The dispute between Ericsson and Apple has ended

 Ericsson had sued Apple for the free use that it would be giving to a patent that makes 5G connection possible on its iPhone and iPad devices.

A dispute that also reached Colombia, in fact, in July a decision made by Court 43 of the Bogota Circuit prohibited the importation and sale of Apple devices with 5G connectivity in the country. Measure that was revoked in November by the Superior Court of the Judicial District Civil Chamber.

Now, the companies reached an agreement that puts an end to the lawsuits filed by both companies in various countries. “We are pleased to resolve disputes with Apple with this settlement, which is strategically important to our 5G licensing program. This will allow both companies to continue to focus on bringing the best technology to the global market,” said Christina Petersson, Ericsson’s director of intellectual property.

The agreement includes a global cross license for essential technologies and also grants other patent rights.

 This Monday Twitter Blue returns

“We are relaunching TwitterBlue on Monday: subscribe on the web for $8 a month or on iOS for $11 a month to get access to exclusive features for subscribers, including the blue checkmark”, says the trill of the official account of the company.

These users, according to the company, will receive less advertising, their tweets will have priority over messages from unverified accounts, they will be able to edit tweets and post longer videos on their accounts.

This will be the second attempt by the new owner of Twitter, the billionaire Elon Musk, to relaunch this product, which under the previous management was given free of charge.

In November, Musk canceled the verification mark within hours of its launch following a spate of fake accounts impersonating well-known people.

 A chatbot capable of answering complex questions

ChatGPT is a new chat system with which one could spend hours in a good conversation. Still in the testing phase, it allows you to chat in a multitude of languages ​​with an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of holding conversations on almost any topic, answering an infinite number of questions and creating content almost on demand.

And he does it very naturally. He is coherent, he can bring up past topics in the same conversation (like any of us) and he even realizes what to keep quiet about. How is this AI fed? Of knowledge of the web acquired until 2021.

 On MercadoLibre’s complaint against Apple

MercadoLibre assures that Apple puts sticks in the wheel in Brazil and Mexico. The Argentine multinational assures that Apple “abuses its monopoly in the distribution of applications for devices with the iOS system, imposing a series of restrictions” on the distribution of digital goods and purchases within applications.

In the complaint filed both before the Federal Competition Commission of Mexico (Cofece) and before the Administrative Council for Economic Defense of Brazil (CADE), MercadoLibre affirms that the US firm prevents it from “acting in the distribution of digital goods and services produced by third parties and compete with Apple, which offers this service”.

News on WhatsApp

The application prepares a new type of temporary or ephemeral message that has already been seen in the beta for Android (version, where it is accompanied by a new send button with a padlock.

This new button in the message composer tells the user that they are sending a read-once text message, meaning it disappears from the conversation once the recipient has opened and read it.