The 15 Best Social Networks Photography

What are the best photography social networks ? Or what are the best social networks to share images? Social networks are now many and more and more but to tell the truth, when it comes to posting photographs, they are more or less always the same. But how to use them? And do you have to use them all?

The social network has its own voice, its own community and a way to be used. It is certainly a good strategy to be part of excellent photographic networks.

Paradoxically, many users who post photos on the web do it the same way everywhere. And this is not the best way to exploit the potential of a social network.

Then there are those who want to use a social network on a professional level, those who are amateurs, and those who simply want to have fun. Not everyone is a photographer, even if writing yourself as a photographer is always chic on many profiles.

There are those who want to build a large audience, or hope so, those who are satisfied with a small but passionate one, those who go for user participation, and those who simply want to post compulsively.

The Best Social Networks Photography

As we have seen, each social network has its own language and you cannot be on all of them. It sure makes sense to try them out and see how you feel, but not wasting your energy on everyone would be the best strategy.

Better to choose a couple of platforms and build your own audience with these communities. And above all interact and use them well: if you have the time available.

Differentiation is also important. Since you have multiple platforms at your disposal, you might as well learn to use them differently. In the long run you will get better results.

If you want to have more confidence in your photos, you can also add watermarks, and you can use one of these best apps to write text on photos.

If you want to make money from the exercise of sharing images instead, then you better look at these best apps for selling photos.

The following selection, part of the best photography articles, is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER .


1x photographers selection

This platform is an exclusive art gallery, and it is not an average type of social network. This is how the site is defined.

The photographs are selected by a team of professionals, and you have to go through them to be published.

Passing the selection is therefore very difficult, but if you think you have what it takes, then you can certainly measure yourself against this challenge.

On the other hand, only a small amount of photos are posted to the platform every day, which means great exposure.

And this site has a large audience that follows it daily, so quality is assured.


500px social network photography

500px is one of the most interesting platforms for maintaining a high level of photographic competition. Or at least this is the intent of the social network itself.

On 500px you can create your profile, share your photos, participate in the community but also much more.

The platform also provides a structure to create your own site, and sell the photos in the internal market.

Lately a new app for the iPhone has also been born, where, in addition to shooting RAW, he has the idea of ​​containing the model releases, the marketplace, and also of the various missions. It’s a work in progress, but it could work very well.



Behance, owned by Adobe, is more of a social network for insiders.

You can share your photos but not so much for the purpose of creating a large audience but rather to network.

In fact, not only are the likes of a wider audience needed, but also collaborations between professionals.

Even if the network is smaller, it may still be a good idea to take a look at it and see if it is right for you or not.

Deviant Art


Deviant Art is probably the largest social network dedicated to artists and art lovers.

Photography plays an important role in this community but its niche and presence is particular.

Although everything can be published, it is good to first find out which categories are most sought after, and the type of audience that seeks them.

If your type of photography aligns with the environment of this platform, there will certainly be an important audience and also many collaborations.



EyeEm wanted to represent the natural antagonist of Instagram. Among the many social networks that were born when Instagram started to boom, EyeEm is perhaps the only one that has resisted.

Over time, the platform has also increasingly specialized in the sale of photographs, with its own internal marketplace. In addition, it is focusing heavily on these new intelligent selection algorithms, and so on.

Inside there are also regular missions and contests that can help you find new ideas and participate more actively in the community.

For those who often take pictures even with a smartphone, this social network is becoming more and more a stable point of reference.

However, don’t think about building a large audience in 5 minutes. The average quality of the photos is higher, and the audience is not the same as on Instagram or Facebook.


Facebook community photography

Facebook is today the social network where more photos and videos are probably shared than everyone else.

Compared to using your profile to share certain kinds of photographs, the best action is probably to choose the most interesting groups.

On Facebook there are many national and international groups where you can post your photos. Both from computer and smartphone.

It goes without saying that the larger the network of photographers, the greater the dispersion for visibility, and the greater the difference will also be the type of people.


Flickr photography archive

Flickr is one of the oldest platforms for sharing photos from both desktop and smartphone.

Over the years it has had some ups and downs and still continues to have it.

With such rapid changes and the introduction of new social networks, the platform has had some difficulties but continues to be one of the most interesting reference points.

Flickr allows you to share photos both in your profile, and with your followers, and to include them in groups.

There are many photo groups, some more active than others, and it can be a good way to give more visibility to your photos. Or find niche genres you like best.

