Tips to fall asleep fast that never fail

Insomnia is a condition with which human beings have been battling for as long as they have been. And currently one of the ills of the busy life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead. Attacking the causes of this condition is essential to be able to find mental relaxation every time night falls. For this reason, it never hurts to recover to learn by heart the best tips to sleep fast that never fail us.

What usually prevents us from sleeping fast?

Understanding what prevents us from falling asleep is essential to appease insomnia . There are several things that may be affecting the quality of your sleep, such as:

  • Stress or mild states of anxiety.
  • Lack of physical fatigue.
  • Dysregulation of melatonin (hormone that controls moments of rest).
  • Difficult to focus.
  • Abuse of coffee, tobacco, alcohol and/or copious dinners.

These are not the only reasons why we cannot fall asleep, but they are the most common. The following tips to fall asleep fast are valuable in any circumstance. Score!

Tips to help you fall asleep fast

The following tips to get to sleep fast are as natural as they are effective, so we recommend you try them all.

Perhaps, for you, some are more useful than others, so if Morpheus resists you, it is a good idea to spend time experimenting with all of them and see which one works best for you in your particular case.

Perform physical activity daily controlling fatigue levels

It is a recurring advice, but because it really works. The trick is to control your level of body fatigue. If you have never played sports on a regular basis before, overexertion is not necessary, it can even be counterproductive.

Your exercise plan should be progressive and always keep in mind to get a little more tired each time you notice that your body adapts to sustained physical activity.

Take a nutritional supplement that helps you rest better

There is a wide variety of proposals on the market regarding food supplements with melatonin , but the experiences of clients leave a convincing feedback in common: most are ineffective, with some exceptions.

The best valued proposal is that of the firm Aquilea with Aquilea Sueno Forte. They are sold in tablets with three layers that help to fall asleep quickly, maintain sleep and have quality rest. That is, have a restful sleep.

The tablets of this food supplement integrate melatonin (responsible for the time it takes us to fall asleep), Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Grifonia (5-HTP), Passionflower, California Poppy, Valerian and Melisa into its components.

Learn relaxation and meditation techniques to fall asleep fast

With these tips you can learn relaxing and natural habits that help you fall asleep quickly.

There are many types of relaxation techniques. Meditation is just one of them.

Meditation to fall asleep fast

The famous mindfulness is nothing more than another way to focus the mind on non-emotional issues and, in this way, make negative sensations vanish, temporarily or permanently.

It is important to clarify that meditation does not consist in not thinking, but in focusing the mind on something fixed and that evades us from our unnecessary mental activity at times when we are not predisposed, for whatever reason, to have constructive thoughts and adaptive.

Jakobson technique

One of the most effective fast sleep formulas is the Jakobson technique or progressive relaxation technique. It consists of a temporary exercise program with which we teach our subconscious to automatically relax muscles when it detects them to be tense.

The program is carried out for several weeks and consists of the conscious contraction and relaxation of our muscles by groups .

The Jakobson technique requires, like yoga, although in less quantity, a certain degree of effort, which is why it is a perfect resource to fall asleep quickly.

Other helpful resources to fall asleep fast

The truth is that we could avoid many temporary and circumstantial negative emotions, that is, gratuitous suffering, if we focus our attention well.

A good question to ask yourself is what we love to do : we all have a hobby. It can be reading, drawing, writing, walking… It can be anything. Just in those passions we find valuable spaces to relax and sleep faster .

Finally, if you take a food supplement to fall asleep, take it before doing your exercises to fall asleep fast.

Remember that they are all designed to relax you, so they are better metabolized when we are already in this state. This is the modern grandmother’s trick that will never fail you.