The 33 professions of the future in vogue on the market!

Have you ever wondered what the labor market will look like in a few years? It is a fact that the definitions of work have changed, mainly due to technology. In fact, in recent years, the company has focused its attention on the professions of the future.

The pandemic and the changes in habits it has brought about have meant that certain trends, previously limited to certain market niches, have been widely adopted. Online teaching, telecommuting… all of this demonstrates the extent to which this transformation is a one-way street.

If you’re just starting out in your career, chances are you’ve got a whole host of questions running through your head, and you’ve already realized that traditional jobs may have undergone drastic changes in the past few years.

You may not yet know whether you should go to college for a bachelor’s degree or invest in another career that would bring you more happiness. The options are many, but it’s essential to keep an eye out for trades that will be most in demand in the future.

Or you may already have a career plan but want to keep up to date with the changing job market. 

Know that this doubt is frequent and, inevitably, must be taken into account by the active population.

If this is your case, this article is for you! We’ll talk about how innovations can affect today’s professions, what the future holds, and the best way forward when thinking about the new wave of technology.

Why is it important to know the jobs of tomorrow?

A few years ago there was a lot of talk about new technologies and how the world was going to change drastically around 2020. Many curious predictions were made about how our lives would be affected by these changes.

The fact is that we are living through a technological revolution that until now only existed in science fiction stories.

If Generation X were looking for stability and the acquisition of possessions, Millennials, on the other hand, are looking for experience.

Generation Z was born in the digital age and is made up of more active young people who do a lot of things at the same time. And it’s no wonder that they represent the technological future, since they are always on the lookout for such trends.

More and more people are using private transportation apps, just as more and more people prefer renting property to live in rather than buying their own.

The logic of the labor market will always be aligned with that of scientific innovation, technological development and the appearance of new demands in the world.

This is why we talk so much about innovative companies, which do nothing but adapt to social demand.

Companies like AirBnb and Uber weren’t born by chance.

And it is on the basis of this market analysis that we now move on to predictions of the trades that will be in high demand in the years to come!

Here is a series of Hotmart tips presenting the main trades of tomorrow. Look at this :

33 professions that are and will be booming

It is normal for certain professions to fall into disuse over the years. For example, there are already residential and commercial condominiums without a concierge. In this case, in the future, the profession of concierge will be replaced by a 24-hour electronic monitoring center.

What we mean is that even with the disappearance of certain professions, others will be created to meet new needs and generate profitable activities. Here are a few :

1. Software Developers

They are and will be valued professionals in the market for a long time to come, as they are part of the group that creates the systems that automate processes.

Without the developers, nothing we know would work today. They are the ones who analyze, understand, run and maintain the platforms and coding languages ​​that keep businesses running smoothly.

2. User/Customer Experience Specialists

This professional aims to ensure that the customer has all the necessary advice on a product or service purchased. In addition, he is responsible for ensuring that communication with the customer is done effectively, to guarantee his satisfaction and loyalty.

These professionals are found in e-commerce companies and other platforms that value results and a positive customer experience.

3. Digital influencers

Digital influencers are already experiencing a meteoric rise and they are not done talking about them.

The digital influencer has total control of social networks, including Instagram. The great success of these professionals is explained by the fact that they are people in contact with people, not brands.

But brands already know this and are investing more and more in partnerships with these influencers, whether they are content creators with millions of subscribers, or nano-influencers, with a smaller audience (less than 5000 subscribers), but more segmented. 

4. Content Creator Agents

There are already agencies/professionals who deal with the careers of digital influencers and the trend is that this number is increasing.

Creator agents help influencers find partnerships with brands, also provide them with advice and effective management of their careers.

5. Online teachers

A big trend in the professions of tomorrow is that of online teachers. Distance education (EAD) is expected to develop in the years to come and teachers have begun to consider that the virtual classroom model makes it possible to reach a greater number of students.

It’s a big bet to increase the income of these professionals who live from sharing their knowledge. The online training market is increasingly specialized.

6. Coaching

The coach helps others to evolve in various areas of their lives, but mainly at the professional level.

There are coaches in different areas, such as finance, relationships, emotional intelligence, weight loss, spiritual, etc.  

For those who wish to become a coach, there are specific schools for this training, which teach techniques and tools to help future clients.

7. Sports trainer

The way social networks have generated an even more body cult than before will also influence the demand from people who want an almost daily follow-up to keep in shape.

Many people find it difficult to be physically active and need the help of a specialized coach to find this discipline. To meet this demand, sports trainers have appeared with a training program suitable for everyone.

8. Digital Marketing Professional

Although marketing is an old discipline, this professional is occupying an increasingly prominent place in the online environment, creating an even more Internet-centric professional specialization.

