7 tips to stop being jealous and trust your partner more

They say that if you are jealous, you are not a fool, because your intuition can tell you if your partner is cheating on you or is faithful to you.

However, holding on to jealousy or being aware of your partner at all times will not help you have a good relationship.

Even, it not only drives him away, it is also hurting you.

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The first thing you must be clear about is that you are jealous, because negative thoughts are dominating you and making you believe that there is something wrong in your love relationship.

Many times, these thoughts are not real and are unfounded, they come from the fear that you have of being betrayed or realizing that your partner does not love you as you think.

If jealousy is affecting your relationship, it’s time to make a change, not only to avoid losing your partner, but also to feel better about yourself:

1. Acknowledge the problem.

This will always be the first point to resolve any conflict, you have to recognize that something is wrong.

Either your partner is making you feel jealous or you are making ideas in your mind.

Analyze what is happening and understand that it is not the end of the world, you can solve it.

2. Value yourself.

You must be very clear that your partner chose you and that they want to be with you because they could see great qualities in you.

He is by your side because he considers you a beautiful woman, but he not only focuses on your physique, he also appreciates your intelligence, kindness, joy and other qualities that you possess.

By this we mean that if he can value you, you should too, because you are a great woman.

3. Don’t give in to negative thoughts.

That is, when we feel jealous we want to prove our theory that our partner is not unfaithful.

We feel anxiety and want to verify it, either by going through his belongings or by confronting him. So before giving in to the urge, he takes a breath and tries to calm you down.

4. Let go.

We know that your mind can play against you and that you will be able to relax for a moment, but you will want to return to the impulse to find out if he is cheating on you or not.

For this reason, instead of checking your cell phone or tormenting yourself with negative thoughts, meditate, exercise, listen to music, go for a walk or watch a movie.

The point is to focus your mind and time on something more important than being jealous.

5. Give your partner a vote of confidence.

If he has never given you reason to be jealous or has always shown you that he loves you and gives you your place, give him a vote of confidence.

He thinks the situation is a misunderstanding and has a logical explanation. It is not deceiving you, it is just a communication or interpretation error.

6. Have open communication.

If you are a jealous or suspicious woman, it is important that you make this clear to your partner, not so that he is prepared, but so that he supports you and gives you the tools to trust him.

By being clear about what is happening or what is happening in the relationship, you will be able to know if he loves you or if he wants to break up because he has no special connection to you.

The point is to be honest at all times, talk about the problems and have clear communication.

7. Don’t play.

If you think that he is being unfaithful, you do not want to return the play and go running to deceive him to be even.

The best thing in this situation is to leave things alone. Being cheated on by him makes it clear what kind of person he is, so don’t stoop to his level.

And if he is not being unfaithful to you, that you go and be, let him see that the problem is you and not your partner.

You are not crazy! It’s okay to be jealous, but…

If after reading this, you still feel jealous, it is because you are with the wrong man.

That is, you are with someone who is not showing you that they love only you.

And that he is causing you to become an insecure and jealous woman, because he is not giving you the tools to trust his love and even less in his fidelity.

The best thing you can do is walk away, because you can be a jealous woman, but you are not crazy and you should not be with a man who makes you believe that the problem is you, when he is the one doing things wrong.