The 22 best series of 2022

The year 2022 has already covered half of its months, so it is time to take stock of the crop of series seen so far. Will ‘Separation’ be the fiction of this first half of the year? Or will it be the second season of ‘Euphoria’?

 The first six months of the year 2022 have already passed and have left behind a few series that have been the target of heated debates, internet memes, unwavering adherence and fierce criticism. From the emotional toughness of Euphoria to the goofy humor of Our Flag Means Death , there’s more than enough material to pick from a preliminary list of the best shows we’ve seen in 2022, so far.

Some, like season 2 of Only Murders in the Building , have been left out due to release dates, and others have not had a sufficient quorum in the newsroom for them to make the list. But these 22 offer a fairly complete overview of some of the most significant trends in fiction in these first six months of the year.

1. ‘Euphoria’ S2

Rue hits rock bottom in the second season of ‘Euphoria’.

Available on HBO Max .

The fallout from the addition of Rue—and how far he’ll go to keep her—centers much of the second season of Euphoria , which left an impressive episode centered around exactly that and one that would be odd if it didn’t land Zendaya another Emmy nomination ( and, perhaps, even his second victory). But she hasn’t been the only strong point of the season: Cassie’s self-destructive spiral and Lexi’s step forward have also been among the highlights.

2. ‘Hacks’ S2

Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, in the second season of ‘Hacks’.

Available on HBO Max .

Hacks season 2 has continued to tell the professional and personal relationship between Deborah and Ava with the codes of the romantic comedy. On this tour that they undertake to test new material, and get Deborah to return to Las Vegas with a show that deserves her to return to a major casino, the two argue, need each other, betray each other and reconcile, and all in the midst of absurd situations. like the lesbian cruise or that road manager determined to follow the schedule to the second.

3. ‘Separation’

Adam Scott is the main protagonist of ‘Separation’.

Available on Apple TV+ .

What if, when you leave work, you could forget what you have done in it and, at the same time, when you enter the office you will not remember your private life? This extreme form of conciliation is the starting point of one of the surprises of the year, Separation , a thriller that is built on the mystery of what Lumon, the company the protagonists work for, actually does, and on the reasons for which they decided to undergo such a drastic procedure.

4. ‘Better things’ S5

Pamela Adlon has finished ‘Better things’ in its fifth season.

Available on HBO Max and Disney+.

Pamela Adlon brought closure this season to the misadventures and joys of Sam, his daughters, his mother and his work as an actress that had centered Better things . The problems of growing up, the path to being who you are (which does not end when you leave adolescence behind) and how relationships with the other people in your life change over time have been some of the themes that the series has been dealing with. with humor and sensitivity. And, in the end, he has reminded us that we must always look at the bright side of life.

5. ‘Somebody Somewhere’

‘Somebody Somewhere’ is a new comedy about finding your place among other misfits.

Available on HBO Max .

Bridget Everett is a comedian with a cabaret show well known in some circles who makes her debut as a leading lady on television with a comedy created by herself. Somebody Somewhere takes us to Kansas and to a woman who feels she doesn’t fit in with her neighbors or her family. She until she finds a community of quirky guys who become her little refuge and who help her find her way.

6. ‘In my skin’

Gabrielle Creevy is the protagonist of ‘In my skin’.

Available on Filmin .

One of the big winners of the past BAFTAs was In my skin , which could be described as a teen comedy-drama and we would only scratch the surface of it. Because it could be said that its protagonist, who is 16 years old, leads a double life. In high school she is one more who tries to move as she can due to the pressures of age, but hides the reality of her family life, in which her mother is bipolar and her father is an alcoholic and the situation is always on the verge of completely falling apart.

7. ‘Pachinko’

‘Pachinko’ follows a Korean family for four generations.

Available on Apple TV+ .