At best, you can always use it as a personal archive.


instagram photo audience

Instagram is a platform that started out as iPhone photo sharing and then has expanded more and more to become a real marketing tool.

Instagram is a constantly growing social network, and with a majority of photo sharing. Lately the platform has been expanding more and more to videos, and even starting to copy features from other social networks, such as Snapchat.

It always remains a good point of reference to create your own personal profile and share your photos.

There is also the possibility to create a business profile, in case you are a professional photographer, and you want to create an official job page. A bit like creating a company page on Facebook. On the other hand, it is the same company.

Here, too, the audience is vast and heterogeneous. But to make big numbers today, it takes time, or a lot of investment.



Mobitog is an international forum where you can share your photos and discuss the latest news on photography applications.

It is more like a community of reference for those who take pictures with an iPhone and for all the previous iPhoneography movement.

The forum structure makes it less attractive to the very young, accustomed to the social type, but it is the only stable point of reference that has resisted the changes of recent years.

It is a small community, in English, which represents a bit of a niche for those who love Mobile photography.


Oggl by Hipstamatic

Oggl is the social network of Hipstamatic, the famous analog-style iPhone app, which represented an important point of reference in the early birth periods of the iPhoneography movement. And of which you can read a previous Complete Guide to Oggl here.

The social network can now only be used for iPhone users, and it needs to be updated a bit.

You can share your photos directly within Hipstamatic, or you can use the social network itself both to take and to add the various and famous filters.

It can be a point of reference for Hipstamatic fans, and for this type of style of vintage or particular filters. Still an excellent app, part of our best iPhone photography apps.

The social is actually in need of a refresh and modernization, but for now it still has a small community within it that continues to keep it alive.


young social snapchat

Snapchat is a social network created for the youngest and then expanded to other age groups, but still remaining very young.

The social network has become famous for its nature of sharing stories that last only 24 hours (then copied from Instagram). Or to share photos even a few seconds if sent to specific people.

The platform then expanded its ability to import photos and began to focus more and more on videos with the integration of its own glasses produced.

It’s hard to say if it’s a useful tool for photographers, but it can be a way to share part of your way of working. And reach a much younger audience.

However, you need to build your own audience, and everything may take longer than other platforms.


Steller Share Stories

Steller is a slightly different way to share your photographs. Born on the wave of storytelling, this platform allows you to create stories in a simple way.

Inside are a number of designs that you can use to make your photos more attractive.

The strength of this social network lies in the ability to share multiple photos together. At the same time you also have the possibility to write some text, and then make your own presentation.

The reference community can be smaller than large social networks but if you like its structure it can be very satisfying.


Tumblr blog photos

Tumblr is a blog-style platform where it can also be used to share photos only.

It has a particular and above all young audience, and represents a real niche to discover.

In fact, practically half of the users are under the age of 24 and are constantly looking for new things.

Some categories of photography do very well on this platform. It’s up to you to find out which ones.



Twitter is known to be a social network for sharing short messages and its main nature has remained this.

The platform has also been open to photography and video for some time and may perhaps represent an opportunity for sharing.

If it can be a point of reference for those who do photography, it is difficult to say. Many tend to also post on Twitter what they post on other social networks, but it is not exactly the best to take advantage of the social.

The platform can be exploited better if accompanied by photos and news together. Or, in any case, if you upload the photo to the social network and not posting a simple link from another network.

However, this is not a main point to post your own photographs, considering all the options that have been listed above. But you are really addicted to this network, so why not!


TRUE photography trend

Vero is a younger social network than most of the social networks mentioned. I would like to say, another social network more!

On this platform you can also share other categories and not just photos, such as books.

In short, it wants to be an alternative, and apparently it certainly has a lot of potential and a good design.

The risk here is investing your time without a certainty in the future. The advantage is that if it were to expand more and more, the first to arrive, the better the lodging.

The Best Social Networks Photography

As you have seen, there is no shortage of platforms to share photographs on the web. And it better be that way.

Some are not happy with having too many networks to manage, others take advantage of the possibility to differentiate the way they share their images, and videos.

Do you use all social media in the same way? Have you differentiated the way you use them? Do you post the same photos all over the place?

Some photography social networks are younger, others older, others do a bit of everything and others are dedicated only to photos, and now videos.

The best advice is to leave calmly and avoid posting dozens and dozens of photographs in a short time.

Better to make a good distribution between posting, looking at other profiles, leaving comments on other people, and creating a stable audience over time.