Europe comes to the rescue of Zelenski with a billion in energy aid and Spain prepares the shipment of 49 electric generators

The solidarity conference organized in Paris, at the initiative of the French Government, has managed to raise 1,000 million euros to finance the energy needs of Ukraine and that it can survive this winter with the infrastructure devastated by the Russian attacks.

The sum of donations is not yet final, but it exceeds 1,000 million thanks to the participation of nearly fifty countries and 24 international organizations . “This is a powerful signal that the entire civilized world supports Ukraine,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmyhal said in gratitude.

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, asked the summit by videoconference for the EU to increase electricity exports in the face of the numerous power outages suffered as a result of the Russian bombing. He calculated that he needed “at least 800 million euros” in emergency aid to cover the needs of the population during the winter. “We need various categories of equipment, transformers, equipment for the restoration of high voltage networks, gas turbines (…). Our energy system needs, at least until the end of the heating season, emergency support from the European energy system” .

The country’s state power operator, Ukrenergo, acknowledges that the situation is very “difficult” as the country is experiencing “significant” power cuts across much of its territory. “To this are added the bad weather conditions, such as snowfall, frost, strong winds… that negatively affect the distribution.”

The European Commission announced, for its part, the purchase of 30 million LED bulbs for Ukraine, in order to help the war-torn country to reduce its energy consumption. LED bulbs “are 88% more efficient than previous generation bulbs (…). They could save up to 1 gigawatt of electricity, equivalent to the annual output of a nuclear power plant,” said President Ursula von der Leyen at the Ukraine Aid Conference in Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron called precisely at his solidarity summit for companies  to show solidarity and help Ukraine survive the winter in the face of Russia’s “cynical” strategy of attacking civilian infrastructure in response to its military defeats. 

The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska , was able to attend this summit , who recognized that the war may last longer than initially expected. She and she insisted:  “If you have electric generators, give them to us”, she asked her.   

Spain donates 49 generators

In Spain, several companies have become generator donors for Ukraine. This Tuesday, the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, visited the facilities of the Finanzauto company in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), where she was received by the CEO of the company, Pierre Nicola Fovini, and by the president of Repsol, Antonio Brufau , and was able to witness the preparations for the shipment of a 660 kilowatt generating set, one of the three generators donated by Repsol.

The goal of the Ministry of Defense and the three companies participating in this shipment is that most of the 49 donated generator sets reach Odessa and other Ukrainian cities before Christmas. 

“After the attacks this week, the situation is even worse, the population has neither light, electricity, nor hot water, they are completely in the dark. The situation is tremendous,” Robles highlighted.

The equipment will be transferred from Thursday in two shipments  through the Defense logistics operator to the reception and distribution center for aid material to Ukraine located in Poland.

These generators are part of the pack announced on Monday by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, when he said in Brussels that Spain will donate 163 high-voltage equipment for electrical substations in Ukraine, a country whose electrical network has been greatly affected by the recent surge from Russian bombing. “This is essential equipment for the proper functioning of the high-voltage network and its transmission,” Albares said. According to the minister, the shipment of the 163 new high-voltage equipment announced is in addition to 14 generators that have already been donated by the Government to supply electricity to residential buildings.