How to increase self-esteem in 7 steps

A healthy self-esteem is fundamental to a person’s well-being. Find out how to develop it. Self-esteem is that muscle we should all exercise at all times. More than an action, it is a mental and emotional state that makes us feel good about ourselves. In this sense, self-esteem is important for living well. It influences our relationship to others, the image we project at work and the way we deal with problems.

Likewise, it must be said that we are faced with a fundamental dimension for our well-being. Its brilliance, the energy with which it makes us move and deploy, guarantees us, for example, to better choose the people who make up our lives. It also means being able to tackle any challenge, big or small, with better resources.

Self-esteem is, so to speak, a state of appreciation that arises when we do things for ourselves. Like, for example, when we invest in our psychological, emotional and spiritual development. It is a dynamic dimension that allows us to develop our assets, to improve our quality of life…

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem doesn’t just mean feeling good. It’s not something that can be done by taking care of our image, doing inspiring readings, spending quality time with our loved ones or enjoying activities we love alone. As rewarding as these things are, self-esteem is not that.

Above all, it defines our capacity to appreciate what we do and to value the person we are. These are dimensions that are often flouted due to poor parenting, an authoritarian education or one marked by indifference…

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Self-esteem is a state that does not admit doubts or moments of weakness. This psychic tendon requires care and develops through actions that make us mature. When we act, for example, intelligently, safeguarding our interests and values, when we begin to accept our weaknesses and strengths better and have less need to explain our shortcomings.

We in turn are faced with a state that makes us feel compassion for ourselves, as human beings struggling to find personal meaning. Thanks to this, we are more focused on our purpose and our values, those that we hope to achieve through our own efforts.

7 steps to increase self-esteem

Now let’s think about the following dimensions to increase self-esteem.

1. Be mindful and aware

People with higher self-esteem tend to know what they think, feel, and want. They are aware of who they are and put it into practice; they don’t act on what others want for them.

Although many of us agree with this approach, we don’t always apply it as we should. We neglect ourselves, we let go of what bothers us, we sometimes put ourselves behind to prioritize others, and with all that, self-esteem frays. Let’s avoid this: let’s appreciate the person we are and what we are worth.

2. Act on your needs, not your wishes

To love does not mean to satisfy the desires of the other, but to try to offer him what he needs . Self-love works on the same principle. If you focus on what you need, you will stay away from unhealthy automatic behaviors, those that cause you problems or keep you stuck in the past.

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3. Practice good self-care for better self-esteem

One way to increase self-esteem is to take better care of your basic needs . People who love each other nurture themselves daily through healthy activities, including good nutrition, exercise, good sleep, intimacy, and healthy social interactions.

Therefore, do not hesitate to devote the time you deserve, do not be afraid to prioritize yourself. Because self-love is not selfishness, it is a health exercise for one’s own physical, mental and emotional balance.

4. Set boundaries

A person who loves themselves has the courage to set boundaries and say “no” to anything that affects them physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This practice costs us dearly but, in the end, is more than necessary for our well-being.

Practice it without fear or state of mind. Boundaries help us improve the quality of our relationships and ultimately increase self-esteem.

Setting limits is necessary if you want to increase self-esteem.

5. Protect yourself from toxic people

A person who loves himself protects himself from toxic people and does not waste time with those who try to poison his mind. Believe it or not, around you there may be more than one profile with these characteristics. Therefore, learn how to deal with them effectively, because it’s not just about running away or putting distance.

Self-esteem also means knowing how to face the most complex situations, knowing how to impose one’s rights and one’s needs.

6. Forgive yourself to ensure good self-esteem

Human beings can be very hard on themselves. However, being responsible for our actions does not imply punishing us eternally. People who love each other learn from their mistakes, accept their humanity and forgive each other.

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7. Live with intention

To accept and love yourself more, being aware of what is happening in your life, it is good to have at least one goal . If your intention is to live a meaningful and healthy life, you must make the decisions that support that intention. This will allow you to be good with yourself when you succeed in this goal. You will find that you can love yourself much more if you see how you achieve what you set out to do. For this, it is necessary to establish your life intentions.

8. Accept that you can’t control everything.

To increase self-esteem, it is also necessary to understand that we cannot control everything we want . There will always be external situations that will escape us and, if we do not assume it, we will be doomed to disagreement, frustration and unhappiness.

For example, we cannot control the actions of others, the uncertainty of the future, the economy of the society we live in, or the opinion others have of us. If that was your wish, it’s time to change it.

Therefore, if you want to strengthen the love you have for yourself, the ideal is that you begin to accept that not everything can adjust to what you expect. And this is a good thing. In fact, the beauty of life lies in its ability to surprise us. So relax a bit and let her surprise you.

We cannot love the other more than we love ourselves: we must therefore learn to love ourselves in order to be able to offer a more authentic and meaningful love to those around us. Think about it, it’s worth it.