Intruders from other worlds in churches and cathedrals

Throughout history, man has wanted to immortalize his mark on his creations. The cathedrals and churches are loaded with them, since there are many hands for years and years that toiled in their construction. Biblical scenes, angels and demons, gargoyles that attract the attention of passers-by. But the deterioration they have suffered throughout history has given rise to restorations and the “master stonemasons” have also wanted to leave their signature, but in a more original way, casting figures from the so-called pop culture, which at one point caused ” stupor” and “surprise”, but that nowadays attract thousands and thousands of visitors to look for that intruder. Below we show you a list of those that can be seen in different parts, not only in Spain, but throughout the world.

Palencia Cathedral

Our first stop is the cathedral of Palencia. “The Unknown Beauty”, which is this year as well as its anniversary. There the visitor can discover a curious gargoyle. A photographer holding an old camera in his hands, outside one of the apse chapels. A figure that dates from the beginning of the 20th century, created by Jerónimo Arroyo and that served to honor the figure of a very popular character in the city.The photographer of the cathedral of PalenciaThe photographer of the cathedral of Palencia.

But at the top of the door of San Juan of this same cathedral, we came across another surprise. Two aliens in homage to the Ridley Scott film, and created in 1995. Of course, you need good binoculars or a very keen eye to discover them.

Cathedral of Salamanca

Rare scene that can be seen on the facade of the Salamanca cathedral. The figure of an astronaut that has little or nothing to do with the rest of the characters that abound in this exquisite work of art. A figure made in 1992 on the occasion of The Ages of Man, but which is accompanied by others such as the dragon eating ice cream , as well as a lynx. A few meters away is the University of Salamanca, where on its façade many visitors strive to find the famous frog.He astronaut from the cathedral of SalamancaThe astronaut of the cathedral of Salamanca.

Calahorra Cathedral

In the cathedral of Calahorra (La Rioja), we find another peculiar figure, Nothing more and nothing less than a mobile phone and with its own date, the year 1996. A genius of the stonemason of those times to leave a mark of the Nokia that existed for those dates. One of the first models, outdated now, but at the time causing a sensation.

Church of Santa Maria la Mayor in Trujillo

Very curious that in a church of Trujillo appears the shield of the Athletic Club b. Well, it’s real and it’s in the bell tower of the Romanesque church of Santa María la Mayor. In 1972 this shield was sculpted by Antonio Serván, and this act was the subject of debate in Franco’s council of ministers and caused a stir at that time. Today is one more curiosity.Shield of Barsa in the Cathedral of the Sea in BarcelonaBarsa’s coat of arms in Barcelona’s Cathedral of the Sea.

Cathedral of the Sea of ​​Barcelona

And also a shield, but this one from FC Barcelona can be seen in one of the stained glass windows of the Basilica of Santa María del Mar in Barcelona. It was a tribute to the Catalan club that had donated money for the reconstruction of the cathedral after the damage suffered by a fire during the Civil War.

Washington National Cathedral

But also abroad there are curious scenes. Perhaps the most striking is in the Washington National Cathedral, where the universe “Star Wars” has slipped. An initiative of the National Geographic World magazine resulted in a decorative sculpture with the face of Darth Vader. It dates from the year 1980.Darth Vader at Washington National CathedralDarth Vader at Washington National Cathedral.

Chapel of Behleen in Nantes

In this small church located in the French town of Nantes we find Grizmo and Stripe in two of their gargoyles. And who are they? Well, several characters from the movie Gremmlins, a blockbuster from the 80s.The evil Stripe of the Gremlins in the Chapel of Bethleem in NantesThe evil Stripe of the Gremlins in the Chapel of Bethleem in Nantes.

Paisley Abbey in Scotland

In the vicinity of Glasgow is this abbey where you can see another great gargoyle in homage to “Alien”, as the result of one of the restorations that this Gothic building underwent in the early 90s of the last century.Alien in Scottish Paisley AbbeyAlien in the Scottish Abbey of Paisley.

Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands

The angel talking on the mobile in the catholic cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in the Netherlands

The angel speaking on the mobile in the Catholic Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in the Netherlands.

And our journey ends in Dutch lands, and one of the most recent figures built. There is an angel talking to the mobile . Specifically in the Hertogenbosch Cathedral. And it is that the celestial figures have also been updated with new technologies.