Movies for this time chosen by a Christmas fan

It’s not Christmas if you haven’t seen these movies, or at least that’s what happens in many homes around the world. In my house it was always like this, since December 1 the Christmas movie marathon officially began.

When I was little, movies were a way to bring me closer to my favorite time of the year. I even remember one year in which I decided to send several letters to Santa Claus to make sure he didn’t forget my house on his journey. 

Now, with more years and less family together, the holidays have a touch of nostalgia that is difficult to put aside. We understand it and we have also experienced it. For this reason, from Diners we have gathered the films with which we have laughed the most and remembered the joy of running to uncover the gifts. here they go 

Holy Clause 

This movie starring Tim Allen already has three installments and a new series on Disney + where the story of Scott Calvin is told, a man who accidentally becomes Santa Claus. 

Since I found this film, there hasn’t been a Christmas in which I didn’t repeat its three installments. For this reason, today I am also sharing this incredible experience with you. 

On Christmas night, Scott, a person who believes little or nothing in the Christmas Eve story, finds a man dressed as Santa Claus on his roof and accidentally causes him to trip and fall. There he begins a story that evokes laughter and nostalgia for the whole family and that you can find available on Disney +. 

The promised gift

How much would you go to get a Christmas present from someone you love?

This film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Christmas classic that reflects the importance of family and even has a bit of action in the search for Turbo-Man, the dream doll of Jamie, the son of the protagonist of the film. 

The promised gift is available on the Disney + streaming platform. 

The Polar Express 

This animated film portrays the story of a group of children who are on board The Polar Express, a magical train that is destined for the North Pole so that they can meet Santa Claus. 

I’m not lying to you, I’ve cried every time I repeat this movie to myself, but that’s not the point. In this story, the protagonist, whose name is never revealed, is a skeptical boy who walks a path full of nostalgia, imagination, childhood and melancholy that will surely make him fully feel the Christmas spirit. 

This movie is available on Prime Video and for some Latin American countries, although not in Colombia, it is also on Netflix. 

Last Christmas

Although not a classic, this movie is definitely perfect for people who love to watch Christmas romances. Here is the story of Katarina, played by Emily Clark, an artist in progress who lets her life pass without taking advantage of it and Tom (Henry Golding) a mysterious man who volunteers at a homeless shelter. 

Last Christmas is not only set in cold Christmas England, but also reflects on family relationships, second chances and the importance of community. It’s a perfect movie to watch on a cold day with a hot chocolate and perhaps some tissues on hand. 

This movie is available on Prime Video. 

The Christmas Chronicles 

Although the film was released only in 2018, the truth is that it is very likely that it will become a Christmas classic. Starring Kurt Russell, this film shows a very funny rocker Santa Claus who needs the help of Teddy and Kate, two young people who have just lost their father. 

The Christmas Chronicles not only builds a new version of Santa Claus, but also navigates themes of grief, loss, family, and what Christmas truly means. 

This movie is a Netflix original and is available on that platform. 


Not everyone is a fan of Christmas, you have to accept it, and for those who don’t enjoy the “cheesy” festivities of the time, The Grinch is a perfect movie to laugh and enjoy. 

Here the story of a Dr. Seuss classic is told with the interpretation of Jim Carrey, who stars in the story of the atypical green character who wants to destroy Christmas in a small town. 

This movie is available on Netflix.