For much of the first half of the 20th century, Korea was invaded by Japan. There were quite a few Korean families who, in search of a better life, immigrated to the Japanese archipelago, where their language and culture were looked down upon, and there they raised children who were a bit of a no man’s land. One of those families is the protagonist of Pachinko , an adaptation of a book by Min Jin Lee that follows two generations of Koreans in Japan and, later, in the United States.

8. ‘Abbott College’

‘Abbott College’ is the hot comedy in the United States.

Available on Disney+ .

The great revelation of the season in the United States has been Abbott College , a sitcom set in a public elementary school that is not among the most prestigious and does not have the resources to improve the quality of teaching. Its creator and protagonist, Quinta Brunson, makes it the clearest heiress to Parks & Recreation , drawing on the mockumentary style and showing that comedy can be done without forgetting about the emotional.

9. ‘The Staircase’

Colin Firth is a man accused of having killed his wife in ‘The Staircase’.

Available on HBO Max .

The case of Michael Peterson, accused of having killed his wife by throwing her down the stairs in 2001, is one of the most famous on television because of the docuseries that told it. Now, The Staircase is also a fictional miniseries that examines the personalities of those involved, especially the children and Kathleen Peterson herself, who acquires here the relevance that victims are rarely given in true crime works .

10. ‘The Dropout’

Amanda Seyfried es Elizabeth Holmes en ‘The Dropout’.

Available on Disney+ .

The series have become obsessed this year with true crimes and scams produced in Silicon Valley and, among all the premieres, The Dropout stands out for the way it tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, a young woman who, moved by her idolatry Steve Jobs, drops out of college to pursue an idea that could be revolutionary: a machine that diagnoses hundreds of diseases from a single drop of blood. The problem is that this idea was far less feasible than she was willing to admit.

11. ‘This is going to hurt’

Ben Whishaw is the protagonist of ‘This is going to hurt’.

Available in Movistar Plus+ .

The obstetrics and gynecology department of a large public hospital in London is as far from Grey’s Anatomy as you can get. The protagonist of Esto te va a doler knows this well because he is one of his doctors, one who works too many hours and suffers from a lack of budget, equipment and personnel to give the best possible care to his patients. Ben Whishaw is the protagonist of this series that is based on the memories of Adam Kay.

12. ‘Minx’

‘Minx’ delves into an erotic magazine for women in the 70s.

Available on HBO Max .

Playgirl was born in 1973, the answer to Playboy for women. That fact inspires Minx , a series with much more charm than it seems and that centers on a young aspiring writer who is also a convinced feminist and who allies with a publisher in low hours to publish the first erotic magazine for women. . Second wave feminism, the entry of softporn into mainstream entertainment in the United States, and the relationship between its characters are the keys to the series.

13. ‘Intimacy’

Ana Wagener and Itziar Ituno, in a scene from ‘Intimacy’. / David Herranz (Netflix)

Available on Netflix .

Malen and Ane have seen how their intimate videos ended up being made public. The first, deputy mayor of Bilbao, sees it directly on the news and interprets it as a way of trying to sink her thriving political career. The second is that he is shared among his colleagues at the factory where he works, becoming the object of ridicule and rumors. Intimacy starts from this fact to build a drama that explores the consequences of these violations of privacy both on the victims and on their surroundings.

14. ‘Secure’ S4

Sidse Babet Knudsen, in the fourth season of ‘Borgen’.

Available on Netflix .

Birgitte Nyborg is back, but she is no longer the Prime Minister of Denmark. Borgen ‘s fourth season presents her almost a decade later, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis in the country when oil reserves are found in Greenland that attract the attention of other countries around her and especially from Russia. Adam Price’s series adapts to the new times and, especially, to how Birgitte is after having been in power for quite some time.

15. ‘Our flag means death’

‘Our flag means death’ is more than just an absurd pirate comedy.

Available on HBO Max .

