Celebrities who have had trans partners

Love does not distinguish between sexual orientation and much less gender identity, and some celebrities and celebrities who have had famous trans couples know that.

Some of the cutest couples in the LGBT+ community are confirmed by celebrities, celebrities, or celebrities who hang out with trans people . In some cases these are couples where both members are in the world of show business. In others, it is not about couples in the strict sense, but members of open or polyamorous relationships. Some couples decided to separate. However, others have already formed diverse families . Next, we tell you who it is.

Renee Goust

One of the celebrity trans couples is Renee Goust and Ophelia Pastrana . Renee, who identifies as a gender fluid person (ella/ elle ), is dedicated to music. The Mexican composer is the author of songs like “Querida muerte” and “La cumbia feminazi”. For her part, Ophelia is a trans woman with Colombian and Mexican nationalities. She is a physicist and an economist, but she is also a comedian and an influencer , since she has a popular YouTube channel. Renee Goust and Ophelia Pastrana Goust with her girlfriend, Ophelia Pastrana.

Mauro Urquijo

Another of the celebrities who have a trans woman among their partners is Mauro Urquijo . And it is that the Colombian actor has an open relationship with María Gabriela Isler , a trans woman with whom he married in 2019. This couple decided to put monogamy aside and open up to other forms of love. “We are both free, more than husbands we are best friends ,” Isler said of their relationship in 2021.maria-gabriela-isler-and-mauro-urquijo.png María Gabriela Isler and Mauro Urquijo.

Danna Sultana

Another of the couples made up of famous trans is that of Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau . Danna is a Colombian model and actress, while Esteban is a Puerto Rican model. They are both trans . This couple also defied stereotypes to start a family. In 2020, Estaban was the one who got pregnant and gave birth to Ariel, the couple’s first child . danna-sultana-with-esteban-landrau.jpg Danna Sultana with Esteban Landrau.

Alejandro Betancourt

Another of the celebrities who defies the rules of relationships and has not one, but several partners, is Alejandro Betancourt , who was romantically involved with Mara Cifuentes , a trans woman. Betancourt and Cifuentes maintained a polyamorous relationship with fellow model Bella Castiblanco , although they separated in 2021.

Emma Portner

Emma Portner and Elliot Page were one of the most famous LGBT+ couples, but they broke up in 2021 , shortly after the actor came out as a trans man. However, the above does not question the love that existed between the two. The dancer and choreographer even defended the Juno star from some transphobic comments in the wake of her coming out.elliot-page-and-emma-portner.jpg Elliot Page and Emma Portner.

Angel Bismarck Curiel

Actor  Angel Bismark Curiel , who plays  Lil Papi in the series Pose , is in a relationship with trans writer-director Janet Mock . She took the reins of the project during its duration. In fact, it was this very romance that ended up inspiring her character’s story with Angel (Indya Moore) in the series. 

During the party for the premiere of the third season of Pose , on April 29, 2021, Janet gave a speech. Among the topics she touched on, she acknowledged her infidelity and asked Angel to stay with her:

“Angel, I’m not going to lose you, do you hear me? You are very important to me. I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you there. It’s you who I want.”janet-mock-and-angel-bismark-curiel.jpg Janet Mock and Angel Bismark Curiel.

Jose Antonio Raffo

Finally, one of the most beautiful LGBT+ couples of the moment is the one made up of José Antonio Raffo and the trans actress Lux Pascal , both famous in Chile. Lux and Pedro have been in a relationship since 2011 , long before Lux began her transition. It was not until 2021 when the actress from productions such as Los 80Juana BravaLa Jauría, El Príncipe and Narcos  openly declared herself as a trans woman. On her part, for the actor José Antonio Raffo, Lux’s coming out of the closet was not a surprise, since he accompanied her throughout her process.. The relationship between the two went beyond Lux’s transition and in fact José Antonio is a boyfriend that many would like to have, because he never tires of having romantic details with his partner.