10 gifts for your father at Christmas and Kings

At Christmas the main thing is to be able to enjoy the company of our loved ones, but showing our love with a gift is still an important tradition.

But sometimes it is difficult to find the right gift for our relatives, especially if it is our parents. But don’t worry if you’re not inspired, because we bring you some gift ideas for your father at Christmas and Epiphany .

10 gifts for your father at Christmas and Kings

We suggest several gifts that you can give your father according to his hobbies.

1. For the technological

Gifts for your father at Christmas should be tailored to his hobbies or tastes if you want to succeed. So if the man of the house is one of those addicted to technology, you have many options that will delight any lover of gadgets.

If your budget allows it, one of the gifts for men that everyone will love is this microdrone with virtual reality glasses. Or you can leave him in awe with this 3D printing pen. For tighter budgets you can always opt for this wireless speaker for smartphones.3d-printing-pen.jpg

2. Stop the culture

Another type of gift for your father at Christmas or Epiphany may be those related to his cultural hobbies. If your father is a lover of literature, theater or art, he opts for a present that can satisfy that interest .

Some tickets to that exhibition you’re dying to attend or a book by your favorite author that isn’t on your shelf yet. For lovers of good music, this vinyl record player with a vintage look will be the best option. Don’t forget to accompany it with a good record!

3. For the foodie

And of course, the perfect gift for those more foody parents could not be other than a culinary experience. You can surprise him with an invitation to a trendy restaurant in your city or to a tasting menu at a 5-star restaurant.

If he is a lover of wine and good food, another gift for your father at Christmas could be this vintage chest with wine and gourmet products. If your father is also a beer connoisseur, try this original kit so he can create his own beer.

4. For the geek

If your father is an inveterate geek, you can take advantage of the vein of the premiere of the latest Star Wars to give him an object from the saga. On the internet you will find all kinds of gifts inspired by the movie , from kitchen aprons to funny gift sets like this one, which includes headphones and various accessories ideal for the most geeks.

A pack of his favorite movies or series will be another of the gifts for your father at Christmas with which you will be sure to hit the mark.

5. For the one who cares

If your father is one of the flirtatious ones or those who like to take care of himself, Christmas is the perfect time to give him a good beauty pack , like this box with Sephora facial care products; or the latest in shavers, like this Philips OneBlade trimmer.

If instead of shaving what you like is taking care of your beard, this Christmas you cannot miss a care kit for your beard.beauty-pack-for-men.jpg

6. For the athlete

A true sports lover will always be delighted to receive new running shoes, an ideal gift for parents who are new to running. Another gift with which to hit your father at Christmas if he is a sports lover is an activity bracelet.

If you are a bike lover, you will also love this universal smartphone holder, so you can stay connected during your rides in the mountains.

7. For the traveler

If your father loves to travel, think about what he may need on one of his trips. This anti-theft backpack is the ideal gift for the most globetrotting parents .

And so that he can document his adventures, another good option is to give him a nice travel journal or this smartphone lens with which he can take impressive photos of his getaways.

8. For the fashion victim

For those parents who like to take care of their wardrobe, you will be right with an original accessory, such as these Asos suspenders, ideal for these holidays. Another fun option is this other original and Christmas jumper.

If you want something more sober, you will always have to give away the classic and elegant wallet , like this Hugo Boss wallet and card holder set.

9. For the workaholic

If your father is one of those workaholic men who does not leave the office even for Christmas, it may be appropriate to give him something that he can take advantage of in the office, like this lumbar cushion for the longest days in the office.

In order not to risk and look good, you can opt for an elegant briefcase. If you are looking for something more original, opt for some fun detail for your desk, such as a fun cup warmer.

10. For the most classic

Gifts for your father at Christmas do not have to be original and sometimes the classic masculine gift can be the most effective on these dates. You can give him the traditional watch or opt for this elegant watchmaker if he is one of those who already collects them.

Another classic gift that is ideal for more traditional parents can be a cocktail set, so that they can liven up these holidays with delicious preparations.