The 10 most expensive works of art in the world!

Among the many works of art that you can find on the market, some turn out to be affordable and others much less so. You could even risk having rather heated discussions with your banker and losing an arm trying to hang them on the walls of your home… But as here we want to inform you of everything, here are the 10 most expensive works of art in the world this year!

1. “Ball at the Moulin de la Galette” (1876), Pierre-Auguste Renoir:

Renowned impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir represents in this painting a scene taking place at the Moulin de la Galette in Montmartre on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. On this canvas is a procession of cheerful people, enthusiastically devoting themselves to dancing and discussions.

The painter wanted here to highlight the social mix, making room for individuals from various social classes. If this is a beautiful moment of sharing, the work, by its price, is nevertheless anything but affordable… Indeed, it is at the modest price of 143 million dollars . This is what puts your interior decoration choices into perspective!

2. “Portrait of Doctor Gachet” (1890) by Vincent Van Gogh:

If the Dutch artist is known for a large number of works, the latter is one of the most expensive. It was sold for $152 million to Ryoei Saito. Painted in Auvers-sur-Oise during the last months of Van Gogh’s life, this is the portrait of his doctor, the one who took care of him until he left this world.

We can observe a man leaning on a table and provided with a benevolent look. We understand better why this canvas is so important!

3. “The Dream” (1932) by Pablo Picasso:

At the staggering price of $158 million this year, this masterpiece is also one of the most expensive paintings sold on the market. Its buyer is none other than Steven A. Cohen, manager of the Hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors.

The work brings to light a portrait of Marie-Therese Walter, his companion at the time. The red armchair in which she abandons herself to the dream says a lot about the amorous passion maintained between the two lovers.

4. “The Card Players” (1892), Paul Cezanne:

For this oil painting on canvas, the artist made different versions of this work. Indeed, the first composition to emerge highlights several characters. In the latest version, there are only two of them, the painting therefore replacing a still life. At the very reasonable price of $274 million , it was sold to the royal family of Qatar.

5. “Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer” (1907), Gustav Klimt:

Klimt portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Having worked tirelessly for three years on this canvas, Klimt knew how to highlight the subtle mixture between gold and silver. It was sold for 158 million dollars to Ronald Lauder, a billionaire, certainly!

6. “No. 5” (1948), Jackson Pollock:

A renowned expressionist painting, it was first owned by Samuel Irving Newhouse and was exhibited at the MoMa in New York. After several sales at higher prices than each other, it was sold for the sum of 165 million dollars by a buyer whose name we do not know. This is the most expensive painting ever sold in contemporary art!

7. “When are you getting married?” (1892), Paul Gauguin:

Or if you want to pronounce it the Tahitian way: Nafea faa ipoipo. We grant you, this requires a substantial work of articulation. This painting was made in French Polynesia by the post-impressionist artist. It was sold at the merciful price of 300 million dollars in Qatar. Just that…

8. “Interchange” (1955), Willem de Kooning:

This abstract expressionist oil on canvas is not without retaining the gaze of many of us. As paradoxically as it may be, it would cost us an arm and a leg… It was David Geffen, a film producer, who sold this painting to Ken Griffin for only 300 million dollars . A notable outpouring of generosity!

9. “Reclining Nude” (1917), Amedeo Modigliani:

Representing a naked woman, lying on a sheet in red tones, this work was also put at a high price: 170 million dollars , and this, to the billionaire Lui Yiqian, residing in Shanghai.

10. “Salvator Mundi” (circa 1500), Leonardo da Vinci:

And finally, in case you haven’t found what you’re looking for, we have unearthed the rare pearl for you, the sum of which amounts to 450 million dollars . This Christ portrait was sold in 2017 by Mohammed bin Salman, who is none other than the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. This is the most expensive work EVER sold . What finish this selection on the hats of wheels!