9. Big Data Analyst

This professional analyzes all the information coming from a system circulating on the internet and which can influence a business/society, by mastering Data Science.

The digital world relies heavily on data to analyze and improve processes. It is for this reason that the Big Data analyst appeared, responsible for collecting and interpreting data of different types.

10. Community Manager

This professional is responsible for communicating with consumers and the community that gravitates around a company in order to gather opinions to improve the activity and the positioning of the company with these people.

Some companies already have professionals with this function, which is expected to grow in the years to come. This is an essential function within organizations, as they are the ones who ensure the culture of the company, thus creating fans of the brand.

11. Environmental Engineer 

The environment has undergone drastic changes in recent years and this profession has become essential.

This professional must today is to reconcile technology and environment. The need to create new environmental management systems and solutions to help the planet is undeniable.

12. Hospital Engineer

Technology in hospitals is also evolving and new devices are appearing to facilitate treatments, surgeries and the daily life of healthcare professionals.

This is why the hospital engineer is one of the professions of the years to come. Their main function is to collect and apply all the technologies considered essential to solve the most varied hospital problems.

13. Information Security Manager

This professional will ensure that all digital information of a particular company or institution is protected against fraud and hacking.

With the development of technology, malicious people have also appeared, eager to steal the personal data of people and companies. Information security professionals not only ensure that this data is protected, but they also help create new solutions.

14. Responsible for the collection and treatment of waste

The production of waste has increased considerably, especially of the solid type, which has generated the need for management of this material that we produce massively.

The waste collection and treatment manager is able to see it from a different angle, creating new projects and new features to give a second life to discarded materials.

15. Architect and 3D engineer

In the engineering, architecture and urban planning sector, it will be possible to design 3D environments and, therefore, professionals will have to specialize in this field to offer a real experience to their client.

16. Connected objects developer

These are glasses, lenses, watches and other equipment with technological means that make people’s lives easier.

And professionals capable of developing these devices will be among the most sought after in the years to come.

17. Image Advisor

In the same way as we mentioned the Coach focused on physical activities, the image consultant intervenes to give the best advice to all those who want to work on their appearance. 

This goes for both personal and professional life and can relate to anything from how you cut your hair to how you dress.

18. Responsable innovation

Even though this term may seem quite generic, it is already possible to find companies that offer this position.

This professional will be responsible for rethinking a company’s strategies, either in its core business or in a specific area, in order to improve its business model.

We know that for a company to stand out on the market, it must innovate and think outside the box. More and more competitors are appearing, and the role of the innovation manager is to always be one step ahead.

19. Geneticist

This is already a profession that is set to become even more present in the years to come. The role of a geneticist is to identify the diseases that a person is likely to contract in the long term and to act in prevention even before the appearance of symptoms.

20. Talent Manager

The talent manager goes beyond the function performed by the human resources sector today. It is necessary to identify and act more effectively on the strengths and weaknesses of people, to enable them to be excellent professionals.

The talent manager, in addition to allowing professionals to be the best, intervenes in the recruitment of new employees who are equally talented, thus helping to keep the company’s culture strong and to reduce turnover.

21. Inside Sales Representative

Free translation of “Inside Sales Representative”. The customer has acquired greater decision-making power and, for this reason, companies that work mainly in the B2B market tend to have salespeople who only approach potential customers when they have already shown some interest in the product. .

This means sales will be increasingly personalized and assertive to each prospect.

22. E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce is already a trivialized economic model in people’s lives. However, with so many virtual shops competing on the Internet, it will be necessary to stand out to attract customers. This is why the e-commerce specialist still has a long professional life ahead of him.

23. Mental health professionals

Care-of-the-mind professions (therapists and psychiatrists, for example) will continue to grow. And the explanation is simple: it is still very unlikely that machines will replace the personalized care that these professionals provide to their patients.

24. Renewable or alternative energy specialist

Concern for the environment continues to grow, and it will not end in the next few years. On the contrary ! 

It is more and more important to think of alternative resources that do not cause harm to the environment. This professional is therefore of the utmost importance.

25. Finance Officer

This professional is and will be for many years essential to small and large companies to manage their money and keep their accounts.

Even though there are artificial intelligences that do calculations better than humans, this job still involves decisions that computers are not yet capable of making.

26. Walker-Talker

Walkers-Talkers are independent professionals engaged to spend time with elderly clients through an online platform, which allows them to listen and talk to them.

It is a different profession from that of the traditional carer for the elderly, who must take care of the medicines, the toilet and the food.

But if you think the Walker-Talker isn’t real, you’re wrong. Many older people live far from their families and often don’t have someone to talk to. They therefore need to be listened to by someone who really pays attention to what they say.

27. The quantum machine learning analyst

The Quantum Machine Learning Analyst is responsible for researching and developing state-of-the-art solutions to increase the speed and performance of system algorithms.

