What are the most famous Instagram profiles in the world

The more followers it has, the greater the market value of the influencer in the eyes of brands, because it will have the ability to influence more and more people. The value of an instagrammer lies in this: to create a community of value , which follows him and has the same passions or the same values.

Among the most followed and famous Instagram profiles in the world you will surely find a large number of celebrities. From singers to actresses passing through footballers, no one is excluded from having a presence on the social network, although their profession deals with something else.

In first place Cristiano Ronaldo, who boasts 395 million followers. On his profile he publishes photos of his work as a footballer and glimpses of his private life. Not to forget the famous collaborations and sponsorships that allow him to be one of the highest paid influencers in the world.

After Ronaldo we find movie and fashion stars of the caliber of Kylie Jenner with 305 million followers, The Rock, the famous Dwayne Johnson, with 293 million, as well as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, respectively with 293 and 292 million followers.Even if they are not real Instagrammers , the presence on the social network allows these stars to expand their fan network and collaborate with famous brands. Although they have not become famous thanks to Instagram, they manage to take full advantage of the opportunities that the platform offers them.

An instagrammer is an influencer whose popularity was born on Instagram. For the ranking of the 10 most followed profiles in the world we will only consider influencers who have their main activity on Instagram and who have become famous thanks to their community.

1. Chiara Ferragni

The first name on the list could only be Chiara Ferragni , the most famous Italian influencer in the world with over 26.5 million followers . Today a popular entrepreneur, Chiara began her career with an online blog, The Blonde Salad .

On his social profiles he shows his work projects, but not only. Thanks to his constant and increasingly incisive presence on the social network , he has several collaborations with international brands . This has made her the most famous and important fashion influencer in the world.

2. Whinderssonnunes

The biggest instagrammer in the world, however, is Whinderssonnunes with over 57 million followers. Whindersson is a Brazilian actor who started his career in 2013 by posting funny videos on YouTube. Three years later his channel became the one with the most subscribers in all of Brazil.

3. Hudabeauty

The beauty sector is one of the most popular on Instagram. In Italian territory, just think of Clio Make Up, which has depopulated first with its blog and then on social networks with its make-up tutorial videos, reaching 3.2 million subscribers.

Looking at the international sphere, Huda Kattan wins the podium . With over 50 million users following her, she has become a successful entrepreneur. She is grateful for the success of her social networks, she often sponsors emerging talents on her page.

4. Lele Pons

In third place in the ranking of instagrammers we find Lele Pons . Eleonora is a Venezuelan star who started her career on social media. Her first step was on Vine , thanks to which she became a famous actress, singer and model.

His Instagram profile boasts over 47.5 million followers. Lele has collaborated with many brands, also managing to enter singing and catwalks.

5. Nurs_et

With 41.9 million followers on Instagram, chef Nusret became world famous with his #saltbea move. Until now he is the biggest influencer in the gastronomic world.

On his Instagram profile stands the profile image where he is intent on making his famous move while pouring the salt, accompanied by a feed of personal images and famous videos in which he cuts the food.

6. Dan Bilzerian

Lover of poker, Dan  Bilzerian has become very famous on Instagram by showing his life full of excesses. Between parties on yachts, private jets and extreme and extravagant experiences, Bilzerian has created a character loved by the public that has led him to have over 32 million followers on Instagram.

7. Amanda Cerny

Amanda  Cerny began her career as a vlogger on YouTube, where she posted funny videos. Her bubbly personality of hers has earned her the trust of 24 million followers on Instagram, where she posts irreverent photos of her projects and her daily life.

8. Zach King

First made famous on Vine and then on Instagram, Zach  King captured the attention of 24.5 million users with his “digital magic” videos and funny home sketches. Thanks to the tricks in his videos, Zach is considered one of the most famous videomakers in the world.

9. Pewdiepie

YouTube number 1 has also landed on Instagram. On the Pewdiepie platform , whose real name is Felix Kiellberg, he managed to hit an audience of over 21 million users.

Gaming expert , on his Instagram profile he lets his followers know not only his passion, but also his private life, from the photos of his wedding to his family.

10. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas reaches an audience of over 22.9 million users. Cameron has become famous for videos of him playing pranks on friends and family, but the popularity of social media has led him to experiment with new avenues. He has participated in several films and launched his first single as a singer.