7 movies with exorcists and possessions that will make you cover your eyes

There are those who choose movies to have a good time. Also those who want to suffer a lot in front of the television, with a good blanket and the light well turned off. Today we are left with the seconds, with the people who have come to this report to suffer.

If you’re here it’s because you like scary movies and bouncing on the couch. Your neighbors already know your Friday night screams of terror and have stopped calling the police. Luckily for them, for you… and for the police, wasted trips are very annoying and gasoline is very expensive.

Today we bring you the best movies with exorcists and possessions that have been released in theaters in the last fifty years. Because although many are well known, there are little jewels that went unnoticed and are worth it.

From timeless classics (surely you are already discovering in your mind which movie we are talking about taking into account the title of the report) to much more modern works. As always, we will leave their links to the platforms where they are so that you can click and see them immediately.

We can only wish you luck, dear reader, who dares to see those scary movies and that only the bravest can see without having all the lights on at home and in the company of many people (there is nothing wrong with seeing them like this, for the record, it is a free art).

The directors on this list brought some very daring work to a business where stories with a happy ending and action with superheroes work. For this reason, it is time to recognize their work. Starting with the first on the list, the film that created a whole genre in itself.

7 movies with exorcists and possessions that will make you cover your eyes

The Exorcist

Regan, a twelve-year-old girl, suffers from paranormal phenomena such as levitation or the manifestation of superhuman strength. Her mother, terrified, after subjecting her daughter to multiple medical tests that did not offer any results, goes to a priest with psychiatric studies.

This one, convinced that the evil is not physical, but spiritual, believes that it is a diabolical possession, and decides to practice an exorcism… Adaptation of the novel by William Peter Blatty that was inspired by a real exorcism that occurred in Washington in 1949.

This movie is the birth of an entire genre and the reason why millions of people have nightmares today. The Exorcist is, without a doubt, one of the most important films in the history of the seventh art.

With two Oscars, for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound, William Friedkin has a jewel in his filmography that we should all see. You the first You have it on both HBO Max and Prime Video, you choose where you prefer.

  • Title : The Exorcist
  • Release date : 1973
  • Duration : 2:00 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max

Warren File: The Conjuring

Based on a true story documented by renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. It narrates the supernatural encounters that the Perron family experienced in their Rhode Island home in the early 70s.

The Warrens, renowned researchers in the world of paranormal phenomena, responded to the call of this family terrified by the presence of an evil being on their farm.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are responsible for having revitalized the horror genre in the world of cinema with one of the most successful sagas of recent years: The Warren File. There are already more than three films and counting on a very interesting first proposal.

It premiered in 2013 and, since then, they have managed to get millions of viewers to join the fever for the terror of exorcisms and possessions. If you like the genre and you have the classics very machados, The Warren File is what you are looking for.

  • Title : The Warren File: The Conjuring
  • Release date : 2013
  • Duration : 1:52 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max

The seed of the devil

The Woodhouses, a New York couple, move into a building facing Central Park, on which, according to a friend, a curse weighs. Once settled, they befriend Minnie and Roman Castevet, neighbors who shower them with attention.

Faced with the prospect of a good future, the Woodhouses decide to have a child; But when Rosemary becomes pregnant, all she remembers is making love to her with a strange creature that has left scars on her body.

As time passes, Rosemary begins to suspect that her pregnancy is not normal. And we don’t tell you more why this is another classic that is worth every minute that it lasts… and she sees that it is more than two hours of film.

If you find it a bit slow at first and a bit old, it’s normal, it’s from 1968, the oldest on the entire list. And, like a good classic, it’s on Filmin, the Spanish platform that takes care of cinema.

  • Title : Rosemary’s Baby
  • Release date : 1968
  • Duration : 2:13 hours
  • Platform : Filmin

The Possession

An old woman’s house catches fire. Already in the hospital, she is believed to be insane due to her event, since she does not stop talking about the panic that she has towards “the box”. Days go by and in the garden of the lady’s home her objects are sold at a market, it will be there where a girl and her father buy the aforementioned box and take it to her house.

Then paranormal phenomena begin to occur, which a rabbi will predict as evil acts of a demon out of “the box” that must be exorcised and re-enclosed from the place from which it came out.

Little by little the girl will be consuming and staying in the bones, as if something were killing her from within, an evil that eats her away and will not let her escape. The premise is great, there are some really good scares… but the execution is what it is.

With a suspense on almost all movie-going websites, The Possession works within the genre of possessions and horror, but it is not a remarkable film for anything in particular. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll like it… or not.

  • Title : The Possession
  • Release date : 2012
  • Duration : 1:32 hours
  • Platform : AppleTV+

Deliver us from evil

Ralph Sarchie, a veteran New York police officer, works in the South Bronx, watching in his car that everything remains calm in the neighborhood.

However, what he really considers to be work is the parallel investigation he carries out on various cases of demonic possession and assisting in human exorcisms which he carries out with the help of a priest.

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Ralph, for the first time, finds enlightening clues that prove that the paranormal phenomena he had been studying for months were true. Another good premise that fits our list, but not the Oscars.

The good thing is that it’s on Netflix, that service that we all have in some way, so if you get bored you can always hit a good boat on the sofa with this film where they give us what they promise.

  • Title : Deliver us from evil
  • Release date : 2014
  • Duration : 1:55 hours
  • Platform : Netflix

Ouija: Origin of Evil

This horror film tells the story of a widowed mother and her two daughters, who add a new trick to bolster their con-spiritual business, unwittingly inviting the real devil into their home.

When the youngest daughter is possessed by this ruthless spirit, the family will have to face their most unthinkable fears in order to save her and send the devil back to the other side.

Many horror proposals have been attempted in the past decade, but with little success. At least with Ouija: Origin of Evil the critics were not primed , since it garnered approvals almost everywhere (but not a single noteworthy one).

The most interesting thing about this film is that it is directed and written by Mike Flanagan, an old acquaintance of this magazine, because we have talked many times about his horror series, almost all of them brilliant. Hence, it is already worth it, Flanagan for one of the geniuses of the genre.

  • Title : Deliver us from evil
  • Release date : 2014
  • Duration : 1:55 hours
  • Platform : Netflix

Poltergeist: Strange Phenomena

The story revolves around the idyllic life of a middle-class American family that moves into a new house in a fairly quiet neighborhood, where nothing ever seems to happen.

But one night, the little daughter goes down to the living room and when she approaches the television she is able to witness how a mysterious and powerful force comes out from behind the screen and communicates with her. From that moment, a chain of paranormal phenomena occurs, including the disappearance of the youngest, leading the parents to do everything possible to get her back.

If you have not heard in your life a “Caroline, come to the light”, it is that you have not had adolescence. A classic as important as Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, Poltergeist: Strange Phenomena turned that fear of having the house under a cemetery into a classic. And if he was Indian, worse.

We have it on HBO Max, a platform that has been working for a few years to improve and extend its horror film proposal. They are definitely on the right track. Or so it seems to us, who adore the genre.

  • Title : Poltergeist: Strange Phenomena
  • Release date : 1982
  • Duration : 1:54 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max

And with this classic we finish the 7 movies with exorcists and possessions that will make you blindfold the list. 

We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that you have a great time having to stop the movies every 10 minutes because, from so much screaming, you are not learning the plot.