A pirate comedy. Describing Our flag means death is simple and, at the same time, complicated because the tone of this series varies with the passage of the chapters and as it finds its heart. His starting point is based on a real character: Stede Bonnet, a British Caribbean landowner who, in the 18th century, decided that what he wanted in life was to be the captain of his own pirate ship. What follows is a succession of hilarious misfortunes and a surprisingly tender love story.

16. ‘The city is ours’

Baltimore will once again be the protagonist in ‘The city is ours’.

Available on HBO Max .

David Simon and George Pelecanos return to Baltimore in The City Is Ours to tell the true story of rampant corruption in the special weapons tracking unit of the city police. In the mid-2000s, his agents stole money and drugs from the people they arrested, sometimes fabricating the charges. What Simon and Pelecanos establish is that this is a direct consequence of the militarization of the police derived from the war on drugs, a war that they are very clear has been lost since it was called that.

17. ‘Pam & Tommy’

Pamela Anderon and Tommy Lee got married in Cancun, after four days of crazy partying.

Available on Disney+ .

Pam & Tommy chooses a 90’s pop culture milestone to revisit from today’s perspective: the internet leak of a sex tape stolen from the home of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The different way in which it affected each one of them is shown in a way that, especially at the beginning, draws on a black humor that mixes the seriousness of the situation with the absurdity that surrounded it all, and ends up claiming Pamela Anderson as the victim of it all, the one who was hurt the most by the mere fact of being a woman who ran in a swimsuit on television in Baywatch .

18. ‘What a fabric, Sam’

Sofia Black-D’Elia is the protagonist of ‘What a fabric, Sam’.

Available on Disney+ .

Comedies with a sad and more serious side have opened several this year, including Life and Beth , the new creation of Amy Schumer. However, few work as well as the first season of What a Piece, Sam , whose protagonist is a young professional from New York whose alcoholism leads to her being fired from her job and returning to her mother’s house to avoid go to jail. The only possible path in her life is to detox, but she remains to see if Sam really wants to do it.

19. ‘Gentleman Jack’ S2

Suranne Jones is Anne Lister in ‘Gentleman Jack’.

Available on HBO Max .

The phase of the honeymoon, of the conquest of love, has ended in Gentleman Jack and now the real world and all the forces that acted against the clandestine marriage between Anne Lister and Ann Walker enter the fray. The second season of the series explores all the nuances of the relationship, with Lister’s past lovers rearing their heads again and Walker’s family putting increasing pressure to separate her from her and take control, again, of the entire fortune of she.

20. ‘Irma Vep’

Alicia Vikander is an actress in a peculiar movie in ‘Irma Vep’.

Available on HBO Max .

Irma Vep is a miniseries that adapts a movie about a miniseries that adapts a movie that is a remake of a silent film serial. The game of mirrors and meta-references in the work of Olivier Assayas is part of the hilarious adventures of a Hollywood actress fleeing the pressures of fame, and a sentimental breakup, on a set in France that is much more dysfunctional than usual. what appears to the naked eye.

21. ‘The Luminous Ones’

Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura, in ‘The Luminous Ones’.

Available on Apple TV+ .

How can it be that this serial killer who has murdered several women in different decades seems not to have aged a day since he attacked Kirby, the protagonist of The Shining ? The answer to that question drives the plot of this miniseries that adapts a book by Lauren Beukes and that, at the same time, portrays the trauma and post-traumatic stress suffered by Kirby through his completely fragmented perception of reality and time. Elisabeth Moss is the great protagonist, executive producer and even director of some episodes.

22. ‘The Unit’ S2

‘The Unit’ will be in the crosshairs of terrorists in the second season.

Available in Movistar Plus+ .

The second season of The Unit takes a step forward in terms of the pressure experienced by those National Police officers specialized in anti-terrorism. Now, they find themselves in the spotlight and that leads them to a situation that they have never experienced before, and that is reflected in more tense and even more spectacular episodes than the series had delivered so far. The bar is very high for a third season that is already confirmed.