Hollywood scandals: the 10 cases that shook the world of stars

You know, Hollywood stars are always in the spotlight, and being famous and popular is something not everyone can handle easily. There is no privacy.

Among all the scandals, some can ruin the career of our heroes, someone you have surely heard so much about. So here are ten scandals that shook the foundations of Hollywood!

Chris Brown and beating Rihanna

Well, we have to admit that Chris Brown is a good singer and a good dancer, but he dumped his promising career in the bathroom, after beating up his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna . For this reason, the singer was arrested, however, after paying a bail of $ 50,000, he was immediately released. According to The News Of The World , Rihanna had forgiven the violent Brown, but she changed her mind after arguing with her family and friends close to her.

Hollywood scandals

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and sex addiction

Three days after Sandra Bullock won her first Oscar in 2010, it was discovered that her husband Jesse James was guilty of treason to his wife with several women for a long time. James has become – by his own admission – “the most hated man in the world” .

Following the scandal, Jesse James was treated in rehab for sex addiction, while Bullock immediately filed for divorce. This, however, did not stop her, and she decided to continue the process of adopting her her son Louis her, alone. Years later, James claimed he had “no regrets”.

Hollywood scandals

Out of control Britney Spears shaves her head

After yet another night of madness, Britney Spears finds herself without hair. Always in the spotlight, for better or for worse, the important thing is that you talk about it. After being briefly hospitalized in a detox center, the singer went to her hair salon in Los Angeles, she took an electric razor and shaved to zero , alone, under the eyes of dozens of amazed witnesses. Family members publicly stated that the woman at the time “was screwing up her life”.

“She came in and said she wanted to shave her head and when we refused to do it, she grabbed the electric razor and did it all herself,” the hairdresser said. Needless to say, the photos of the bald singer soon went viral.

Hollywood scandals

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were once known as Hollywood’s power couple, before Angelina Jolie stepped onto the scene. Aniston and Pitt had been married for five years and had been together for seven. The couple separated in 2005. Brad and Angelina fell in love on the set of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith ‘  and have been together ever since, before splitting up in 2016.

Hollywood scandals

Woody Allen marries his stepdaughter

Woody Allen literally shocked the world in 1992. Allen had been in a relationship with Mia Farrow since 1980, and together they had adopted children. In 1992 Farrow discovered some compromising photos of Woody with one of his 20-year-old stepdaughters and all hell broke loose. Allen left Mia and married Soon-Yi Previn on December 22, 1997. They have been a couple ever since.

Hollywood scandals

Red light scandal for Ben Afflleck

Ben Affleck is certainly the protagonist of one of the most recent scandals: ended up in the eye of the media viewfinder, the actor and ex-husband of Jennifer Garner, was  accused of having molested an actress and then a TV presenter during a broadcast.

The actress is Hilarie Burton, and on the emotional wave unleashed by the Weinstein case, she stated that she was harassed by the actor. It was 2003 and the girl, then 21, was conducting a program on MTV. It was there that Affleck, her guest, approached her and touched her left breast.

<>, Burton tweeted. And a few hours later the actor apologized publicly, also strictly with a tweet.

And it is a double complaint, the one that rained on the Affleck house for sexual harassment, which also hangs on the head of his brother Casey Affleck, moved by two women who collaborated in the making of I’m here , a documentary dedicated to River Phoenix. A defamatory accusation, so much so that when he won the Oscar, no one applauded him.

Hollywood scandals

Wrath in India for a kiss by Richard Gere

A kiss in public by Richard Gere gives scandal in India. The actor, testimonial of an anti-AIDS campaign, sparked the revolt of Hindu nationalists, who took to the streets in Mumbai, Varanasi and Meerut to shout their anger.

“Let’s kill the infidel who tarnished our culture” , the Hindu extremists had praised in the square, against the actress Shilpa Shetty , 31, even the subject of death threats after the kiss with the famous American actor, 57, of Buddhist faith.

Brandon Lee’s death

Without a shadow of a doubt, however, among the most mysterious disappearances, carried out in the most obscure circumstances, is the death of  Brandon Lee . Transfigured into protagonist Eric Draven, Brandon was supposed to enter an apartment recreated on the set of The Crow .

With shopping bags in hand. he had to be attacked, according to the script of the film, by some criminals. Actor Michael Massee , playing the character of Funboy, was supposed to shoot the young actor of Asian descent. It should have been a simple recovery. Yet, in the Los Angeles studios eight days after filming for The Crow , the scene became deadly. It was March 31, 1993.

Charlie Chaplin’s Child Brides

Chaplin was the most beloved of all silent film stars. But he also had a fondness for very young women . His first wife, Mildred Harris , was only 17 (and Chaplin 29) when they married in 1918 due to a pregnancy: they divorced in 1921.

Chaplin then married 16-year-old Lita Gray in Mexico, due to a pregnancy. His third wife, Paulette Goddard , was 21 when they started dating, but his fourth and last wife, Oona O’Neill  (pictured), was 18 (at 54) when they got married on June 16. 1943 and remained together until his death on December 25, 1977.

Hollywood scandals

Bill Cosby

In the collective imagination he is above all the protagonist of the television series “The Robinsons” , the moralizing dad that everyone, in the Eighties, dreamed of having. You make a mess, he helps you to get out of it without making it too heavy, but still explaining to you how it is to be in the world. Think about the impact that the rape allegations had , which rained down on him starting in 2004. Sad but true: Doctor Robinson only existed on the small screen.

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