10 benefits of having a cat: that’s why it’s good for your health

The cat: an enigmatic animal that has accompanied and perhaps, who knows, even amused our ancestors since ancient times . Already in ancient Egypt these animals, in fact, were not only venerated as real deities, but already kept company in the houses since they were just domesticated by this ancient but highly evolved people.

Today, in addition to having become real “influencers” – on social networks we lose count of the funny videos and posts dedicated to them – they are the first pet chosen by Italian families : it is estimated that 60 million cats populate the homes of the Italians.

Known and known for their independent nature, although this side of the character tends to disappear with old age, they can also be very affectionate and like to often share most of their daily lives with humans.

If you love cats and have chosen this animal to keep you company then science supports you too! In fact, it has been scientifically proven that having a cat at home helps and brings a series of benefits… Which ones? We will find out shortly.

Top 10 reasons to have a cat

1. Decreases stress and staves away depression

One of the first reasons why it is recommended to have this feline at home has to do with the fact that the company of this animal can reduce stress and stave off depression in their owners . In particular, purring are vibrations that cats emit every time they are stroked and they receive cuddles. These sounds are emitted because in this way the feline communicates to those around him that he feels safe. Well, some scientific studies have shown that the sound and vibrations emitted by this animal, through the purr, have positive effects on people’s health. The purr therefore manages to reduce stress and to calm and relaxthose who feel nervous or depressed, blocking their violent instincts. It has therefore been shown that these vibrations are able to ward off depression in people, causing them to smile, bringing them closer to the joyful aspect of existence and encouraging them to have social relationships. In addition, it is said that talking to this animal, which is always close to us, with its faithful and silent way of doing things, has a much more liberating effect than situations in which one confides in a friend, who in some cases can judge us.

2. Helps overcome grief

The usefulness of the cat in overcoming depressive states has also been ascertained in people who have suffered a recent loss . The results of some scientific research, in fact, have shown that those who are next to a cat more easily overcome a bereavement, compared to those who do not. Finally, other studies show that AIDS patients, or Alzheimer’s patients, or the disabled and the elderly, have a lower frequency of falling into depressive states, if they find themselves living with this feline.

3. It helps to improve the mental conditions of those suffering from mental problems

Another reason for having a cat in the house is related to the ability of this pet to improve the mental health of those with mental problems . From a recent study, published in the scientific journal BMC Psychiatry, these pets are able to positively influence those suffering from mental disorders. Cats are therefore capable of creating improvements in very serious health conditions, linked precisely to certain pathologies of the psyche. In this way, those affected by certain problems, thanks to the company of these felines, can have the opportunity to live their existence and relationship with others more serenely.

4. Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

The presence of a cat in a house allows the people who live there to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Caring for this feline can lower anxiety levels and therefore has a calming effect on the heart. In this regard, researchers from the American Journal of Cardiology argue that owners of this four-legged animal could live a year longer than those who do not. Again, the calming effect on the heart comes from the purr. In fact, when petting a cat, the latter emits this type of vibrations, which have a vasodilator effect, which contributes to cardiac relaxation and avoids the risk of heart attack. To confirm this, there are researchers from the University of Minnesota, who, in their ten-year study, stated that those who shared a home with this feline had lower blood pressure and blood values, compared to those exposed to getting sick. cardiovascular disease, which had no pets.

5. Reduces the chance of developing allergies

Another American research has also shown that another reason for having a cat at home is linked to the fact that the presence of this animal in a home halves the risk of allergies. To make all this possible would be the presence of some substances on the mouth of cats, which, if placed in contact with humans, would have a protective effect on him.

6. Helps in the healing of bone fractures

It is recommended to keep a cat in your home, also because the frequencies of the feline purrs are very similar to the Hertz of some therapeutic treatments used to strengthen the bones after a fracture. For this reason, the purring of these felines helps to heal a bone fracture and to promote a strengthening of the solidity of the bones.

7. Helps to stretch the muscles 

Finally, the decision to keep this four-legged animal at home is also motivated by the fact that contact with this feline has positive effects on muscle tension . Some scientists have stated that the vibrations emitted by cats, when they are cuddled, increase the ability of a muscle tissue to relax. In this way a contracted muscle band can relax and a wound is able to heal more easily .

8. Helps to induce sleep

Enjoying the company of cats is advantageous, because they help to induce sleep. A study by the Mayo Clinical Proceedings has established, in this regard, that coexistence with these four-legged animals ensures that their owners sleep in a more peaceful and serene way. This thesis has been confirmed by the fact that those who own these felines have on several occasions declared that they sleep more relaxed and relaxed, thanks to the presence of their cat.

9. They smell the gas leaks

Another reason for keeping a cat with you is related to possible gas leaks. In fact, felines are endowed with an excellent sense of smell and, thanks to this, they are able to perceive if in a certain house if there is danger, as the air is contaminated by the presence of carbon monoxide . With this gift, cats have the opportunity to avert the occurrence of tragic events and save lives.

10. They are good at understanding who is having a seizure

Finally, cats can sense if their owner is hit by an epileptic seizure . In this case, this four-legged animal can alert other people in the house, who have the opportunity to help those who have been affected by epilepsy.

Other reasons for being in contact with a cat

Another benefit of having a cat at home is its intelligence and impeccable behavior: you don’t have to struggle to teach cats to toilet in the litter tray and to eat in the bowl and they are also very good at rationing their own food . The intelligence of this feline also means that the latter often behaves in the best way and, thanks to this, cats can remain alone in our homes without problems . It is a very clean animal , able to do it alone, therefore suitable for living with us in our homes, not making the air smelly in closed places. The owners of these animals therefore have the advantage of having to wash them only once in a while.  

Another reason for deciding to adopt a cat is that this feline adapts to any type of home and person. Speaking of which, these animals are capable of living in both a large and a small house. In addition, these felines are able to be comfortable with any type of person. Cats, in fact, adapt to the company of every human being, regardless of his age.

It gets along well not only with humans but also with other animals that could eventually populate the house. In this case, you just have to be careful that coexistence takes place very gradually. When a cat gets used to being in contact with another animal , he will surely feel love for the latter and will be led to defend it on every occasion and in the face of any type of threat.

The cat, the children and the elderly

Another reason, to buy a cat, and bring it into your home if you have children, is that the little ones, if they live in contact with these cats, have the possibility of reducing the risk of contracting respiratory tract disorders. Children, who are in the company of cats, are less likely to develop respiratory and ear infections. In fact, the latter are less likely to get asthma, for example, or to have other ailments such as wheezing and coughing. Thanks to the presence of these 4-legged friends in the homes, the little ones have the advantage of recovering more quickly from health problems and of not having to resort to the help of antibiotics.All this is explained by the fact that the closeness of the little ones to this pet leads to a strengthening of their immune system. In this regard, leading scientists argue that it is important that children, during their first year of life, stay in contact with a cat, because this will increase the immune defenses of the strongest little ones, giving them the opportunity to grow more robust and healthier.

Even the elderly benefit from the company of the cat, it has been studied how to benefit the general conditions of life. Recent research in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society , carried out on a sample of people between the ages of 70 and 75 , has shown that older people living with a cat are more responsible by inducing them to have more stimuli in the carry out their daily activities. In this way, older people are encouraged to carry out their daily actions, such as getting out of bed, washing, dressing, preparing food, going out into the fresh air for a walk, and going out. to sleep early.