It is one of the most promising professions, in particular because of its quantum component, which is a differential. The big step for the coming years is to think about careers involving creativity and relationships.

These are indeed functions that artificial intelligence cannot yet reproduce with precision.

29. Traffic Manager

The traffic manager plays a fundamental role in the company. Its function is to manage paid media campaigns, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It also performs A/B tests to identify areas for improvement in conversion.

The search for professionals specializing in this field is increasingly strong, mainly because paid media is an excellent source of customer and lead acquisition. Without a specialist, companies can suffer heavy losses.

30. Social Media Manager

The social media manager plans, creates and analyzes publications on social networks. Thus, paid traffic management is a growing profession and, with the emergence of new networks, more and more companies will need to call on these professionals.

31. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for designing, building, and managing websites using programming languages. As the internet is definitely here to stay, the need for developers will increase in the years to come.

32. UX Designer

The UX Designer is responsible for ensuring that the design designed for a website or application meets the needs of the user, through innovative and attractive solutions.

User experience must be taken into account for the success of marketing strategies, as it focuses on site sustainability, interaction and conversion. The demand is high and those who decide to work in this field will have plenty of market opportunities.

33. Creator Economy

Gone are the days when a company’s sole purpose was to sell its product. One of the most promising jobs for the future is that of content creator. This one is linked to the Economy of Creators, or Creator Economy, you know? 

This term emerged from the capitalization of the creator’s work when making live videos, recording videos for YouTube or Instagram Stories, recording audios or even writing blog posts teaching how to make a podcast, for example.

According to Forbes, the volume of the Creator Economy is now just over $100 billion. 

The creators’ proposal is to create a new way of communicating with the public, developing trust and influencing the process of purchasing products and services.

The content creator does not always work independently, but can become a brand sought after by other companies, since working on the Internet creates greater freedom of strategic choices for the creator.

Indeed, many brands have already realized the power of influencers in the country and are increasingly leveraging this strategy to establish an emotional and lasting connection with their consumers.

Therefore, practicing this profession can be promising! Digital is booming and e-commerce continues to grow, providing good opportunities for content creators of any niche.

How to adapt to change and move towards the professions of tomorrow?

Despite the apprehension of some professionals when they learn that their careers could end, it should be noted that many of them will only go through an evolutionary process.

An electrician, for example, will need to specialize in installing automatic devices for homes and smart offices.

It is necessary to prepare both for the new dynamic assumed by societies and for the adoption of new specializations that the new labor market will require.

Always stay tuned to news that arises in the technological world and in companies that are rising in power.

Also pay attention to your surroundings and see how you can help resolve the situations you find yourself in.

And, of course, you have to study and seek out various sources of knowledge, even if you are already well positioned professionally.

How new generations are changing the labor market

The way of transmitting knowledge has also evolved. More and more teachers, specialists and educational institutions are relying on the Internet to provide distance education. The advantage of this model lies in the possibility of reaching a large number of people with this content, regardless of the day or time.

In the not-too-distant future, we can envision classes with virtual reality glasses, which simulate the presence of an instructor or the practice of the transmitted content.

In his TEDx talk, Michael Bodekaer explains how virtual reality will revolutionize science education, as you can see in the video below:

Recently, a World War II veteran revisited the city he liberated from the Nazis using virtual reality glasses. Meetings with distant relatives, corporate meetings, communication with people all over the world: all communication can be redefined with a single device.

Professions that risk becoming obsolete

Societies tend to become more intelligent and automated. With this in mind, it is possible to predict that the more a certain job is operational and repetitive, the more it will tend to disappear over the years.

We can cite supermarket cashiers, for example.

Amazon recently launched Amazon Go, which is nothing more than a supermarket without cashiers. The customer identifies himself on his Amazon account when he arrives in the shop and a kind of virtual basket is created.

When he leaves the site, he will be billed to the same account where he registered. If you found this very interesting, watch the video presenting this new technology:

Introducing Amazon Go and the World’s Most Advanced Shopping Technology

Telemarketers are being replaced by automated customer service, as are bank tellers, since everything can already be done by cellphone or ATM.

Replacing human labor with machines in operational processes reduces the costs of society and therefore the trend is that even large traditional corporations are adapting to this model.

We’ve learned once before, with Kodak, that companies that don’t modernize are swallowed up by those that promote innovation.

Special attention

Talking about the future of professions means predicting which ones will experience growth and are likely to give a satisfactory financial return, but the notion of success has also evolved.

Young people entering the job market are looking for welcoming and relaxed environments, with a purpose aligned with their future goals. In other words, professional development should take on more and more meaning.

We have written an article on this subject and, if you are about to make an important decision in your professional life, we recommend that you read it, by clicking here.