Video games that deserve to have a movie or TV series

Film adaptations of video games are becoming more and more common… and the same can be said of television series. Many sagas in the industry have already had their chance, with better or worse luck: The Witcher, Resident Evil, Sonic, Warcraft, Tomb Raider or Far Cry.

On the other side of the coin, some famous sagas like The Last of Us or Uncharted have adaptations on the way , which we are already looking forward to seeing on the big or small screen. However, there are other video games that we would like to see adapted in the future.

The mythical BioShock, Ken Levine’s masterpiece, always comes to the fore, but we cannot forget God of War, Fallout or The Legend of Zelda. These legendary franchises have not yet made the leap, and from here we would like to know how they would sit with a movie or television series.

If you are a big fan of video games or one of these series, check out video games that deserve to have a movie or TV series . Do you share our opinion? You’ll find out very, very soon.


Bully Scholarship Edition

Rockstar shocked a few sectors of society with Bully, a sandbox hooligan who put us in the shoes of a troubled teenager at Bullworth Academy. 

The game was a success, although it raised so many blisters that we haven’t had a sequel yet.

A movie or series based on Bully would certainly be a hit. Halfway between youth drama and black humor, a product in the form of a tremendously addictive series could come out of this , which would attract those who detract from the video game… and of course it would boost the development of Bully 2.



This challenging platform game is one of the best titles we can play on PC and consoles, and its classic aesthetic clearly calls for a film adaptation. 

It must be said that Netflix is ​​already working on a Cuphead series, so yes or yes we will see our dream come true.

Even with the series in development, we can’t help but want to see a Cuphead animated movie. The characters of Cuphead and Mugman have tremendous potential, as does their soundtrack, aesthetics, final bosses, and particular sense of humor.


fallout 4

One of the longest-running role-playing sagas in history well deserves its own movie or series. Fallout has been proving that war never changes since 1997. 

And its universe is so rich that it could be translated into a real hit at the box office. Who doesn’t want a movie based on New Vegas?

Whether it was an adaptation of a game or an original product based on its universe, Fallout has all the ingredients to succeed: deep lore, engaging setting, colorful characters, sense of humor, first-rate post-apocalyptic storylines … and we could go on.


Breath of the Wild

Almost the same can be said of The Legend of Zelda, one of Nintendo’s star sagas. We have always thought that an animated series based on Link and his adventures would be wonderful , but even more so after the success of Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch. 

The enormous number of stories, characters and elements of The Legend of Zelda would fit perfectly into an animation product, which could quickly be at the top of the fantasy genre. Imagine a Zelda trilogy, with its plots, characters, enemies…


GTA V great art

Rockstar’s GTA saga has always enjoyed top-notch plots, characters of all kinds and a freedom of action that leaves us speechless. 

In fact, it would not be strange to see a television series (perhaps the format that would suit you best) set in the Grand Theft Auto universe .

The same could be said of its sister saga, Red Dead Redemption, but GTA would fit perfectly into the series format, with a style of hooligan humor in the purest Shameless style. We are almost certain that it will end up becoming a reality, time to time.


God of War

One of the best PlayStation franchises would well deserve a movie saga… or perhaps a high-flying television series (like the one being made from The Last of Us). 

Whether based on the setting in the classic trilogy or on the new direction the saga has taken, God of War is guaranteed to hit.

Can you imagine a film trilogy of the adventures of Kratos? Our mouths are watering, because the number of settings, characters, mythical enemies, plots and action in abundance would make God of War a real blockbuster. Surely Sony contemplates it for the next few years.



Every once in a while a big star emerges in the horror genre, and Outlast has been for the past decade. This already iconic first-person horror videogame has nothing to envy to the great Hollywood productions , and in fact, a Blumhouse movie would feel “scary”.

As with the first Outlast, a movie would revive the franchise’s popularity, while also becoming a low-budget blockbuster. 

Its original proposal, its ”found footage” touches, the terrifying setting… everything indicates that it would be a great film.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War- Modern Warfare - Warzone

The ”call of duty” deserves a great Hollywood production. Call of Duty has been with us for almost two decades, giving us top-notch scripts, epic campaigns, and an outrageously fun war experience . Activision, what are you waiting for to give the green light to a movie?


Mass Effect

Star Wars holds the throne of space opera, but watch out for Mass Effect. The excellent Bioware saga lived its golden age in the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, but its galactic story certainly deserves a saga of movies or a TV series in the style of Netflix’s The Witcher .