Sam Worthington and his best movies: from Avatar to Everest

In 2009,  Sam Worthington had a high and important moment in his career, he appeared as the protagonist of the film that  James Cameron took more than a decade to make and that became one of the highest grossing in the history of cinema. (even surpassing Avengers: Endgame). 

James Cameron ‘s movie  was Avatar , where the British actor became a war veteran who, after the death of his brother, agrees to take part in a mission that takes him to Pandora, a planet where he meets the people of Na ‘vi and where he ends up joining their cause to defend his home from the colonizers who intend to destroy it. 

But Worthington ‘s career  isn’t limited to  Avatar (or the sequel called The Waterway), he’s appeared in a host of films of all kinds (from true stories to epics based on mythology) and although Not all of them are as big as Avatar, most of them have interesting stories, full of action and perfect moments. 

To really get to know the actor’s work, you have to see the world of Pandora and beyond, starting with these movies.  

Sam Worthington and his best movies: from Avatar to Everest

Avatar – Disney+

This 2009 film won 3 Oscars and is currently one of the highest grossing in history. Here,  Worthington is a wheelchair-bound ex-Marine who agrees to take part in a program that sees him place his consciousness in an Avatar, which he must use to approach the natives of  Pandora , the Na’vi, to learning all about them, while an organization aims to conquer the planet and use it to extract its resources. Jake (Worthington) must decide between doing his job, or helping this town that becomes more and more important to him. 

Avatar: The Waterway – theaters (coming soon Disney+)

The Avatar sequel  stars Kate Winstel, Michelle Yeoh, Zoe Saldana, and Worthington .  the story takes place a few years after the events of the first, Jake Sully is now a family man and lives in Pandora as one of the Na’vi, but an old threat from his past appears and seeks to complete the mission that he did not finish , so he must fight again to protect his home and save his family. 

Clash of the Titans / Wrath of the Titans – HBO Max

Worthington appears alongside  Ralph Fiennes, Lian Neeson and Rosamund Pike in these films where he plays Perseus, the mythological character. The story begins when Perseus, half human and half god, must fight against Hades and the creatures of the underworld, who seek to destroy humanity and conquer Olympus. 

In the sequel, Perseus must rescue Zeus, who was captured by Hades, and help stop the Titans that were released on the world. 

Everest – Star+

This movie is based on the incredible true story of an Everest expedition. Worthington, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal  star in the film about a group of climbers who team up to climb Everest in the 1990s, but something goes wrong on their expedition and they get trapped on the mountain, where they must find a way to escape. Survive and save as many men as possible.  

Hacksaw Ridge – Amazon Prime 

Andrew Garfield and Worthington star together in this war story that is based on a true case. This is the story of  Desmond T. Dos , a doctor who refuses to kill a single man during the war, but who helped save dozens of lives in the field and became the first man to receive a Medal of Honor without have fired a gun. 

Terminator: Salvation – Star+

Christian Bale is John Connor and Sam Worthington is Marcus Wright  in this film that takes place in 2018, when John Connor is preparing an attack on Skynet. Just before the attack, Kyle Reese (here is a teenager) is kidnapped and a man named Marcus Wright offers to help him, but it is soon revealed that Marcos is not what he seems and Connor must decide if he can be trusted or if he could be the enemy 

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken – Amazon Prime 

This movie with  Anthony Hopkins is more about a kidnapping. The story centers on the planning and execution of the kidnapping of beer magnate Alfred Heineken in the 1980s, by a group of men who end up demanding the largest ransom ever paid by a single person, but the Things don’t go as they thought and their plan ends in disaster.

Fractured – Netflix 

This Netflix thriller casts  Worthington as a family man on a road trip with his wife and daughter, but the road trip must come to a halt when the girl has an accident where she breaks her arm and needs to go to the hospital. There, the girl disappears and her father must do everything possible to find out what happened, while everything becomes less clear and more complicated, making him start to doubt what he thinks he knows and what he is sure happened. 

Manhunt: Unabomber – Lionsgate+

This is more of a miniseries. Worthington appears in the first season that talks about the case of the criminal known as  Unabomb , a terrorist who was wanted by the FBI after sending packages with bombs to different locations, giving rise to one of the largest “hunts” in criminal history. from United States.