ways to awaken your spirituality and find happiness . If you only believe what you see, do not hesitate to test because you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

your thoughts create your reality